Meso Relic Farm – A Complete Guide

Though there are many good players who have few Axi relics but yes, we cannot deny that there is an extreme shortage of Meso relics in the game.

Have you ever wondered why there is so much shortage of only this specific farm? Well, the answer lies in each mission.

There is no such mission that will guarantee to drop a meso relic. The mission can drop it, but it does not provide a surety on that.

Also, some tier 2 missions in which the dropping chances of meso relic are almost negligible. So, if you want to go for farming meso relic, then you cannot depend on any mission just for dropping meso relic.

Meso Relic Farm

So, in this guide, we will discuss all the methods that can be helping for you to provide a good amount of meso relic in one go. In this way, you will collect lots of meso relic in a single go and earn the primed weapons and Warframes.

Best Places to Farm Meso Relic

As we have discussed, that meso relic is a rare resource, and it is not dropped in every mission, so it is not easy to find meso relic and collect it in a reasonable amount for farming. So, we will discuss the locations where we can quickly get lots of meso relic without facing many difficulties. There are two prominent locations where we can find a good amount of meso relic in a single go.

Io on Jupiter

The very first location where we can find lots of meso relic is Io on Jupiter. Though there is another location known as Europa, people find the latter relatively problematic and challenging, and therefore we will suggest you go with the first one.

On Jupiter, there are high chances of dropping Hexenon that is required in building many weapons and Wisp Warframe. This is not available on the Europa planet, and this is why it is not that much preferred.

The second and the other important reason for choosing Jupiter over Europa is that the enemies present on Jupiter are off a bit low level, and therefore it is easier to fight them and kill them.

More so, on the Europa, the drop of relics is at the end of the wave, and this makes the mission too long for nothing. So, it is better to skip Europa and join Jupiter to collect the right amount of meso relic.

Io on Jupiter

Now, the most important thing is to take the right Warframe so that you can farm a meso relic. Mag is one of the best choices to be taken for this task. You can take Mag Warframe and choose the Greedy pull build on the map to gain ability strength and kill the enemies in a short period. Other than Mag, you can try to take Saryn for the same. Saryn is relatively faster than Mag and can help you in collecting more amount of meso relic.

Ukko Void on Capture

The next place that will be better for you to go looking for a meso relic is the Ukko void on Capture. However, this mission has a 50% chance of dropping meso relic and a 50% chance of dropping neo relic.

However, it is still better than that mission which does not drop the meso relic at all. So, if you are lucky, then you will get to collect the meso relic in more amount. This mission is far better than those that do not guarantee to drop meso relic.

You can take Volt Warframe with you to help in killing the enemies so that you can hurry up to collect the meso relic. As you know that Volt is a speed Warframe, and you must take it to increase your speed because that is the most important thing.

The enemies are not that vital that you will be needed to take strong abilities warframes, but all you need is to take such Warframes that can provide you good speed.

Another Warframe that you can choose is the Ember Warframe. You might have used the Ember Warframe at some point in your mission. So, now also, you will be using this Ember build to use its World on Fire ability.

Ukko Void on Capture

You can rush towards the target and kill everything that comes in between. In addition, you can also use this Warframe to use its speed mod to kill the enemies.


With this guide, you must have understood that farming meso relic is not that easy, and you will have to look for the right missions that can guarantee that they will drop meso relic in the mission.

Otherwise, it will be too difficult to collect the meso relic in a reasonable amount. So, if you have made up your mind to collect it anyhow, then you should not take any risk and follow the steps that we have mentioned, and it will help you in farming meso relic.

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