Arca Plasmor Build

The Arca Plasmor is a special shotgun that’s strong, firing powerful energy waves that can destroy the enemies before you. It’s a flexible weapon, and with the right build, you can turn it into an unstoppable power on the battlefield.

We’ll learn everything you need to know about the Arca Plasmor, from mod advice to gameplay tips. We’ll also give you some great setups and game plans to help you become a strong and dominant battle player.

If you’re looking to deal massive damage in PvE missions or hold your own in PvP encounters, we’ll find everything. We’ll find mods, elemental damage types, and the best Warframes to complement your Arca Plasmor build. Let’s start the Arca Plasmor Build 2022 Guide and make your Warframe experience even more exciting.

Be ready to defeat your enemies in the Void with confidence and ease.

Understanding Arca Plasmor Build

Understanding Arca Plasmor Build

The Arca Plasmor is a powerful weapon in Warframe known for its big damage and cool features. To make it work better, you need to set it upright. If you’re a pro or just starting, knowing how to build the Arca Plasmor can improve your game. The Arca Plasmor shoots a big energy shot that smashes through enemies.

To make it stronger, use mods. Use mods like Point Blank, Hell’s Chamber, and Blaze to make it hit harder and give it special effects for different enemies. Make its radiation damage stronger with mods like Contagious Spread and Frigid Blast.

This makes it do more damage and cause more special effects. If you want to be good, use mods that let it shoot more shots simultaneously, like Vigilante Armaments and Vigilante Fervor.

Don’t use mods that boost its chance for critical hits or damage because the arca plasmor build differs. Instead, use mods that make it hit harder and do special effects. Use mods that match how you like to play if you want to control many enemies, do big damage, or do a little of both.

How to get Arca Plasmor Build in Warframe

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1. Acquire the Arca Plasmor

To build the Arca Plasmor, follow these steps. First, you need the blueprint and parts for the arca. You can buy the blueprint from the Market or get it as a reward from your Clan Dojo’s Energy Lab. Once you have those, gather the materials you need. Then, head to your Foundry and start crafting the weapon. It’s that simple. So, get the blueprint and components, collect the materials, and assemble them in your Foundry. Soon enough, you’ll have your very own Arca Plasmor gun ready for action.

2. Mod Selection

To make your Arca Plasmor stronger, you need the right upgrades. Choose upgrades that help you land powerful hits more often, make those hits do more damage, and improve your chances of causing status effects.

Important upgrades include Point Blank, Hell’s Chamber, Blunderbuss, and Sweeping Serration. Feel free to try different upgrades to see what works best for your style of play—making your Arca plasmor build better means picking the best upgrades to improve strong hits and status effects and customizing your gear to fit how you like to fight.

3. Elemental Damage

Adjust your Arca Plasmor’s elemental damage to match your mission. Use mods like Blaze, Charged Shell, and Shell Shock to make it hit harder and give it elemental effects like radiation or corrosive damage.

These mods will make your weapon more flexible so you can do well in different situations. If you’re up against tough enemies or want to confuse your enemies, changing your arca plasmor build elemental damage will help you succeed. So, try out different setups to see what works best on the battlefield.

4. Ammo Efficiency

The Arca Plasmor chews through ammo quickly, which can be a real pain during fights. But don’t worry. Some mods can make it much better. For instance, there’s Ammo Stock, which gives you more bullets, and Shotgun Spazz, which makes it shoot even faster.

With these mods, you won’t run out of ammo when you’re in the middle of a mission. Now, you can use your Arca Plasmor without worrying about running out of bullets.

These mods make it easy for you to keep shooting and become a real pro with your Arca Plasmor, even in tough situations. So go, release your weapon, and show those enemies what you and your upgraded Arca Plasmor can do.

5. Forma and Catalyst

Want your Arca Plasmor to be a powerhouse in battles? Use Forma to match your mods. It gives your gun a special boost. And if you want to make it even stronger, add an Orokin Catalyst. It’s double your gun’s power, turning it into a real beast. These changes can make your Arca Plasmor awesome and much more powerful for battles. Think about you’re in the middle of action, and your gun is doing great, taking down enemies easily.

It’s all about making your firearm stronger and ready for battle. So, give it a try, experiment with it, and you’ll have an unstoppable weapon. So, go for it, try these upgrades, and watch your Arca Plasmor become the ultimate battlefield weapon.

6. Playstyle Adaptation

Let’s talk about how to be great with your Arca Plasmor build. This gun is awesome when you’re close to your enemies. Even if they’re far away, the Arca Plasmor’s shots are still strong. It can hit a bunch of bad guys at the same time. So, stick near your enemies. When you’re nearby, you’ll do the most damage and be effective. So, go and get comfy with your targets.

