Octavia Build Guide

Octavia became part of Warframe in late March 2017, and since then, it has made its name popular in Warframe. It quickly became all player’s favorite and a popular Warframe because of its unique abilities and quickly gained each player’s attention.

It does not help itself only, but it can also increase each teammate’s survivability along with you. This is why it became famous and popular.

It can help its teammates deal with a significant amount of damage and always remains high on energy and shield. Along with energy and shield, it is pretty good with the armor and health also.

Octavia Build Guide

However, there is one thing that you should keep in mind is that Octavia is generally for experienced players and not for beginners. So, once you get used to Warframe, only then should you try the Octavia.

The Different Abilities of Octavia

There are some unique abilities of Octavia that we will discuss now. These abilities are Mallet, Resonator, Metronome, and Amp. All these abilities have got their own set of unique features and contribute to the game. We will first discuss what each ability has to offer.

  1. Mallet – This is the first Octavia’s ability that rhythmically beats damage into the nearby enemies and draws their fire. Along with this, it can also transfer your damage to the enemies and increases the health also.
  2. Resonator – This is the second ability of Octavia, and it can launch a rollerball that makes the enemies follow it. This ball can create destruction and suck the energy of the enemies.
  3. Metronome – This is the third ability of Octavia that produces buffs to all those who are performing some actions in the mission. It also creates more destruction to the enemies.
  4. Amp – It is the fourth and final ability of Octavia to draw the power after hearing from the decibel level of sound. It also doubles the damage that is done to the enemies and their nearby mallets.

These abilities are a significant part of the Octavia Warframe as they alone are sufficient to make you get through the mission successfully. Also, these abilities make Octavia different from any other Warframe.

Each Warframe is equipped with some set of skills and qualities that distinguish them from each other. The qualities that are equipped with Octavia are deadly, and this is why it is each player’s favorite.

The Different Octavia Builds

Finding a perfect Octavia build is not an easy task. As we have learned that Octavia builds equipped with a unique set of skills, it is not easy to find the right build for it. So, you can use a combination of different polarities to make the right build.

The first and the foremost thing that you can use is the Energy Siphon and Corrosive Projection along with the Naramon Polarity. This will make you go high one energy and provide more damage to the enemies.

Main Build: Balanced Music

Main Build Balanced Music

You will generally find this build as it is the most comfortable Octavia build to get. However, in this build, you can make use of the main DPS and combine your first and second abilities to fight with the enemies.

Here, you will not find any such prominent use of Corrosive Projection and the Energy Siphon, but you can use other polarities also. Also, in other builds, the Corrosive Projection, Rejuvenation, and Energy Siphon are equally important.

If you will use these skills in a premade group and the EV Trinity, you probably would not need Primed Flow and Streamline. You can also choose any other build with the right set of skills of the Octavia build. If you choose to stay in the same build, you will have to go for Intensify or Energy Conversion.

Endless Mission Octavia Build

Endless Mission Octavia Build

This Octavia build is not that good for experienced players, but it is sufficient for beginners. It is suitable for low-level missions, and if a player has just begun his journey in the Warframe, it will be the perfect choice for the Octavia build.

The build is simple, and in this build, you do not even need to use the abilities you got. This build is simple, and this is the reason why it is not preferred for experienced players.

In this build, you can hit as many mobs as you get, and you do not need any of your abilities.

Buffer Octavia Build

Buffer Octavia Build

Next comes the Buffer Octavia Build that will be the right choice for both the experienced players and the beginners. In this build, you will need Energy Conversion to provide more damage and prevent yourself from getting damaged.

Also, in this build, you will require an Exilus slot and Forma. You can also use your fourth ability, Amp, in this build for providing more damage to the enemies.


In this article, we discussed the various Octavia builds and the abilities that Octavia has got. To get through the mission, one should know of each of these abilities and build so that one can use the valuable ability at the right time.

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