Top Acceltra Builds in Warframe

Acceltra is the signature weapon of the Warframe Gauss. It is actually a compact rocket launcher that uses micro missiles as its ammo. The fire rate of Acceltra is very high compared to the conventional rocket launchers, and it also possesses a high critical chance and multiplier.

It comes with a built-in safety measure that does not let the missile explode before it has traveled at least 7m from the point it has been fired.

With a surprisingly low reload time of 2.0s for a rocket launcher, it can be reloaded even while sprinting. The reload time even improves significantly when armed by Gauss.

Advantages of Acceltra:

  • Reload time is impressively low compared to launchers.
  • Very high fire rate with higher accuracy as well.
  • Receiving Critical Chance is relatively high.
  • Deals sufficiently High Damage
  • Built-in Safety to protect user
  • A large Damage Radius of 4m can give damage to multiple enemies.

Disadvantages of Acceltra:

  • Slash Damage is meager, making it less effective against health.
  • Can inflict damage to self if you are in a hurry.
  • Low Ammo reserve, which gets emptied in 2 reloads.
  • The linear damage has a 50% falloff
  • Cannot use Firestorm mod with it.

How to acquire Acceltra?

Acceltra Builds in Warframe

Defeat Demolisher Infested on the Dark Sector Mission of Uranus to acquire the main blueprints. To manufacture it, you will require 25,000 credits, 4 Neurodes, 200 hexenon, 925 Plastids, and 8000 Nanospores. It takes 24 hours to manufacture it and 35 Platinum to Rush.

Top Acceltra Builds:

The low ammo reserve can be improved by using mods like the Ammo case and Rifle Mutation Ammo or the Vigilante Supplies mod. All of them do the basic function of converting the unused ammo into the ammo of the primary weapon. Vigilante Supplies additionally increases the Critical Chance by 5%.

Apart from these mods, other popular mods being used for Acceltra builds are Split Chamber to increase the chance of multi-shot by 15% to 90%, Vital Sense or Point Strike to increase the Critical Chance, and Heavy Calibre to significantly increase the damage dealt at the cost of accuracy.

The Standard Acceltra Build

The Standard Acceltra Build

The main idea here is relatively effective to increase your critical damage output and for this, you will have to use this Point Strike and Vital Sense and after this, you could include Hunter Munitions for some extra Slash damage. Also, it will ensure that you can melt high armor units that can create another problem.

Multishot is another great mod that can be used and it will allow to spread of the explosion using Heavy Calibre. The Split Chamber and the Critical Delay mods are also equally important for increasing the critical status changes.

The Hybrid Acceltra Build

The Hybrid Acceltra Build

Though this Hybrid Acceltra build would not give the Slash damage and for that, you will be needed to pick a build that gives you control overcrowd. The status chances are pretty low in this build but that can be enhanced by using the right mod.

The Split Chamber and the Hunter Munitions are the go-to builds for companion damage and status chance. As this build is pretty alarming we often go for the Malignant Force and Serration for increasing the damage. We do not mods like Corrosive Projection or the Rejuvenation for survivability and reduction of armor as this build mainly focuses on the duration and not on survivability.

The Fast Attack Acceltra Build

The Fast Attack Acceltra Build

Carrier Sentinel, Vile Acceleration, and the Speed Trigger will be the go-to mods in this build. We use the same idea in this build also as we have used in the other two builds but one thing that we keep in mind is the combination of mods that we will be using in this build. Though Vile Acceleration has a great impact on attack rate we do not need it much as we are already good with the attack rate.

However, the Carrier Sentinel mod will be the major mod for this build as it will allow us to recover Ammo in case we are running out on that. Overall, the build is pretty great with fewer mods as there are not many things to be taken care of.


Acceltra is a wonderful weapon that can be used in almost all kinds of missions. It is the only weapon to deal explosive damage with higher accuracy while preserving your agility. It is made to always keep you on the move and to rain fire on the enemies. However, while on the move, make sure you do not run in the direction you have fired the rocket.

This article covered almost every necessary information about Acceltra and provided you with some of the best Acceltra builds out there. Now it is your time to create a new Acceltra build and experiment using different mods according to your requirement and gameplay.

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