Weekly Ayatan Treasure Hunt – A Complete Guide

Ayatan is a Treasure hunt on the planet Mars that gives you an Ayatan Sculpture in reward if succeeded in the mission. The mission is short and does not require potent weapons and strong Warframes, but if you are so eager to get the Ayatan Sculpture in the very first to go, then you can try to bring any strong Warframe or any potent Weapon.

Also, it is not guaranteed which sculpture you will get in the mission, and therefore it is recommended to do the mission every week.

Doing the mission every week is right for you because the Ayatan sculpture is not only for decoration but also it can be socketed with the Cyan Ayatan stars and Amber Ayatan Stars that you can sell to Maroo in exchange for Endo.

Weekly Ayatan Treasure Hunt

The Ayatan mission is relatively faster and finishes off in a few minutes, and therefore the beginners face issues while doing the mission. It is recommended that experienced players should go for this mission. However, beginners can also give it a try.

Finding the Maroo Bazaar

If you have made up your mind to do the mission, you should head towards the Maroo’s Bazaar. For starting the mission, either you can directly jump to Mars and launch the mission, or you can navigate through the alert tab in your Star Chart Navigation and get help from it to get to the right node.

However, if you do not find the Maroo mission in your alert tab, it means you are done for this week, and you will have to wait for the next week.

Finding the Maroo Bazaar

After you get into the Maroo’s bazaar, you will have to move forward to the station and search for Maroo and talk to her. Once you are done with the above steps, you can accept the mission and wait for the count-down.

Once the count-down is over, you will be directed to the Orokin Void tileset or the Orokin Derelict tileset. It does not matter which tileset is used for doing the mission, and the process will be the same for both tile sets.

How to Finish the Treasure Hunt?

Once you enter the mission, then you will have to start the count-down by stepping on a pressure plate that you will find there. Once you step on the pressure plate, then a door will open, and drums will be added in the background.

These drums indicate that you have started the count-down, and the door to the secret treasure hunt will be closed soon if you do not rush towards it. So, the action item on you is to rush through the passage in search of the door.

How to Finish the Treasure Hunt

Get through the door before it closes and then starts looking for the Ayatan sculpture and get some containers that will drop you few rare mods that will be helpful for you in the long run. Generally, the Parkour part needs you to dodge the lasers and jump to the higher points to find the next pressure plate to open the door for you.

Though these rooms seem challenging for beginners because of the different tasks they require to be completed earlier, there is nothing impressive about them. So, even if you do not get it on the first go, then also you can use restart the mission and use the room to check where and how to get there. There are some iterations that you will learn over time, and then you can start doing the mission.

The Best Warframes for the Ayatan Treasure Hunt

Now, we will discuss the Warframes that you can use in the mission for the treasure hunt. The first thing that we will tell you is that you can do the mission with any Warframe because you can ignore the enemies and rush through the mission to get to the secret room.</p

The most important resource you can use here is your jumping skills and the Bullet jumps to get through the door.

You can also use Speed Volt to gain some speed for the long jumps, or you can use this extra speed to save some time in the jumps. The other strong Warframe that you can use here is the Ember.

The Best Warframes for the Ayatan Treasure Hunt

Ember is relatively good in speed, and that is why you can make use of it for the treasure hunt. Wisp and Equinox are also good choices for the crowd control ability and will allow you to ignore the enemies.


Though you can bring any Warframe for the treasure hunt, we recommend taking those who have high-speed mod or ability. It will allow you to rush through the passage and get to the secret room.

However, you are free to pick any Warframe of your choice to bring, and it will be alright as the mission does not require substantial mods and abilities.

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