Warframe - 5 Primary Weapons for Beginners

Warframe is a tricky and challenging game that requires different types of skills in a player. Beginners always find it difficult and therefore end up losing the mission.

So, here we will discuss few important tricks that can be used in the mission that can help you in defeating the enemies.

To get through the mission, the most important thing is to take the right weapons and Warframes the mission.

Top 5 Primary Weapons for Beginners

Every Warframe best weapon has some different features that you should know about, and only then will you be able to use it in the mission. In this guide, we will discuss the top five primary weapons that a beginner can use and take in the mission.

We have listed out these weapons because these will be easier for the players to understand and to use against the enemies. In a mission, when there are no perfect mods, then these weapons are helpful for the players.



The very first Warframe best weapon that we will discuss is the Tigris weapon.

Though Tigris has many advanced features that are now available with its primed version, if you are not so sure about the primed version, then you can go with the standard version also.

Tigris has a great deal of damage burst, and it has its two-shot barrel that helps the player deal with high health units.

Tigris can deal with a higher level of enemies as well, and this is why you should know about the weapon beforehand so that you can deal with the enemies in the mission.

Though it cannot help you in front of a large bunch of enemies it can help you with small groups. Also, for the large group of enemies, you can combine it with another set of weapons to kill the enemies.



The next Warframe best weapon that we will be talking about is the Fulmin weapon.

Many of you might have used this weapon many times in different missions. However, this weapon is not a perfect weapon for each type of mission, but it can help you in some particular missions.

Although if you are not comfortable with any primed version, then also you can go with the standard version as it is also suitable for beginners.

Fulmin is a potent weapon that has many features, including the Multishot and strong fire rates.

More so, if you are having some ammunition problems in the long run, then also you can try this weapon as it can overcome the problem of ammunition.

Along with this, the weapon also deals with an incredible amount of damage and fast fire rates. This will help in killing the large group of enemies in a single go.

Ignis Wraith

Ignis Wraith

This is one of the best Warframe weapons that a beginner can use as it is elementary to understand.

Also, it has many such abilities that can help a beginner in moving forward and killing a large group of enemies in a single go.

However, this weapon is also too hard to get on our own as it requires some pre-requisites to be completed, and only then will you be able to get it.

Also, if you want, you can farm it on your own, or you can find it in the market and purchase it.

It also has a great effect on the area of damage and also allows for the Multishot. This is why every beginner should try this weapon, and once you are able to use this weapon effectively in the mission, then every other weapon will be easy for you to use.

This weapon also deals with heat damage and blast damage. Using this, you will also get the ability of crowd control that can help you in the mission as well.



If there were bows and crossbows allowed in the mission, then it would be great as those have a significant impact on enemies.

However, such weapons are not allowed, and that is why we will be using this Zhuge weapon as it can also deal with a tremendous amount of damage.

Though it is somewhat slow, it can still make a much better choice than the other weapons.

If you can get its primed version, then that will be more useful, but even if you have the standard version, then also it will be suitable for the mission.

Vakyor Hek

Vakyor Hek

This is the last Warframe best weapon that we will discuss. It has a significant impact on the enemies, which is why it is always preferred for beginners. Also, this weapon is too easy for beginners to use against enemies.

It has a significant area of damage and Multishot ability that can help you kill the mobs at once.

Also, since it is a potent weapon, you might not need to combine it with any other weapon as this alone will be sufficient for the mission.

If the enemies are of the higher level then, the primed version can be more helpful.


With this guide, you must have got that the primed version of weapons is more substantial, but even if you take the standard version, it will help you in the mission if the enemies are of the lower level.

Overall, as a beginner, you might need the standard version weapons in the mission, and that is sufficient.

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