Everything You Need to Know About Oberon Build

Oberon is one of the most popular Warframe because of its unique ability to heal and strike. It has excellent armor, shield and always remains high on energy. Oberon is known for its healing ability as it can provide great healing to the damage done to you. It is one of the most dangerous builds because it can protect you from getting killed. This makes Oberon a great Warframe.

Oberon is a silent but deadly Warframe. It does not seem deadly, but it has got deadly ability to knock the enemies off in seconds. Along with its abilities, if you combine other abilities like Energy Siphon and Rejuvenation, it will add-on to its ability of strength and energy. It would be difficult for the enemies to kill you if you have got Oberon.

Abilities of Oberon Build

Abilities of Oberon Build

Oberon has got four unique abilities that will knock the enemies off in seconds. These are the primary abilities of Oberon that are famous. Because of these abilities, Oberon has made its name in the world of Warframes. We will be discussing each of its abilities one by one, and we will also learn how these abilities are used against our enemies.

  1. Smite – The first, and the superior ability of Oberon build is none other than Smite. This ability of Oberon is one of the essential abilities as it can project a dead ball of energy to the opponent.
  2. Hallowed Ground – This is the second ability of Oberon build that is famous for its nature of inflicting damage to the enemies that are standing within its flame.
  3. Renewal – This is the third ability of Oberon that is famous for healing waves of energy from Oberon to its allies. It heals more damage and reproduces the energy from the enemies to its allies.
  4. Reckoning – This is the last but most special ability of Oberon that can quickly lift the enemy in the air and then hurl them down and succumb their energy.

The Reckoning ability of the Oberon build is one of the most dangerous abilities. It is mainly used in higher-level missions where it is challenging to tackle the enemies. However, you can also use it in any mission if you use the right set of abilities along with it. You must know that Oberon is good in armor, shield, and energy. It can be used in augmented mods as well.

Healing Renewal Build

Healing Renewal Build

The Healing Renewal build specially for you to survive till the end. Since the Oberon build is a pretty tough Warframe, so it is relatively tricky for beginners to survive till the last. However, if they know Oberon’s critical points and the point of focus, they can easily survive till the end.

For this, you must be aware of the different builds that you can sue in here. Arbitrations, Sorties, Hunter Adrenaline, and Rejuvenation are significant builds that you should be aware of.

Along with these builds, if you are using the Quick Thinking, Energy Siphon, and Phoenix Renewal, it will be impossible to kill you until you are worse. So, to survive, you can use these builds in the mission to help you survive.

The Smite Build

The Smite Build

The smite build the first ability of Oberon build that is usually caught as a casual build. However, it is not that casual as you might think. In this build, you will have to focus on two things, strength and range. Once you get a hold of these two abilities, it will be easier to survive the mission.

You can also use the Primed Flow, Fleeting Expertise, and Umbral Intensify in the mission. If you are using the Umbral Intensify then, you will have more chance of surviving. It will provide more healing against the damage.

The Ground heal build can also be used along with Primed Flow Streamline. However, we will suggest you go with the Primed Flow as it will damage the enemies and transfer the health to your allies.


In this guide, we have discussed almost everything about the Oberon build and how this build will help you in the long run. All you need to do is learn about the different abilities and focus on the areas that will help win the battle.

Once you start doing well using the different abilities at the right time, it will be easier for you to get through the mission and earn the rewards.

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