How to Get Harrow – A Complete Guide

Every player thinks to get the Harrow for the mission. Harrow is a dark priest and clever Warframe to be used commonly, but it has specific abilities that players admire, and that is why everyone wants to get it on their list.

However, getting the Harrow of your own is way too complicated if you are a beginner, but once you gain some experience, it will be easier for you to get it.

How To Get Harrow Guide

Now, we will discuss how we can get our own Harrow by farming, as purchasing the blueprints is not an option because they are costly and cannot be afforded by everyone. So, it is better that you farm it on your own. Harrow is also a Pope Frame because of its helmet over its head, and he is supported by many players because of his fast speed and abilities that it possesses.

How to Get Harrow’s Blueprints?

Before getting started to farm the Harrow blueprints, you will be required to play the Chains of Harrow to get the required resources handy. Once you play the Chains of Harrow and finish it, then you will get the primary blueprints from the Quest, and then you can start farming the Harrow. For farming Harrow, every component will be found in different missions, so be ready to play a lot of missions.

The first and foremost component of Harrow is the Harrow System. So, let us look at how we can farm the harrow System blueprint. For the Harrow System blueprint, you will have to get it from the Defection mission.

The locations where you can find the Harrow System blueprint are Caracol on Saturn, where the chances are 11.28%, Yursa on Neptune, where the chances are 11.28%, and Memphis on Phobos, where the chances are 7.52%.

Chains of Harrow

To get the Harrow Chassis, you will have to get through the Void Fissure mission. Here, you will have to kill the enemies and then get the required blueprint drops. For the Harrow Neuroptics, you will find it from the Grineer Fortress Spy, where the chances of dropping blueprint are almost 11.28%.

How to Craft Resources?

Let us discuss how we can craft the resources after getting the required blueprints. As we know that the chains of Harrow have provided us the required blueprints, now we need to craft the resources so that we can start farming.

We will have to concentrate on the number of resources that are needed so that you do not lose on farming it. So, before going farming, you should be prepared thoroughly.

For the Harrow Neuroptics, you will be needed 15000x credits, 5x Neural Sensors, 4000x Polymer Bundles, 1500x Rubedo, 2000x Plastids. To craft the Harrow Systems, you will be needed with 15000x credits, 15x control module, 1000x Cryotic, 2500x circuit, 25000x Ferrite, and Harrow Chassis, 15000x credits, 25000x Salvage, 800x oxium that is expensive, and 20000x Alloy Plate.

Locations to Farm Resources

Though there are plenty of planets where you will be able to farm the resources, you cannot farm each resource on a single planet. Also, every resource is found on some other planet, and thus you will be prepared thoroughly so that you can get the required resource on time.

The most common locations of the Alloy Plate are Jupiter, Ceres, Sedna, Pluto, and Phobos. For the Polymer bundle, the required locations are Mercury, Venus, and Uranus. For Ferrite, the locations are Mercury, Earth, Neptune, Orokin Void, and for Salvage, the locations are Mars, Jupiter, and Sedna. Now comes the unique resources, and here are the locations that will be perfect for farming Rubedo, Earth, Pluto, Sedna, Europa, Phobos, and Void.

Farming Harrow’s components

Though there are many Warframes that can be helpful for you in order to get through these different kinds of missions, you cannot use all of them in each mission. Mainly, you can use the Nova, Mesa, and the Volt Warframe as they will provide you specific abilities of fast sprint speed, ability strength, and ability efficiency.

Also, you can use the Loki Warframe for its invisibility mod if you want but it is not necessary as in these missions, and you will not find any such strong target for which you will need these strong Warframes. You can go alone as well, but it will be better if you use potent weapons.


Harrow is a deadly Warframe, which is why it is relatively challenging to get Harrow on your own. Though there are many resources through which we can farm our components and get our own Harrow, that is not easy.

For collecting the resources, you will have to go through each planet and look for the required resources. Once you get the required resources, then only you will be able to farm Harrow on your own.

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