If you’re up against one enemy or a group of them, the Arca Plasmor will help you out. Have fun on your hunt, and don’t forget, the closer you are, the better.

Best Arca Plasmor Builds in Warframe

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1. Critical Blast Build

This build charges your Arca Plasmor to deal massive damage. To strengthen it, use mods like Point Blank, Hell’s Chamber, and Vigilante Armaments to boost damage and shoot more bullets. Make your shots even better by adding mods like Blunderbuss and Critical Delay, which increase your chances of landing powerful hits.

The real game-changer is Hunter Munitions. It makes critical hits cause bleeding, making your arca plasmor build a tough weapon. It can take down even the toughest enemies easily. With these mods, your Arca Plasmor becomes a powerhouse on the battlefield, smashing enemies and leaving a lasting impact.

2. Radiation Status Build

When you’re up against the Grineer and Corpus, try using radiation-focused gear. Get mods such as Contagious Spread, Frigid Blast, and Toxic Barrage to increase your chances of causing radiation damage. This setup makes enemies get confused and start attacking each other.

While they’re busy fighting, the viral and toxin damage from your attacks slowly brings their health down. This not only keeps you safe but also makes your enemies defeat themselves in the disorder. It gives you the upper hand when battling these factions. Choose radiation damage and observe how they harm themselves.

3. Condition Overload Melee Build

If you like getting close and personal in Warframe battles, team up the Arca Plasmor with a strong melee weapon. It’ll make your melee hits pack a real punch.

Just add some mods such as Condition Overload, Healing Return, and Drifting Contact. These mods work great when the Arca Plasmor causes status effects. This means your melee will deal a lot more damage.

So, get in close, let the arca plasmor build do its thing, and see your melee attacks become strong. With this setup, you’ll be a tough warrior in Warframe, taking down enemies with ease and confidence.

4. Blast and Radiation Hybrid Build

This setup is great for taking on both Corpus and Grineer enemies. It mixes blast and radiation damage to pack a punch. You can improve it by using mods like Contagious Spread, Chilling Reload, and Charged Shell to increase your radiation damage and make status effects more likely.

Add Blaze and attack to make your blasts bigger and explosions wider. This build creates a lot of chaos in battles, causing enemies to fall and get irradiated while dealing big damage. It’s a strong choice to make you a real force in Warframe, leaving destruction everywhere you go.

5. Stealthy One-Shot Build

Want to make your arca plasmor build hit harder without anyone noticing? Use special mods like Vicious Spread, Seeking Fury, and Ammo Stock to make your shots faster and stronger. To save ammo, add Supplies to your gear. And if you want to stay hidden, choose Ivara or Loki.

They can make you invisible. This way, you can quietly eliminate important enemies without causing any trouble. So, if you want to be sneaky or want to make your Arca Plasmor stronger, this setup will do the job. Try it out, and watch those enemies go down without a move.

6. Crowd Control Build

When you’re on a mission and have lots of enemies to deal with, it’s a simple but effective strategy. Instead of complicating things, focus on creating a setup that’s all about pushing enemies around and making them feel confused. Start by adding some special upgrades to your gear. Attach arca plasmor builds like Seeking Force, Scattering Inferno, and Shell Shock to your weapons. These mods will make it more likely for your attacks to cause effects that trip up the enemies and send them flying.

But why stop there? Equip Firestorm to make your explosions even bigger. This upgrade will make the area your explosions cover even larger, making it even tougher for the enemy to get close to you.

Now, you’ve got a setup that’s just right for keeping enemies away from key spots. Just put yourself in a good position, and watch as your knockback and status effects stop the enemies from getting too close. It’s an easy way to control a crowd of enemies.


The Arca Plasmor Build 2022 Guide is your handy companion to becoming a powerhouse in Warframe. We’ve learned everything you need to know, from choosing the right mods to leveling up your Arca Plasmor and making it a true beast on the battlefield.

Don’t forget, it’s all about finding the right balance between damage, range, and survivability. Experiment with different mods and playstyles to find what works best for you.

If you prefer to clear out hordes of enemies in close quarters or take down enemies from a distance, the Arca Plasmor can do it all. Don’t miss to pay attention to the Warframe community for any updates or changes to the game that might affect your build.

So, grab your Arca Plasmor, and follow the guide to release collecting energy blasts on your enemies.

With the right setup and practice, you’ll become a powerful player in Warframe.

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