Warframe Acceltra Build 2023 Guide [High Damage Builds]

Warframe is all about teamwork, strategy, and having the right gear. The Acceltra is a powerful rocket launcher that, when used the right way, can change the effect of any battle. We’ll learn some simple and effective builds to maximize the damage output of your Acceltra.

You’ll learn how to mod your Acceltra for maximum damage, which Warframes add it best, and some handy tips and tricks to make your gameplay more enjoyable.

We’ll learn how to make your Acceltra build do more damage so you become really strong in the game. This guide is all about helping you get the most out of your Acceltra so you can become very strong and important in battle. Let’s scroll down to learn more about it.

Understanding Warframe Acceltra Build

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In the big Warframe game, making your gear special is important for staying alive. One of the coolest guns in the game is the Acceltra. To make the Acceltra as awesome as possible, you must set it up just right. The Acceltra is great because it shoots really fast and can control lots of enemies at once. To make it work its best, you’ve got to put the right upgrades on it.

First, get upgrades that improve it at hitting hard and doing big damage, like Point Strike and Vital Sight. You also need upgrades like Split Chamber to shoot extra rockets and upgrades like Hellfire and Stormbringer to make your rockets do special things and different types of damage. And because the Acceltra build uses up ammo quickly and takes a while to reload, consider adding upgrades like Ammo Mutation or Fast Hands.

How to Get Acceltra Build in Warframe

How to Get Acceltra Build in Warframe

1. Arbitrations Rewards

To get the Acceltra blueprint, play Arbitrations for those tough missions from the Arbiters of Hexis gang. Keep going with arbitration, and you’ll soon score the Acceltra blueprint as a reward. Think of it as a kind of game where you collect valuable things. The more you do arbitration, the closer you get to unlocking this powerful weapon’s blueprint.

So, prepare to team up with friends if you want and take on the challenge. The Acceltra blueprint is the reward waiting for you at the end of the game, and thegame will be even more exciting.

2. Orokin Derelict Assassination

You can also beat the tough boss Lephantis by doing the Orokin Derelict Assassination mission. This mission is a bit hard, so be ready before you start. Lephantis is a strong enemy, so bring your best weapons and gear and make sure your Warframe is good to go. It’s a good idea to team up with skilled players for extra help. When you’re all set, go into the Orokin Derelict Assassination mission.

Lephantis will be there, ready to fight. Be careful, avoid its attacks, and aim for its weak spots. It won’t be easy, but with teamwork and determination, you can win. Don’t forget, it’s important to be prepared, so don’t rush in without getting ready first. Get your gear, team up with others, and take down Lephantis to win the Orokin Derelict Assassination mission.

3. Trade with Other Players

If you can’t find the blueprint like we said before, don’t worry. You can trade with other players who might have extra ones. Look for people selling blueprints in Warframe’s trading chat or on websites where you can trade objects. In Warframe, trading with other players can be fun.

Just be clear about what you want to trade and what you want in return. Trading is a good way to get the blueprint you need. So, go to the trading chat or online trading sites, and you might find the blueprint you want to make your Warframe game better.

4. Gather Resources

Once you have the Acceltra build a blueprint, check for enough things and credits in your Foundry. You’ll need these to make the Acceltra. Now, let’s talk about the special things you’ll need Argon Crystals. You can’t make the Acceltra without them. So, before you start crafting, ensure you’ve some Argon Crystals. If you’re running low, go on missions that might give you these crystals as rewards.

So, after you get the Acceltra blueprint, check your Foundry for things and credits. And don’t forget those Argon Crystals. They’re important for crafting your new weapon in the game of Warframe.

5. Craft and Customize

Once you have all the objects you need, go to your Foundry and assemble your Acceltra. This weapon is customizable. You can make it look and work just how you like by adding mods. Mods are special tools that let you change your acceltra build. Want it to shoot faster? There’s a mod for that. Want it to look cool and unique? No problem, just pick the right mod.

These mods help you make the weapon match your style, so it’s more fun and better in battles. So, get your things, go to the Foundry, and build your Acceltra. Then, have fun customizing it with mods to make it the perfect weapon for your Warframe game. It’s all about making the game your own.

6. Enjoy the Destruction

Now that you’ve your new Acceltra gun in Warframe be prepared to cause some problems for your enemies. This awesome weapon shoots rockets fast, and it can change the game in your missions. With the Acceltra in hand, you’ll be strong.

Its fast rockets are tough and will help you beat those hard enemies. The acceltra build fast rockets to make it easy to hit your targets so that you can beat enemies quickly and easily. So, be ready and let the Acceltra make you the boss of the battlefield.

