Tradable Items, Process & Trade Tax

Suppose you want to know what you can buy and sell things in Warframe. You are in the right place. Think of having cool gears and equipment, and you want to swap it with someone to get something else you really want. This swapping game is called trading! We’ll see some items that we can trade. If you think that Warframe trading is hard, we’ve covered you. The way trading works is pretty simple.

First, you have something you want to swap, like your weapons and skills. Then, you find someone with something you’d like, maybe some special powers. Both of you agree to trade and might exchange your skills for their powers. Remember that sometimes you have to pay the trade tax, too.

Here, we’ll learn about Warframe trading, why trade tax matters, and how it can change the stuff we buy and sell. So, be ready to trade and find out how to get what we need and love!

What are Tradable Items

What are Tradable Items

Tradable items are things you can trade in a video game. These could be weapons, outfits, or other stuff your character uses. You can give these things to other players or get them from others. They’re like valuable treasures in the gaming world, and players use them to get what they want. People like trading in games because it makes the game more fun and strategic.

How to Trade in Warframe

How to Trade in Warframe

Trading in Warframe is a fun way to swap things with other players, like sharing items to improve your gear and expand your collection. You can trade for strong mods, rare resources, and special weapons, which helps you team up with fellow players and boost your equipment. To start trading, follow these simple steps.

First, head to a Warframe trading hub, such as Maroo’s Bazaar on Mars or a Clan Dojo. Remember, you need to reach Mastery Rank 2 to trade. To begin a trade, ask another player to trade with you. Both of you need to agree before the trade begins. Once the trading session starts, you’ll see what each person offers.

Trading is about being fair, so both players should offer items that have similar value. You can trade lots of things, including Prime Warframe parts, mods, weapons, and even Platinum, which is a unique currency in the game. Before you finish the trade, make sure to double-check the items and how many there are.

Where Can I Trade in Warframe?

Where Can I Trade in Warframe?

Trading hubs in Warframe are places for trading. Two important ones are Maroo’s Bazaar on Mars and Clan Dojos. Maroo’s Bazaar is like a busy market where players meet to trade things.

It’s fun and lets you show off your items to find people to trade with. Clan Dojos are different. They’re like hubs made by players where clan members can talk and trade. Inside dojos, there are Warframe trading spots where you can trade things with your clan friends.

What Can I Trade in Warframe?

Where Can I Trade in Warframe?

1. Antitoxins

Antitoxins are valuable things that can stop bad effects in certain situations, like when someone tries to cause harm. People who are playing a game can exchange these antitoxins with each other. These antitoxins are helpful for groups because they can stop poisons from working. Go to Warframe Market for trading, and consider upgrading your setup. Just know that there’s a trade tax, but trading can be really good for players who like to plan carefully.

2. Arcane Helmets

In Warframe trading, players really like Arcane Helmets because they make their powers better. These helmets can be swapped between players, so you can choose how you want to play and strengthen your warframe. But remember, when you trade Arcane Helmets, there’s a trade tax you need to consider.

3. Ayatan Stars

Ayatan Stars are like precious treasures you can swap. Gathering these marvels can get you Endo, which you need to improve mods. Gamers can exchange Ayatan Stars among themselves to get more Endo. Remember that there’s a little trade tax you need to pay for these glowing swaps.

4. Vay Hek Beacons

Vay Hek Beacons are super important for calling the tough boss, Councilor Vay Hek. Players can swap these beacons to team up and fight this hard boss together. Remember, there’s a trade tax you have to pay when you trade these beacons.

5. Syndicate Emotes

Syndicate Emotes are great actions that players can use to show their feelings in the Warframe trading world. These actions can be given to others in exchange for items, helping you grow your collection and display your style. Remember that if you trade Syndicate Emotes, there’s a trade tax you’ll need to consider.

6. Alad V Nav Coordinates

Alad V Nav Coordinates are like precious keys in the game Warframe. They let you unlock missions that are different from the usual ones. You can trade these coordinates with other players. These missions have prizes and exciting challenges. Players really want to play them to have more fun in the game.

7. Unranked Weapons

New players can trade unranked weapons with each other. These weapons haven’t been powered up yet. This helps new players get weapons without making them from materials. It’s a friendly way to help each other move forward in the game by giving weapons that might work better for many types of playing styles.

