Warframe: Balor Fomorian Event Guide

Almost, every month Warframe brings a new event in the game. Now, this time they gave the players access to the new event called Balor Fomorian event.

The Balor Fomorian Warframe event mainly consists of Archwings mission, so you must be ready for the fight.

Balor Fomorian Event Guide

One of the best reasons behind not skipping is that it awards unique rewards after completing the event. Some of the rewards are 200.000 credits along with an Orokin Catalyst.

In this guide, we will discuss everything about the Fomorian Warframe event guide. We will try to cover all the minor details in the guide to help you while doing this event.

What is a Balor Fomorian Warframe?

What is a Balor Fomorian Warframe

A Balor Fomorian is a mighty ship in the Warframe that can wipe out the entire city at once. The Balor Fomorian has only one goal to destroy all our relays.

That is why it is essential to destroy Balor Fomorian each time. Otherwise, it will result in destroying all the targeting Relays.

How to Get Fomorian Disruptor?

How to Get Fomorian Disruptor

To start this event, firstly, you must equip a Fomorian Disruptor. The blueprint of that Fomorian Disruptor is automatically added to your inventory as soon as the event starts.

But, to run it properly, you must craft it again. It does not take very long to craft the Fomorian Disruptor again.

Some of the primary resources which you will need while crafting the Fomorian Disruptor are:

  • 500 Nano Spores
  • 250 Credits
  • 300 Cryotic
  • 4 Omega Isotopes

Finding Omega Isotopes is very challenging for most players because these are only made for Balor Fomorian Warframe events. To gather these, you must run non-archwing missions on different planets.


Picking the Right Equipment

To win against every enemy face, you must be equipped with the right equipment. You can easily optimize your loadout.

Some of the best loadout ideas are:

  • Itzal: Itzal is the best Archwing weapon as it has a tremendous first skill, which is known as Blink. It allows you to teleport to a short distance, which is not visible by enemies. You can use power until you have emptied your energy pool. This skill also helps drop all enemy targets, which means that the enemies will not attack you. Using this skill, you can travel very fast, which makes this mission very easy.
  • Hyperion Thrusters: Hyperion Thrusters are considered as a core for every archwing mission. In the Balor Fomorian Warframe event, the Hyperion Thrusters are among the most critical skills that lead you to success.
  • Your Best Archwing weapon: It is recommended to use the best version of the weapon you choose. So, to win, you can use any of your maxed-out weapons. It would help if you also blasted stuff as soon as possible.

If you are trapped and want to regenerate health, you can use a gear wheel for emergency health regeneration.

The Balor Fomorian Fight

The Balor Fomorian Fight

If you have understood the game completely, then it is straightforward for you to complete the mission. Firstly, you must fly toward the yellow marker along with your archwing.

It would help if you dodged all the Zeplen and their energy nets. Otherwise, you will be trapped inside it, which eventually results in killing you. That is why it is recommended to use Itxal here to surpass all the enemies nearby quickly.

After reaching near the Balor Fomorian, you must kill two shield generators located on the upper left and upper right. After destroying, the shield generator automatically gets out of its cover, and then you can destroy it.

Destroying the shield generator will result in turning off all the energy shields around the Balor Fomorian. Now, you must fly back to the middle to find the entrance and get into it.

It is tough to find the entrance because it is hidden from the bottom to the middle. After constituting all the allies around, you can use the gear wheel to turn off the energy shield that is surrounding the Fomorian Core Nodes.

Now, you have 30 seconds to destroy all the other 16 nodes, which is not challenging if you are with your allies. You do not have to forget that you can use your Archwing skills inside the Balor Fomorian too.

After destroying all the 16 Nodes, you must fly away from there as fast as possible. It would help if you flew away to a minimum radius distance of 350m.

The Balor Fomorian Fight 2


After accomplishing the mission, the game rewards you with unique items such as 200.000 credits and Orokin Catalyst.

Despite that, you will also receive the Imperator Vandal parts, such as his blueprints, cannon, and receiver.

Final Words

The Balor Fomorian is an enjoyable play event and requires a little game knowledge to complete all its missions efficiently.

You can use your Archwing weapon to minimize all the problems and quickly complete all the missions.

It helps you to get rid of all the enemies, including Zeplens too. The Balor Fomorian Warframe event mostly lasts for three days, but it will be active every month.

So, you do not have to worry if you will not complete all the missions this time.

This is all about the Balor Fomorian Warframe event.

I hope you all liked this article. It is beneficial if you share it once. If you have any questions regarding this guide or find any mistakes related to the topic, you can tell us by commenting below.

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