A Guide to Banshee Builds

Released in March 2013, Banshee derives its power from the sound, making it a sound-themed Warframe. It uses acoustic target detection and then destroys the enemy by launching sonic attacks. According to the developers, Banshee is well suited for stealth gameplay. It can be used in both attack and support roles.

Its prime version, known as Banshee Prime, attacks the enemies by manipulating sonic force, which produces a deadly effect. Banshee Prime features Altered Mod Polarities, which is best suited for customization. This article will discuss the different powers of Banshee and the famous Banshee builds using which you can outplay your opponents.

How to get Banshee Warframe?

Banshee’s blueprints can be acquired either by research performed in Tenno Research Lab at the Dojo or by purchasing her directly from the in-game market on the orbiter for 225 platinum.

Abilities of Banshee Warframe:

Before divining directly into the Banshee builds, we will need to understand the abilities of Banshee. This will help us to choose the right build for the gameplay. Banshee is a Warframe having decent health and energy and moderate shield and light armor. Its abilities are:

Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom

In this, a powerful shockwave is emitted that pushes all the targets within its range enough to either kill the enemies or immobilize them.




The Sonar power of Banshee uses acoustic location. Banshee uses this ability to find and track the enemies. Sonar is a very insightful ability as well. It not only tracks down the enemies but also exposes their weak spots to you and your team.



It is one of the most versatile abilities of Banshee. Using the Silence, Banshee gets surrounded in an aura that stuns and immobilizes the nearby enemies reducing their attacking capabilities.

Sound Quake

Sound Quake

Considered the most potent ability of Banshee, the Sound Quake channelizes all the acoustic energy into the environment. Then Banshee uses ultrasonic reverberations to violently shake the ground, which renders the enemy helpless and toppled.

As we are now familiar with Banshee and her abilities, let us check out the top Banshee builds to enhance her effectiveness.

Top Banshee builds

Banshee is an easy-to-customize Warframe. The primary point to keep in mind while creating any Banshee build is the management of energy. Most of the abilities consume a lot of energy to cast. Also, most of the abilities are suitable for melee kills. Therefore, it is better to keep the damage range moderate and avoid using any mod for it. This will let you add other mods to survive longer in the fight.

Resonating Quake Banshee Build:

Resonating Quake Banshee Build

This Banshee build swipes out a vast area and does extensive damage to the enemies. To achieve this, you will require a lot of energy, and it would be better to have a Trinity in your group. Having Trinity on your side, you can also have better crowd control simultaneously.

While designing this Banshee build, you will have to deal with the continuous shortage of energy and lack of space for the survivability mods like Redirection and Vitality. In case you are lucky enough to have a Trinity in your group, then the problem of energy shortage can be taken care of. In that case, you can do a bit of experiment with Umbral Intensify or Fleeting Expertise, etc.

Savage Silence Banshee Build:

Savage Silence Banshee Build

The central role in this Banshee build is by the Savage Silence mod, which boosts the finisher damage. You can also try Steel Charge mod over Aura Polarity to increase the finisher damage even further.

You can also use the Steel Fiber mod to protect yourself from dying while getting closer to your enemies. Since this build revolves around increasing the melee damage, it is better to combine vitality and rage. It will make sure that you do not run out of energy and can cast your other abilities like Sonar at the same time. This makes the build quite versatile.

From the characteristic feature of this build, which is the melee damage, you will not require to increase the range because it will draw enemies out of the crowd long before you will try to kill them. It is better to let the enemies come closer so that killing them using melee after using silence is more effortless.

Banshee Resonance Strength Build:

Banshee Resonance Strength Build

This build is a combination of Sonar ability and the Resonance mod. The idea behind is this Banshee build is to target the weak spots of the enemy using the Sonar and then attacking it using the Resonance mod.

It also gives you a critical multiplier as well as an excellent ability duration. The range of this build is moderate, and so it requires more of a melee weapon combination.

Although this build requires a ton of energy to cast, the damage it deals with is humongous, killing the enemies or assailing them very quickly. To compensate for the energy requirement, you can have Trinity in your group as well.


Banshee is a versatile Warframe and can be customized to create various builds as per the requirement. In this article, we have discussed some of the most popular Banshee builds. Also, we have discussed the different abilities of the Banshee Warframe. You can use the guide to create your own Banshee as well.

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