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In Warframe, Lua is a satellite of the earth. On the Lua, there are the Halls of Ascension, or what we call them is The Seven Principles. However, the Lua music puzzle is not one of the seven puzzles found there but is an essential part of the game when you are farming through the story mode.

Suppose you want to craft the Octavia Warframe for yourself. In that case, you will need to solve the Lua Music Puzzle to acquire its chassis blueprint.

While it is necessary to solve the Lua Music Puzzle to acquire the Octavia Warframe, the chances of you finding the puzzle are entirely random. You may find it or maybe not, but you should be ready to recognize the Lua Music Puzzle room, which is not difficult. This article will take you through the Lua Music Puzzle and discuss everything needed to complete it.

Is Lua Music Puzzle a part of Halls of Ascension?

No. The music puzzle is not a part of the Seven Principles/Halls of Ascension. Halls of Ascension is a set of seven different puzzles that test your Agility, Collaboration, Cunningness, Endurance, Power, Speed, and Stealth.

How to Find the Lua Music Puzzle?

We have already discussed that it is completely random whether you will find the music puzzle room. Well, if you are destined to find the puzzle, then recognizing it will not be very tough for you. You can easily distinguish the Lua Music Puzzle room from others by its appearance and the distinctive sound coming from inside the room.

What to expect inside the Music Puzzle Room?

Also known as the Choir room, the music puzzle room contains a music sequence that you will have to recreate. The motive behind this part of the game is to test your memory whether you can remember the sequence or not.

How to solve the Lua Music Puzzle?

Solving the puzzle is not very difficult once you have found it. It is going to be a simple test of your memory. When inside the puzzle room, the first thing you need to locate is the eight pads. Out of the eight pads, two will be on the floor on which you are; three of them will be there down on the left, and the rest three down on the right.

How to solve the Lua Music Puzzle

After you locate all of them, you need to place yourself in a position from where you can see all eight pads at once. Now is the time to activate the console. As soon as you activate it, the puzzle will start.

You will see that one of the pads glowing in golden color will start glowing in blue-purple color. A few seconds will change its color back to golden, and some other pad will change its color. This way, five different pads out of eight will change their color one by one.

All you need to do is memorize the sequence in which they happen and step on those pads in the exact sequence. Be cautious; if you make a mistake and step on the wrong pad, you will have to restart the puzzle.

The Lua Music Puzzle may seem to you as one of the easiest parts of the game. And just by paying attention to the sequence of changing colors, you can solve it. You are not required to do anything fancy. No abilities or mods are required, and you will not require any particular kind of weapon.

How Do You Collect the Rewards?

You can collect the rewards as soon as you finish up solving the puzzle. You will know when the puzzle is solved as the glowing lights, and the sound of the puzzle will be gone. Now is the time to harness your rewards. Wait! Did we just say rewards? Oh Yes! You will get two rewards for solving the Lua Music Puzzle.

How Do You Collect the Rewards

The first one is, of course, the blueprint of the Octavia Warframe chassis. You will need to open the crate lying on higher ground to receive the first reward.

Lua Music Puzzle

The second reward will be there down on the left side. You will notice a rare crate as well as some blue-colored ghost-like creatures. If it is your day, then you may find a fully crafted Forma. Even you are not lucky enough, you will get some other resources.

Is farming for Octavia Warframe worth it?

Is farming for Octavia Warframe worth it

You might come across this question if you are not familiar with the Octavia Warframe. She is a song-based Warframe that uses Mandachord, Turning Bass, Beat, and Melody as its weapons of destruction. Being one of the frequently used Warframe, she is perfect for attacking gameplay. She deals a lot of damage to the enemies as well as she can help out her team.


As promised, we discussed everything about the Lua Music Puzzle. It doesn’t seem to be very challenging for you to complete. Does it? The primary factor behind the chances of you solving the puzzle is the finding of the Music Puzzle Room itself.

If the game does not give you the puzzle, then there is only a little one can do. Let us hope you are riding on luck if you are farming to acquire the blueprint of Octavia.

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