How to Get the Archwing Launcher

The Archwing Launcher was released specifically for the Plains of Eidolon but now getting that vital piece is now essential for smooth running in Fortuna Bounty or the other similar activities on Orb Vallis.

In earlier days, when one had to craft at least 5 Archwing Launchers for Eidolons’ Plains, it has become easy to craft Archwing Launcher. This is because now it has become an item with enormous quantity.

Archwing Launcher

Few essential things are needed in successfully building the Archwing Launcher. One of them is getting the right amount of fish oil. For getting the right amount of fish oil, you will have to go fishing.

Another important task that you will have to complete is to get the Grokdrul. For getting the Grokdrul, you can keep doing bounties, or you can go roaming around and find some of them.

Archwing Launcher Segment

The first and foremost thing that we will talk about is how we can get the Archwing Launcher Segment. Though it seems a challenging task, there is always an answer to each question.

So, here we will discuss how we can get it. You should be aware of the fact that each thing starts with a blueprint only. First, you will have to collect the required blueprint, and then we can move on.

Archwing Launcher Segment

The first thing you will have to do is run to the Tenno Research Lab and get the required blueprint. Besides, you also should be aware that you can unlock this Lab only if you reach level 5. Another important thing that you should note about the blueprint is that you must be a part of some clan. If you are still playing individually, then it is the right time to get yourself enrolled in some clan.

Once you get the required blueprint, then all you need to do is to follow these steps. You will be needed to head to the Foundry and start crafting it. For crafting, you will be required with 100.000x credits, 1.200x Nexium, 50x Grokdrul, and 50x Iradite. You might face some challenges in collecting this much oxium. Still, you can use any good resource farming group that will help you collect oxium.

Archwing Launcher Building

The next thing that comes is how we can build the Archwing Launcher. For this, you will be needed to complete the segment and then move on to the building part. The Archwing Launcher is easy to build, and you will be needed with 7.500x credits, 600x circuits, 50x Grokdrul, 50x Iradite, and 30x Fish oil.

You will have to go for fishing to collect the required amount of fishing oil. Also, Iradite is easier to find in the game as it is available in batches. So, all you need is to find the right amount of fish oil and Grokdrul, and then you are all set to go. Also, make sure to build the parts correctly as it takes time to build and crafting.

The Archwing Launcher is easy to make if you know the right set of parts and its building procedure. Otherwise, it is a challenging task to do.

The fish oil can be extracted from the Plains of Eidolon fishes. So, to collect the required amount of Fish oil, you will have to go fishing and gather fishes. Once you gathered enough fishes, then you will have to head towards the Fisher Hai-Luk and let him extract the fish oil from them. It usually takes almost half an hour to extract the fish oil, and the Launcher will be getting ready in 30 minutes as well.

Archwing Launcher Building

Once the Launcher is crafted, then you will be ready with the building of the Archwing Launcher. Do not forget to use the Space and Shift for speeding up the Launcher. Before you take off the Launcher, make sure to use the melee attacks for quick launching of the craft. Along with the fish oil, the Grokdrul is equally important to collect. However, it is easier to find Grokdrul than fish oil.


In this guide, we talked about how we can craft our Archwing Launcher from scratch. Though it seems harsh and a heavy task to do, but deep down, the steps that are required in its building are straightforward and can be performed easily.

So, it does not matter if you are a beginner or an experienced player of Warframe. You can still want and go for the building of your own Archwing Launcher.

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