Warframe - Profit Taker Guide (Orb Fight)

The Profit Taker guide is considered one of the best final fights added during the Fortuna expansion. It is also considered one of the most challenging fights in the game.

It would help if you got through different phases to win the fight. That is why you must pick a strong Warframe along with some best weapons before starting the fight.

Profit Taker Guide

In this guide, we will discuss everything about Profit Taker Orb Fight. We will also discuss the best Warframes and weapons to win the Profit Taker Fight.

We are hoping that this Profit Taker Guide will help you in winning the Orb Fight easily.


  • 🎮 To beat the profit taker, aim to have two elements on each weapon and make it so that it’s one dual element for easier battle.
  • 💥 Make sure to run a good mixture of weapons and damage types to match up against the different damage types that we’re going to be faced with.
  • 💥 Bringing in a good mixture of damage types is crucial for success in Profit Taker missions.
  • 🤖 Profit Taker mission almost represents itself as a series of missions that can be redone, providing a continuous challenge for players.
  • 🔥 Hitting the giant spider with the operator can change the element it needs, making it more convenient for players.
  • 🤣 Enemies are annihilating themselves, which is quite funny actually.
  • 💰 It’s good to see the resource booster does in fact work, allowing us to half the amount of these we need to do to max out Vox Solaris syndicate.

How to kill Profit Taker

How to kill Profit Taker

The Profit Taker fight has been divided into different phases:

Phase 1: Taking Down the Shields

To take down the shields, you must notify the symbol on them. If the symbol is in the form of a flame, you must use the heat damage to take it down.

If it is in the form of a magnet, you must use the magnetic damage, and if the symbol is in the form of a hammer, you must use the impact damage to take it down.

Phase 2: Destroying Four Legs

To destroy all four legs, you must use the Archgun. Before equipping the weapon, you will have to find a safe spot because it takes some time to equip it.

It would help if you mainly shot to the legs using the Archgun. After destroying one leg, you can switch it to another one. This will result in falling down the Profit Taker and damaging its main body.

Phase 3: Destroying All Pylons

After destroying all the legs, the Profit Taker’s Orb’s health comes down to 75%. Now, you must move again and destroy all the four pylons which are present on the battlefield.

You must follow the red marker on the map to find the Pylons, and you can either use your Archgun or Melee weapons to destroy them.

Phase 4: Destroying Four Legs the Second Time

This phase replications the second phase. Now this time, you must shoot the main body using your Archgun.

If you run out of ammo, you can search the battlefield for the enemy’s ammo.

Phase 5: Taking down the Shields again.

In this phase, you must repeat the first phase. But this time, you must kill all the trash mobs around the Profit Taker Orb.

Phase 6: Destroying four legs the third time.

In this phase, you again must use your Archwing launcher and shoot the Profit Taker just like the second and fourth phases.

Phase 7: Destroying all pylons again.

This time there are six different pylons spawned on the battlefield. It is not recommended to use your Archgun in this phase because you will need it in another phase.

Phase 8: Five-minute Countdown

After destroying all the Pylons, there is a five-minute countdown. If you do not finish the Profit Taker Orb in time, all the hard work you have done previously will be lost.

In this phase, you will have to use your Archgun and finish off the Profit Taker completely. After killing him, you must loot him and get back to the Fortuna quickly.

Best Warframes to kill Profit Taker

Best Warframes to kill Profit Taker

Choosing the best warframes is an essential part of this fight because the enemy you face in this mission is powerful.

Some of the best Warframes for this mission are:



Chroma is considered one of the best Warframes for this mission because of its strength. One of its skills is named “Vex Armor,” which can be used to increase your weapon damage to a considerable extent.



Trinity is another Warframe that is ideal for this mission. It would help if you used a muscular build to survive against the enemy. You can also increase the survival of your allies using its fourth skill.

Its second ability is responsible for energy regeneration, while the third one will help you mitigate damage.



Saryn is also used by some of the players for this mission because of her abilities. You can quickly kill all the mobs around by using her time to kill the trash ability.



Inaros is the least used choice among all others, but it is powerful because of his high health pool.

If you are using this Warframe, it is recommended to use your ultimate skill to increase the armor level.

Final Words

The Profit Taker Orb fight is considered one of the best boss fights in the game. It would help if you encountered various phases to kill the Profit Taker. The Archgun is very helpful for this mission.

This is all about Profit Taker Orb fights. This Profit Taker guide will help you to become one of the best Profit Taker hunters. I hope you liked this guide, and if you do, do not forget to share it once.

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