Arca Plasmor Build

Arca Plasmor is a shotgun that does not seems like a shotgun. Unlike the general shotguns, the Arca Plasmor shoots out pulses of plasma. These pulses of shotguns provide advantages over other shotguns.

For getting the status procs, that is way easier in Arca Plasmor as you will have to depend on the core length of Arca Plasmor. Also, you will not be needed to build it for a 100% status chance.

Arca Plasmor has a high chance of creating more destruction, providing more and significant damages to the enemies, and preventing its energy and itself. It provides good accuracy of range and energy.

Arca Plasmor Build

You can rely on the core length of Arca Plasmor if you are looking for prevention from damage and destruction. However, the critical multiplier is not that great, but it is covered with overall accuracy.

The Best Arca Plasmor Builds

The Arca Plasmor, though classified as a shotgun yet it does not seem like its own kind, discussed that the shotgun does produce pulses of plasma. Unlike the other shotguns, the Arca Plasmor has much more abilities than this.

It possesses some of the efficient builds that we will discuss as of now. Apart from this, Arca Plasmor has more chances of creating destruction and damage to the opponents.

However, Arca Plasmor has a slow travel time for projectiles and a low critical multiplier. But it has a very high-status chance and high base damage. Along with this, it has a high critical chance and two polarities.

As we must build around the strength of the weapon to maximize the effort for the missions, we will be considering using Fatal Acceleration to increase the weapon range by almost 40%.

If you are considering using the Fatal Acceleration to increase the weapon range by 40%, it will also deal with the damage falloff. Along with the Fatal Acceleration, another thing you can prevent is the Vicious Spread that can reduce the accuracy of your shots. You can bypass this reduction once you can counter more shots using the ranged weapon.

The Radiation Build

As you might have heard of the Radiation Build that Arca Plasmor provides to innate radiation damage, it generally picks heat and electricity mods to cover it up.

If you are using the Primed Charged Shell then, it is easier to boost damage and status chance; however, even if you are using the standard version, it is not necessary to get these two. Also, in the standard version, you can go for Inferno, Blaze, and Shell Shock.

The Radiation Build

Apart from Inferno, Blaze, and Shell Shock, another thing that you can get is Blunderbuss that will help you provide the critical chance, and it can increase the critical chance up to the higher level. Also, it can be changed for the Incendiary Coat if you are getting more radiation damage.

If you do not like the radiation damage, you can use Blunderbuss and blaze or the Scattering Inferno. It is easy to switch to any of these to switch to Contagious Spread and Toxic Barrage. You can split the damage between the radiation and toxic according to your need and requirement.

The Critical Damage Build

The Critical Damage Build is somewhat like the build that we earlier discussed, the Radiation build. However, it uses the Blunderbuss, Vigilante Armaments, and Vigilante Fervor.

You can use them in combination with Primed Ravage to increase your critical damage as much as your need. However, the Blaze and Primed Charge Shell are also used for the same purpose, and along with this, they can be used to increase the radiation damage.

The Critical Damage Build

If you feel like Vigilante Fervor is a weak mod in the build, you can switch to the other mods called Blunderbuss or the Vigilante Armaments. Also, another thing is the Extra Fire rates that are good for this build but not always.

It can be helpful for you at a particular time but cannot be trusted for the whole time in this build. More so, you can choose to have Vigilante Offence that can be put in the replacement of Extra Fire rates.


We have discussed the two main builds: the Radiation build and the Critical Damage build. Each build has its own set of pros and cons.

Once you are thorough with the experience and the platform then, it will be easy for you to switch to the different mods that are present in the build and how they are essential for us to get through the mission.

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