8. Ayatan Statues and Stars

Ayatan Statues and Stars are like things you can gather in the game. You can exchange them with others. You can put Stars into the statues to make them more valuable. In Warframe trading, these things are connected to improving your gear with great abilities. When players trade them, they can give each other these abilities to make their equipment and how they play the game better.

9. Focus Lenses

Focus Lenses are the best things that help you get Focus, which is the kind of energy you need to unlock really strong abilities and upgrades for your Operator. You can give these lenses to other players, and they can use them to become experts in different types of Focus. This also helps everyone work together to make progress in the game. When you combine all lenses, you create weapons or gear with your Gaming desk as the central command of your gaming in warframe.

10. Kubrow Imprints

Kubrow Imprints are like valuable patterns in Warframe trading that hold the genetic information of unique Kubrow pals. By swapping these patterns, players can make new Kubrows that look and act a certain way. This swapping lets players make their Kubrow friends special and exchange their favorite traits with others.

Trading Tax in Warframe

Trading Tax in Warframe.jpg

In the Warframe, where warrior Tenno fights against different dangers, Warframe trading stuff is something many people do. When players trade valuable things with each other, they have to pay a bit of money, kind of like a fee. This fee helps keep the game’s economy fair and stops players from getting too rich too fast. The fee is important for how trading works in the game.

When players trade things, a bit of the money they make from the trade gets taken away. How much gets taken away depends on something called Mastery Rank, which shows how much progress a player has made in the game. If a player’s Mastery Rank is high, they must pay a lower fee. This helps players grow in the game and ensures nobody cheats the trading system by making them want to progress more.

Limitations Of Trade Tax In Warframe

Limitations Of Trade Tax In Warframe .jpg

The trading tax is important for keeping the game’s economy balanced, but it has some drawbacks. Players who trade valuable items might feel the tax is too much to handle. But as players advance in Mastery Rank, the tax lowers, which helps with this issue over time. Still, the tax could discourage newer players with fewer credits from Warframe trading, affecting their ability to trade a lot. This could create a difference in trading between new and experienced players.

What Can I Not Trade in Warframe?

What Can I Not Trade in Warframe? .png

1. Kuva

In Warframe, you can’t exchange Kuva with other players. Kuva is a material that helps make your Warframes better by using it to cycle Riven Mods, which make your Warframes stronger. Because Kuva is important for progressing in Warframe, you can’t trade it to other players.

2. Dex Weapons

Dex Weapons are items given to players during the yearly Warframe anniversary events. These items are exclusive and can’t be traded. Each Dex Weapon comes with Orokin Catalysts and a free weapon slot already installed, making them rewards that can’t be exchanged with other players.

3. Argon Crystal

Argon Crystals can’t be traded because they’re unstable. They slowly break down, so they don’t last long. This means you can’t swap them with other players. Instead, you’re meant to use them quickly to create things, not to keep them just for Warframe trading.

4. Fully Crafted Weapons

Once you’ve put together a weapon completely, you can’t give it to someone else by trading. This rule applies to weapons you make from blueprints and resources in your Foundry. When the crafting is all done, the weapon gets attached to your account, and you can’t trade it with other players.

5. Forma

Forma is a special item that helps you change how strong or weak your Warframe and weapons are. It’s really important for making your Warframe and weapons better with some unique abilities, but you can only use it once, and it changes how your gear looks. So you can’t give it to other players. You need to think carefully about where to use Forma to make your gear work best for how you like to play.

Warframe Trading: Must know Terminologies

Must know Terminologies

  • WTT(F) – Want to trade (for)
  • WTS – Want to sell
  • PC – Price check
  • PMO – Private Message Offer
  • WTH – Want to hire
  • OBO – or best offer
  • WTB – Want to buy


As we’ve seen, Tradable Items and the Warframe Trading Process in Warframe offer players the chance to exchange items they have for items they want with fellow players. This system adds an extra layer of enjoyment and collaboration to the game. However, it’s important to remember the Trade Tax, a small credit fee accepted on each trade. This fee helps support the in-game economy and prevent inflation.

By participating in trading, players can increase their gaming experience, obtain rare items, and strengthen their weapons. The process is easy. Players agree on a trade, visit a trading post, select the items to trade, and confirm the exchange.

Remember, Warframe trading is a great way to increase your collection and engage with the Warframe community. Just keep an eye on the Trade Tax and ensure the trade is equally beneficial for both gamers. Happy trading!

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