How to Get Mag?

Mag is one of the most famous Warframe that has already been in the game, but people could not notice. Many people generally have the magnetic fighter, but it depends whether you are using Mag as your starter Warframe or not.

As you know that Mag has already been in the game forever, and it is the original member of the Warframe family since its release. Now it has become the female Warframe that has to get the primed version also.

For all these years, it is her abilities and augmented mods that are making their name in the Warframe family. Though it is a strong Warframe, still it is not considered as a top Warframe.

Killing the Sergeant

The next thing that we will discuss is how we kill the Sergeant. As you know that for each Warframe when we start building them or farming them, the first thing that we require is their blueprints.

We need blueprints of each part so that we can farm each part individually and then farm the whole Warframe. Now, when you reach the room along with the Sergeant, and once it gets activated, then you can start your mission.

Killing The Sergeant

You might have known this thing but let us remind this again that killing the Sergeant is not a big deal because it does not have strong abilities and augmented mods. If you go fast and smart, then there are chances that you might kill it in less than three minutes. It has got low shields, low efficiency, and low energy. All these points are beneficial for you in killing it.

You can use your weapons and shoot them with your abilities also as you will find that it is one of the weakest targets that you are getting to kill. Once you kill it, you can move forward. So, all you need is to bring your potent weapons and use your strong abilities so that you do not miss the chance of killing this weakest target.

The Best Warframes to Kill the Sergeant

As we have mentioned above that killing, a Sergeant is an easy task, but only if you use the right weapons and abilities. Also, you know that Sergeant is a weak target, and it does not need many potent weapons to kill it, but if you do not want to take the risk, you should come prepared with the most potent weapons you have. Now, we will talk about the Warframes that we can use.

You can probably pick the Speed Volt as it has the ability of fast speed that could work in this case. As said earlier, you do not need potent weapons, but you do need some tricks that you can use.

The Speed Volt Warframe will work exactly like that. It will allow you to rush through the missions, and hence you can quickly kill it. Another Warframe that can be sue is Loki, and you can use its invisibility ability.

Using Loki is a better choice because you can use its invisibility ability straightaway. Also, you do not need to bring the DPS to build. More so, you can use Rhino if you want to be tankier, or you can use Nezha. All you need is to use any such Warframe or weapon that can allow you to rush through the mission and follow the target easily.

Farming Resources for Mag

How To Get Mag Guide

Though Mag is not hard to farm still, you will be needed to farm each of its parts, and it requires time. Also, there are some resources that are rare, and so you will face some difficulties while searching for them.

Also, you will be needed with several items that are Rubedo, Polymer Bundle, Alloy Plates, Morphics, Salvage, and Plastids. All these items require some quantity that we will discuss now.

We will need 500x Rubedo, 150x Polymer Bundle, 150x Alloy plates for the Mag Neuroptics. Then we will need 1000x Ferrite, 300x Rubedo, 1x Morphics for farming its Chassis. Along with this, 500x Salvage, 220x Plastids, 1x Morphics, 1x Control Modules for the Mag Systems.

Some of these resources are very easy to get, but then there are many of them that we will find difficult to look for.


By now, you must have understood that farming Mag is not that easy as it seems. It requires a lot of patience and effort to manage on time, and only then you will be able to farm your own Mag.

The resources are not easy to collect, and hence you should look for them on each planet that is available to you so that you can farm Mag.

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