How To Get Archwing Launcher (Segment)

Are you ready to take your Warframe experience to new heights? If you’ve been wondering about how to get your hands on the Archwing Launcher segment, you’re in the right place.

The Archwing Launcher is like a rocket booster that lets you soar through space and get in epic aerial battles. In the vast universe of Warframe, acquiring the Archwing Launcher (Segment) is a crucial milestone for every space-faring Tenno.

This specialized gear empowers you to cover the cosmic expanse with the power of moving quickly and easily, making it an important asset in your arsenal.

This Archwing Launcher crafting guide will walk you through the process of obtaining the Archwing Launcher, providing valuable insights and practical advice to streamline your journey.

How to Get an Archwing Launcher?

How to Get an Archwing Launcher?

The Archwing Launcher (Segment) can be obtained through a series of steps that combine resource gathering, quest completion, and crafting in the following process.

1. Progress Through the Star Chart

To begin your Archwing launcher quest, ensure that you’ve progressed sufficiently through the star chart. This will grant you access to various mission crossings and quests that are necessary for obtaining the segment.

2. Complete the “Once Awake” Quest

The “Once Awake” quest is a crucial step in your path to acquiring the best-archwing launcher segment location. Follow the questline, complete objectives, and uncover the mysteries leading you closer to obtaining this advanced tool.

3. Gather Resources

Resource gathering is an integral part of the Warframe experience. As you progress through missions, ensure you collect the necessary resources required for Archwing launcher crafting guide the Archwing Launcher (Segment). Commonly needed resources include Alloy plates, Circuits, and Plastids.

4. Access the Factory

Navigate to your Orbiter’s Factory and begin crafting for the Best arching launcher segment location. Make sure you have the required resources and credits on hand before you start the crafting process.

5. Wait for Crafting Completion

Once you’ve initiated the crafting, exercise patience as the Foundry works its magic. Archwing launcher crafting guide may vary, but the anticipation is well worth the reward.

6. Equip Your Archwing Launcher

After the crafting process is complete, head to your Arsenal and equip the newly crafted Archwing Launcher (Segment) to your Warframe. You’re now ready to take flight and explore the cosmos like never before to get the Best archwing launcher segment location.

Tips for Utilizing the Archwing Launcher

Tips for Utilizing the Archwing Launcher .jpg

Now that you possess the Archwing Launcher Segment, here are some valuable tips to improve your experience.

  • Master the Controls: Spend time mastering the controls of your Archwing Launcher. Practice driving through different environments to maximize your mobility.
  • Explore Hidden Locations: Utilize your newfound flight abilities to explore hidden Best Archwing launcher segment locations, secret areas, and hidden loot caches across the star chart.
  • Join Archwing Missions: Get Archwing-specific missions to sharpen your flying skills further and gather unique rewards.
  • Mod for Success: Customize your Archwing Launcher with the correct mods to increase its capabilities and smooth it to your play style.

Crafting the Archwing Launcher Segment

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Crafting the Archwing Launcher Segment is a pivotal step on your journey to unlocking the power of flight and aerial combat to obtain an archwing launcher in Warframe. This segment is the key to inviting your Archwing into open-world environments, granting you unparalleled mobility and the ability to defeat enemies from the skies. To move on with this crafting endeavor, follow these detailed steps.

1. Acquire the Blueprint

The first step in crafting the Archwing Launcher Segment is obtaining its blueprint. This Warframe archwing launcher blueprint is a reward for completing the Vox Solaris questline, which drives into the struggles of the Solaris people and uncovers the secrets of Factory.

2. Gather Resources

To obtain archwing launcher in Warframe, taking a blueprint in hand, it’s time to gather the necessary resources for crafting. One of the primary resources you’ll need is Toroids, which are rare minerals dropped by specific enemies in Orb Vallis. Three types of Toroids are required for the Archwing launcher crafting guide process. Vega, Calda, and Sola Toroids.

3. Get the Reward

Get the reward in missions within Orb Vallis to increase your chances of obtaining Toroids. These missions will take you through various tasks and challenges, providing opportunities to collect essential resources.

4. Defeat Enemies

Certain enemies in Orb Vallis have a chance to drop Toroids upon defeat. Catch in combat and take down this opponent to acquire the minerals required for crafting.

