A Complete Guide to Chains of Harrow

2The Chains of Harrow is one of the most famous missions that can only be played solo. However, there are a few pre-requisites that must be completed, and only then will you be allowed to play the Chains of Harrow. So, the major pre-requisite is to complete the War Within Quest, and only then will you be allowed to enter into this Chains of Harrow mission.

Chains of Harrow

The second mission that also needs to be completed is the Mot Survival Mode that you can find on the Void via Sedna. These two quests are essential enough to be completed beforehand, and only then will you be allowed to enter the primary mission that is the Chains of Harrow mission.

You can find these quests in your quest section via the codex. If you somehow managed to play through the quest, you will be welcomed to build your Harrow.


  • 🎮 The importance of staying up to date with new content in Warframe to keep the game experience fresh and exciting.
  • 🌑 The mysterious and creepy atmosphere of the quest is intriguing and draws the player in, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement.
  • 🏛️ The sacred muse has abandoned the temple, leaving the people in chaos, hinting at a potential storyline or plot development in the game.
  • 🕵️‍♂️ The dialogue and gameplay in the Chains of Harrow quest create an eerie and suspenseful atmosphere.
  • 🕯️ “This is really creepy, it feels like I just descended into the depths of hell.”
  • 🔗 “You need to save them from this destroy the chain okay.”
  • 👻 This quest had more of a horror vibe to it, which was a nice change from the other quests.

The Major Mission

Till now, you have learned that how vital the Harrow is and what else is needed to be finished before entering the Harrow. So, this is the primary mission that we are talking about, and we should be aware of every fact so that we can get through this.

So, once you arrive on the mission, there will be Lotus that will tell you to find an abandoned ship. The ship will already be marked, and you will be required to follow the steps to get it.

There will be three things that you will be required to find out, and all these three things will be marked on the map. Finding these three things will be easy for you as there will be no enemy to knock you off.

The Major Mission

Once you get all these three things, then you will find a transmitter that will be asking you for your protection, and the location will also be marked on the map. Make sure that the transmitter is of the person named Palladino.

Once you get to know its location on the map and you move forward to its location, then you will face hostile Red Veil Fanatics that will be armed with many different and strong weapons. These potent weapons include the Rakta, Cernos, Rakta Daggers, and the Tetra.

As soon as you get to its location, you will soon find the Palladino and its Kavat. You will have to shadow the Palladino and Kavat as they will be protecting you from the enemies.

Protect yourself and Kavat for at least thirty seconds, and if the timer ends, then you can move forward with the extraction. You will be asked by the Palladino to meet it on the Iron wake.

The Iron Wake

The Iron Wake is a location that will be found on Planet Earth. Now, all you need to do is to reach the room where the Palladino is residing and use the Transference to enter the quarters with the cut scene.

It will introduce the Red Veil’s spiritual medium and will ask you to connect with the Red veil and Rell. More so, it cannot connect with the Rell, so then it will ask you to somehow get the Rell’s stolen relic because that is the only thing that can calm it down.

The Iron Wake

The Iron Wake

You will have to find it and get it as it will be driving many of them mad, and that is why it will be needed that you find it and use it so that you calm it down. If you get to the abandoned ship that you were looking for, then you will see a message that is being displayed on the wall that is a conversation between the Palladino and the Lotus. Then you will get to know about the Rell.

Once you get to know about the Rell and who it was and what it must do, then you will hear some voices in the background that will be echoing into the ship. If Palladino asks you to follow the voice, you will have to follow the voice to the ship, and you will unfold many secrets over there. If you follow the voice and get to the room from where the voice is coming, then you will see the Red Veil’s corpse and an object that is the Rell’s relic.


The main Warframes and weapons that we would suggest you take in the mission are none other than the strong ones. As the mission is relatively tricky and more substantial, you will be needed some strong warframes to deal with such missions.

Mesa, Ember, and Nova will be the right choices for you to take into the mission as these will be helping you against the enemies.

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