Best Acceltra Builds

Best Acceltra Builds

1. Critical Carnage

This setup makes your acceltra build gun awesome at critical hits. We added mods like Primed Point Blank, Hell’s Chamber, and Blunderbuss to make it hit harder and crit more. When you score a crit, Sight makes it hurt a lot, and Primed Ravage makes those crits hurt even more.

With this setup, you’ll see enemies explode into many damage numbers. It’s all about making your Acceltra good at crits to become a real powerhouse in battles. Be ready to release big damage and enjoy watching your enemies blow up with this setup.

2. Status Storm

We’re discussing using mods like Shotgun Savvy and Frigid Blast on the Acceltra. This combo is a real game-changer. The Acceltra build is already pretty good at messing with your enemies, but with these mods, it goes up the top. Think about every time you shoot; you’re not just hitting your enemies, you’re hitting them with different elemental effects.

They get all mixed up, and it’s not just about the confusion. It also makes them weaker. So, this setup turns your Acceltra into a machine of confusion. If you enjoy seeing enemies confused and easy to beat, this setup is for you. It’s all about having extra fun while taking down those enemies.

3. Hunter’s Arsenal

This Acceltra build is made for taking down tough enemies and big bosses. It uses Hunter Munitions, Shred, and Vigilante Armaments to make your shots more likely to cause bleeding damage while shooting fast. Think about how you’re facing really strong enemies in your game. With this setup, you’re well-prepared to break through their defenses.

Hunter Munitions makes your shots hurt more over time, like a scratch that won’t stop bleeding. Shred helps you hit many enemies with one shot, and Vigilante Armaments makes your weapons even better for hunting. So, if you’re dealing with big monsters or powerful bosses, this build gives you the tools to win. You’ll be ready to take on the toughest challenges with ease.

4. Speedy Slaughter

Make your acceltra build shoot super fast and carry more bullets with this setup. Just use mods like Vile Acceleration, Shotgun Spazz, and Ammo Stock. Now, your gun can shoot a bunch of explosives without stopping. This setup is great for taking out groups of enemies quickly. Think about how you’re surrounded by bad guys with this Acceltra setup; you can send them flying fast. You’ll have a blast trying it out, so go, defeat those enemies, and have fun with this fast-shooting machine.

5. Infinite Ammo Mayhem

No more worries about running out of ammo with this setup. Thanks to mods like Carrier and Ammo Mutation, you’ll always have plenty of rockets. That means you can keep on fighting for a long time without any problem of running out of ammo. Ammo Mutation does something pretty cool, too. It changes leftover ammo from other guns into rocket fuel. So, you’ll always have a supply.

Think of a fight where you can focus on beating opponents, not on counting your rockets. With this setup, you’re in control, with a ready stream of firepower. You won’t have to scramble for ammo pickups anymore. Instead, you’ll have non-stop action-packed battles where you’re always loaded and ready.

6. The Hybrid Menace

This mix-and-match setup combines two different ways to play. With mods like Seeking Fury, Hunter Munitions, and Vigilante Supplies, you get a flexible loadout that’s ready for any situation. Seeking Fury helps your gun reload faster and shoot through things, making it easier to take down tough enemies. Hunter Munitions, on the other hand, adds a chance to give enemies powerful status problems.

Which is great for dealing with lots of enemies at once. Vigilante Supplies makes sure you have plenty of ammo and get more critical hits, which makes your gun do more damage. All these acceltra build together to create a well-rounded set of tools to handle all kinds of problems.


Mirage Warframe fans who love cool pictures. If you want to make your Mirage look awesome, we’ve some mods you’ll love. Try out the Hall of Malevolence and Hall of Mirrors mods for a fantastic show. With these mods, your Mirage clones will shoot amazing fireworks and explosions with every shot.

Every time you pull the trigger, you’ll see a shining burst of colorful lights and cool things. Your enemies won’t know what hit them because the game will become colorful and crazy. So, if you want your Warframe Mirage to be the coolest thing ever, get this acceltra build and be ready for an amazing, clear experience.


The Warframe Acceltra Build Guide for high-damage builds is all about boosting your firepower and making your gaming experience more exciting. By following the tips and loadout suggestions, you can turn your Acceltra into a harmful weapon that takes down enemies with ease.

The key to success with the Acceltra is to focus on critical chance and critical damage mods, like Point Strike and Vital Sight.

Always pay attention to your Warframe’s energy and strength to stay fit on the battlefield. Use your abilities wisely to create openings and defend against threats. So, follow the guide, and be ready to release the power of the Acceltra.

Don’t forget, practice makes perfect, so go out there and have fun experimenting with your high-damage Acceltra build.

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