How to Get Equinox – A Complete Guide

You must have heard the name Equinox if you are a regular player of Warframe. Equinox is one of the strongest Warframe, and it deals with significant damage and destruction.

However, getting Equinox on your own might be difficult and frustrating because collecting the blueprints is a tedious job to do. That is why many beginners find it difficult to collect all the blueprints and farm Equinox on their own.


For Equinox, you will have to purchase the primary blueprint from Market, and it is relatively expensive, but that is how you must get it. It will take 25.000 credits, and you will be getting eight blueprints for the Warframe parts.

Although the assassination target drops the blueprints, you will have to fight with him more often, and that will take a lot of time, so we would suggest purchasing the blueprints from the Market itself.


  • 🎮 Tyl Regor is mostly weak to radiation damage, so bear that in mind when modding your weapon.
  • 🔥 Using fire and electric damage on the heck will give you radiation damage that’s more effective against armor.
  • 🔍 Equinox is a challenging Warframe to obtain, but the process can be made easier with the right strategy and focus.
  • 🌊 Be cautious of electrified water during the boss fight: “It’s going to fill this room with water and I believe it’s like electrified.”
  • 🛠️ Despite the difficulty, the reward for obtaining Equinox includes acquiring plenty of gallium, making the effort worthwhile in the end.

How to Fight Tyl Regor

As you know that all the blueprints except the primary blueprint can be obtained after fighting with the assassination target and defeating him. The assassination target must be from Uranus, and then only you will get the blueprints.

Tyl Regor is one of the head researchers, and the main aim is to work on a gene repair for the Grineer. So, your task is to make the researcher a little bit slow in its task and at the same time make sure that Grineer does not become more powerful.

For the fight, you will have to start with using the weapons to attack the boss, and meanwhile, the boss will be using only melee weapons, but as he is relatively faster, you will have to be as fast as you can and reach out to him before he reaches out to you.

You will have to attack him when he is running around, and only then will you be able to kill him because he is too powerful, and it is difficult to kill him in the mission.

Also, you should take some potent weapons in the mission because the boss is quite powerful, and if you are a low-level player, then it will be difficult for you to kill him. Also, the boss can use its ability to teleport and might surprise you by standing behind you in the mission so, you will be needed to be extremely careful while fighting against him.

Best Warframes for Fight

Now, the most important question arises that which Warframe we should take into the mission so that we can fight with the boss and get the required Equinox. For this, you must understand one simple thing, and that is you will have to take those Warframes that can provide you good ability strength and ability range so that you can see the enemies without getting closer to them.

There are many such Warframes that you can take, for instance, Nova and Mesa. These two will be your go-to Warframes as they will be providing you good shelter from damage, and they also have some fast aura mods that will be helping you in increasing the damage done to the enemies. Other than these two Warframes, you can also choose to take Loki and Nidus Warframe for their invisibility mod.

Best Warframes for Fight

The invisibility mod will help in protecting you from the enemies, and meanwhile, you can kill the large bunch of enemies at once. Nova is best for crowd control activity, so taking Nova will be a good choice.

Also, you can choose to pick such Warframes that will be providing you Tankiness and reasonable control on survivability. More so, these Warframes are strong enough to handle significant damages.

How to Farm Blueprints?

Now, we will discuss how we can farm the required blueprints. As you now know that farming Equinox can be tricky and so if you know the right places and proper resources, then it will get easier for you to farm the required blueprints.

However, you will still be needed to get double the number of resources that you generally need to farm a new Warframe.

Also, you will have to spend twice as much amount as you do on regular Warframes. The most common and uncommon resources are Ferrite, Alloy Plate, and Salvage. These will be found on Earth, Mercury, Orokin Void, Phobos, Sedna, and Mars.

How to Farm Blueprints

There are three rare resources as well that you need to farm. These resources are Gallium, Neural Sensors, and Control Module.

Gallium can only be found on Mars and Uranus, and you will find the Control Module mainly on Europa, Neptune, and Orokin Void. For Neural Sensors, they can only be found on Jupiter and Kuva Fortress.


Crafting each part of the Warframe can be tricky, and that is why it is essential that you know all the right places and resources you need to farm. Once you are familiar with these two things, then you will be able to get the Equinox on your own.

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