5. Resource Management

Manage your collected Toroids wisely, ensuring you have the necessary quantities of Vega, Calda, and Sola Toroids as indicated by the Warframe archwing launcher blueprint.

6. Access the Foundry

Once you’ve gathered the required resources, head to your ship’s Foundry. This is where you’ll initiate the crafting process for the Archwing Launcher Segment.

Building the Archwing Launcher

Building the Archwing Launcher

Initiate the Archwing launcher crafting guide by selecting the Launcher Segment blueprint in your factory. After the crafting time has passed, your segment will be ready. Access your Arsenal and equip the segment to your Warframe’s loadout. With the help of segment, now part of your arsenal, take the time to update yourself with its mechanics and the newfound freedom it offers.

Fly through the skies, catch in aerial combat, and traverse the open landscapes of Venus with ease. As you harness the power of your Archwing Launcher Segment, remember that the skies are your domain. Draw missions, explore hidden areas, and take on challenges that were once beyond your reach.

Your Warframe’s capabilities have expanded, and you now possess the means to dominate both land and air. By following these steps, you’ll successfully craft the Archwing Launcher Segment and unlock a new dimension of gameplay within Warframe.

The Archwing Launcher is a vital tool in Warframe that allows players to deploy their Archwings, enabling them to navigate in space and hold in aerial combat. To build the Archwing Launcher, you need to follow these steps To obtain the Archwing launcher in Warframe.

Step 1: Gather Resources

Before you start building the Archwing Launcher, make sure you have the necessary resources and parts. These may include a collection of a certain amount of credits to purchase the Warfame Archwing Launcher blueprint from the Market. Collect various resources found throughout the game, such as Orokin Cells, Rubedo, Circuits, and other common resources. Some might require mods that you can obtain from enemies, missions, or trading with other players.

Step 2: Obtain the Blueprint

Once you have the essential resources, follow these steps. Go to any Market terminal on your ship or in a clan hall. In the Market, search for the Archwing Launcher blueprint. Purchase it using credits.

  • 7,500 Credits
  • 50 Iradite
  • 50 Grokdrul
  • 30 Fish Oil
  • 600 Circuits

Step 3: Build Components

After obtaining the blueprint, you’ll need to build the individual components of the Archwing Launcher. Access the Factory on your ship or in a clan room. In the Factory, select the Archwing Launcher blueprint from your inventory. Review the resources and components for each part of the Archwing Launcher and start the building process. This will consume the necessary resources and time.

Step 4: Assemble the Archwing Launcher

Once all parts are built, you’ll need to assemble them. When the components are finished, Archwing launcher crafting guide, collect them from the Foundry. Go to your ship’s Arsenal or visit a clan weapon terminal. Within the Arsenal, navigate to the “Gear” tab. Find the Archwing Launcher in your inventory and provide it with your Gear wheel.

Step 5: Using the Archwing Launcher

With the Archwing Launcher equipped, you can use it during missions. Simply open your Gear wheel while on a mission and select the Archwing Launcher. Deploy it to summon your Archwing and gain access to space travel and aerial combat.


Obtaining the Archwing Launcher is a key step for players in the game. It allows them to explore new areas and missions using Archwings, providing exciting gameplay experiences.

By following the steps outlined, players can easily acquire the segment and unlock this important feature. First, players need to engage in specific missions to gather necessary resources and blueprint parts.

Once collected, these components can be assembled in the Foundry to create this segment. This process may require some patience, but the rewards are well worth it. This powerful tool enables players to launch Archwings and fly freely in various missions, adding a dynamic element to the gameplay.

The Archwing Launcher Segment is a valuable asset that enhances the gaming experience by introducing a new dimension of exploration and combat. By carefully following the steps and instructions, players can successfully acquire and utilize the segment, opening the door to exciting and thrilling adventures in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Archwing Launcher?

The Archwing Launcher is a special item in the game that allows your Warframe to locate an Archwing, a cool flying suit, during missions in space.

Can I Trade for The Archwing Launcher?

No, you cannot trade the Archwing launcher segment with other players. It must be earned by completing the appropriate Archwing launcher quest.

What Do I Do Once I Have the Segment?

After obtaining the Archwing Segment, you need to install it on your ship’s Factory. Then, build the Segment using the required resources.

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