Mirage Build – Everything You Must Know

Unveiled in Update 14.0 in 2014, Mirage is the Master of illusion. She can manipulate the visible spectrum to dazzle her enemies and confounding them in a pageant of style.

With the mirror images, she can bewilder her foes and devastate them with the laser in style. Mirage is also hard to detect in the dark, making it the right choice for stealth gameplay.

Mirage is a versatile Warframe allowing experimentation with different builds, easy to use in all kinds of missions, has decent armor and is easy to farm. The iconic part is the sprint speed which is third-highest among all.

Mirage Prime Builds Guide

The illusions she creates and the photokinetic displays make her a delight to watch and fun to play with. However, there are some downsides, and the major is the lowest health pool and low shields, and she cannot compete with other DPS Warframes.

How to acquire Mirage Warframe?

The main blueprint can be purchased from the market and completing the Hidden Messages quest will keep giving the component blueprints. But you need to keep building the current builds to obtain the next component blueprints.

Abilities of Mirage Warframe:

  1. Hall of Mirrors – Using the ability, she accompanies herself with her reflections which confuses the enemies.
  2. Sleight of Hands – She creates traps for the enemies and they get trapped in them helplessly.
  3. Eclipse – She can deceive the enemies and attack them hard but using this ability she can cast dark shadows and becomes difficult to track and cannot be harmed easily.
  4. Prism – Mirage summons prisms that shoot lasers in all directions. When the prisms explode they blind the nearby enemies.

Mirage Builds:

The master of magic is not only spectacular to watch but can deal with the heat of most of the mission levels. Take a look at the following Mirage builds that are quite popular. Also, pay attention to the different modes using which you can create your custom builds.

Mirage Prime Umbra Build

Mirage Prime Umbra Build

The Mirage Prime Umbra build has the highest shield and health capacity. This is why you do not need to use any such mod here that is providing you the health and shield capacity. As the sprint speed of this build is relatively low, you can use the Umbral Intensify mod and the Umbral vitality mod together to increase the strength and speed. Redirection is another important mod that can be used for gaining control over shield capacity.

The most important mod that you can use here is the Steel charge because that will be providing you damage against the melee weapons. This build has an excellent armor reduction, and this is why you can use the Narrow-minded mod to gain the ability duration and increased armor. The power drift mod can also be used to increase the chances of resisting the knockdowns.

Mirage Prime Prism Build

Mirage Prime Prism Build

The Prism build does not use the Fleeting Expertise or Energy Siphon. Still, in place of these mods, you can use the Vitality and Redirection mods to increase the ability strength and ability efficiency. In this build, the sprint speed is low, but it can be balanced with a range provided here. To let your Prism going, all you need is to use the Blind range and the Constitution ability that will be allowing you to gain control over ability efficiency and ability strength.

This build is easier to survive, but you will have to keep your energizing dash activated so that you can use the right conversion with the help of energy conversion at the right time. Along with that, you do not need to use heavy spam as this build is already equipped with defense, interception and adaptation.

Mirage – Hall of Mirros Build

Mirage Prime Hall Of Mirrors Build

This is the most crucial build of Mirage as you can use all of your abilities together in this build. Ability strength will increase the clone damage, and the long duration will be providing you small energy pool. In this build, you would not feel the use of an Energy Siphon, but it is essential to always have enough energy so that you can produce your hall of mirrors.

If you think that you would not be facing any energy problems, then you can go with the Corrosive Projection. Augur Message is equally essential for you to be used for keeping you alive throughout the mission.


By now, you must have known that Mirage is a difficult and a deadly Warframe and it has many such abilities that can make you fall into a trap and therefore, it has become so popular in quite few days.

Using Mirage is very easy if you are experienced enough but for the beginners, we will recommend to first know about the builds and the mods that it has to offer and then only you should switch to take Mirage in the mission.

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