A Complete Guide to Axi Relic Farming

You must have gone through the farming of Neo relics, Endo, and many such resources if you are a regular player of Warframe. Also, you might have heard about the primed Warframes and weapons and how, after their release, the hunting for the resources begin.

Now, for the beginners, it might be annoying and frustrating, but yes, farming such resources is relatively complex if you do not have much idea about the game.

More so, sometimes you will have to farm many relics to collect all the parts that are needed. The lower tiers are relatively easier to farm, but the higher tiers will grind you, and Axi farming is one of them.

Axi Relic Farm

However, if you have any idea about the equipment and resources needed to farm Axi, then you will not face many difficulties while farming it. So, in this guide, we will be discussing the critical resources that you will be needed in farming Axi.


  • 🌌 “Then the best one is going to be Olympus on Mars This Is A disruption Mission. The first two rotations are going to give you lith relics then after that you’re going to get consistent miso relics so long as you keep on accomplishing the mission.”
  • 🎮 The void area in uko is a favorable place to get a mixture of miso and Neo relics, making it one of the best places to come for relic farming.
  • 🌌 Uranus is the best place to get Pure Neo relics, making it a very profitable node for relic farming in Warframe.
  • 🔑 Destroying enemies and finding keys is the key to getting relics in Warframe.
  • 🔄 You can make relic farming incredibly fast by doing four at once with a squad of four players.
  • 🎮 The grindle blind blueprint in radiant form is a really good idea to run for.

Best Locations to Farm Axi Relics

Now, we will be discussing the best locations where we can get the required resources and how we can get the required relics in a large amount. Also, we will discuss what are the weapons and equipment that you will be needed to take along with you in order to get the required relics without facing many difficulties.

Best Locations to Farm Axi Relics

So, there are many missions that will be providing enough Axi relics, but we will discuss only those missions where it is guaranteed that the Axi relics will be found in a large amount. The Hieracon on Pluto, Xinyi on Eros, Cetus Bounty, Fortuna Bounty, and Mithra, Void will be the prime missions for the Axi relics. These will be the most critical missions for you that will be providing you a lot of Axi relics.

Hieron Pluto

Though Hieracon is not the perfect choice for collecting the Axi relics as there are very few chances of dropping off the Axi relics, we will still focus on this mission because this is one of the most straightforward missions that can provide you the required relics.

Here, you are also allowed to add more C-rotations to get the required relics. Along with this, there are almost 77.42% chances of getting the Axi relics.

In this mission, you will not need many strong Warframes and weapons, but you can take the Khora Warframe for its speed, ability, and ability strength. If you are playing with a team, you might require one more Warframe, and you can choose any one of them because this mission is not that difficult, and that is why even a simple Warframe can give you an advantage in getting through the mission.

Xinyi Eros

Xinyi is one of the best maps for all Tier 3 Interception maps. Though it has chances of dropping Axi relic drops, there are few disadvantages also. The mission gets quite challenging and frustrating because the enemy level increases, and that reduces the chances of your survival. Along with this, Cerberus on Pluto and Berehynia on Sedna also have the same disadvantages as enemies.

Xinyi Eros

However, it is much easier to survive the Xinyi Eros rather than trying to increase your survival rate in the remaining two places. So, we would suggest you go for Xinyi Eros. At Xinyi, running and jumping will be giving you the survival rate that is needed for the mission.


So, it is better to go for Xinyi rather than going for the other two missions. The C-rotation provides you a good guarantee for dropping the Axi relics, and so you can trust it for the same.

Now, the most important thing is to get the required amount of Axi relics, and for this, you will have to do the mission carefully. Each Axi relic has good chances of approximately a 14% of drop-off, and if you could get it twice, then you will get the required amount of Axi relics in the same mission. For this mission, it is also equally important to take some strong Warframes with you as it will help you in increasing your survival rate.

Xinyi Eros 1

Best Warframes

As you must have known that in any mission, the most crucial task is to pick the right Warframe so that you do not fail the mission and later regret it. So, if you have decided to do the mission, then it is equally important to decide which Warframe is good to pick.

As the mission is relatively solid and challenging, you must choose the Warframes that have good ability strength and ability range so that you can be protected throughout the mission.

Nova is one of the best choices to pick as it is a strong Warframe and has good abilities that can be used against enemies. It makes everything easy as it allows you to use the Multishot ability that can provide a good deal of damage done to the enemies. Also, you can use its Molecular Prime ability to shoot the enemies in a single go.


Trinity and Mesa Warframe are also good choices for the mission as they have good tank speed, and, they are strong Warframes. More so, they provide an excellent deal to the damage that is done to the enemies, and that is why it will be better if you pick those two Warframes.

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