A Complete Tutorial of Warframe Endo Farming  

Endo is one of the crucial resources in the Warframe and is mainly used in upgrading the different mods the players find. Many players think that finding few amounts of Endo is easy as it is, but once the amount gets more prominent, so is the difficulty in finding the Endo.

A few Endo drops are easy to find because the enemies around the solar system usually drop them. Another way of Endo farming is to get if you win some rewards in the mission quickly.

However, getting lots of Endo is not an easy task because it is not a reward in every mission. Also, if you are new to the mission, you may find some difficulties finding the right one for you, which might take away the chance of getting Endo from you.

It isn’t easy in the early stages of the game to find Endo’s right source and get an enormous amount of that. So, in this guide, we will be talking about farming Endo on our own.

Where to do Warframe Endo Farming?

Warframe Endo Farming

There are many different possibilities of getting Endo. Some of them are very easy, whereas the rest are too difficult to handle by someone new to the missions. Also, there are hundreds of possibilities of Endo Farming in the first hundred hours of the game only if you know how and where to find an extensive amount of Endo. So, we will now discuss how we can do Warframe Endo farming to get enough amount as and when required.

Dissolve Duplicate Mods

Dissolve Duplicate Mods

The Dissolve Duplicate Mods is one of the most excellent ways to get enough amount of Endo. However, many people have forgotten about this easy way to get the right amount of Endo and in a short span. The first and foremost thing you need to do is dissolve the mods at the modding station, and you can get hundreds or even thousands of duplicates from only one mod.

Sell Ayatan Sculptures

Though there are many ways to get the Ayatan Sculptures, we will suggest that you start with the easy one. You can first do a weekly quest on Maroo’s Bazaar so that you find them randomly anywhere in the mission.

Also, you can get some rewards from the Sorties or the Arbitrations missions, and thus you will get plenty of sculptures. If you are using the Ayatan Amber Starts and put them into the sculptures, it will be easier for you to sell them.

Arbitrations Mission

Another suitable way to farm Endo is by doing the Arbitrations missions. In the Arbitration mission, you will either find the Endo or the Ayatan sculptures, and both will be good enough for you to get the reward.

If you get the sculptures and you know how to sell them, then there are chances that you might get plenty of Endo. So, this mission is one of the most popular choices for farming the Endo on your own. However, it is not well for those who are new to the mission.

Excavation Rewards

This one is another excellent and quick method of Endo farming in a short period. You can run higher-level Excavation missions that are the Cholistan, Despina, and Hieracon. These will be the places for you to get enough amount of Endo to farm.

If you are playing with a team and every player is correct, then there are chances that you might get plenty of Endo if required. Also, you will get most of Endo from the enemies themselves because of the amount of Endo dropped by them in the mission.

Rathuum Arena

Another good idea to get the Endo is the Rathuum Arena as it has the potential and capacity to provide you with enough amount of Endo. If you find a perfectly equipped group, it will be easier for you to get the Endo.

All you need is an excellent weapon to combine with the Nidus or the Nekros to get the Endo. However, if there is no group, it will get slightly difficult for you to get enough Endo. However, you can still collect some amount that the enemies drop.

How to Farm Endo?

An essential point for you to be noted down is that Endo does work as a technical resource. However, it does not fall in the same category as the natural resources you might find in the Warframe. It, however, works like a mod and a resource booster. So, it is not always that you find them getting doubled or tripled. It depends on the mission also that what quantity of Endo you are getting.


In this article, we learned about Warframe Endo Farming. Being very useful though not easy to farm, Endo is the primary source of energy required for the Fusion process during the up-gradation of a mod.

But using this article, you can get an overall idea regarding Warframe Endo farming techniques, and you can power up your mods fast.

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