A Complete Guide on How to Get Mesa

Are you looking for one of the strongest Warframe in the mission? Well, if you are looking for the same, then you must try the Mesa Warframe.

You must have heard its name in the game many times, but if you have not used it till now, then you are missing a lot of things to act upon.

It has an in-built aimbot, and it can quickly slow down the enemies no matter on which level they are.


As Mesa is one of the strongest DPS Warframe, it can quickly kill the enemies on any level, and, it can deal with many assassination targets in a single go.

It can help you in any mission no matter how hard the mission is as Mesa itself is one of the strongest DPS Warframe, and it can tackle any enemy. In this guide, we will be talking about how we can get Mesa in the mission.

How to Get Mesa?

As of now, you know that Mesa is one of the strongest Warframe and any level of player wants to have it in the mission. So, if you are thinking of getting it as soon as possible, then you are right.

However, getting Mesa in the mission is not that easy. Though the blueprints of the parts of Warframe are dropped from assassination target, the beginners will still find it challenging to get Mesa independently.

How to Get Mesa

The first and the foremost thing is to get Mesa is to make your way to get Eris and remember that you cannot directly jump in an assassination mission. So, getting Mesa is not at all accessible for a beginner.

However, once you get enough experience, then you will be able to get it on your own. This guide will thoroughly be helping you in describing facts about Mesa and how we can get it on our own.

Mesa Blueprints

As you know that farming a Warframe means farming every part of it. Each part has its separate blueprint that you need to collect, and once you collect every blueprint, only you will be able to farm Mesa.

Three main blueprints are needed, namely, Chassis blueprint, Neuroptics blueprint, and Systems blueprint. The drop chances of the first two blueprints are somewhere around 38.72%, and for the last one, it is somewhere around 22.56%.

More so, there are few common and few unique resources that you might find in different locations to collect all of them together and farm Mesa. Alloy Plates and Nano Spores have shared resources found on Venus, Neptune, Saturn, Eris, Pluto, and Phobos.

Along with this, Polymer Bundle, Plastids, and Oxium are unique resources that can be found Saturn, Venus, Uranus as well as on Mercury.

What to Pick for Fight?

Though theoretically, every weapon has a good chance of combat with the Mutalist Alad V. However, we will strongly recommend that you go with either a good bow or some potent weapons because Mutalist Alad V has a great chance of knocking you off the mission.

Although Shotguns are good to use, you will have to be present very near to the enemy to use shotguns, and there are high chances that you might get shot before you shoot them.

Also, we would not recommend using any rifles or snipers because it is relatively difficult to kill the boss using weapons. You should take a strong Warframe in the mission and let it do the job for you.

What to Pick for Fight

You can choose Loki for its invisibility mod, Khora and Ivara for their Tankiness, and Rhino and Inaros for their ability strength and ability range. These Warframes will be helping you in killing the boss.

Mutualist Alad V

Here comes the most important topic, how we can kill the Mutalist Alad V. To kill the Mutalist Alad V, the very first thing is to get the basic knowledge about Mutalist and what are the weaknesses that it possesses and how we can make use of them.

If you are playing with a team, then you can use only one key for farming. Once you get into the mission, then you will have to ignore the enemies and rush to start the fight with the boss.

Mutualist Alad V

So, now we will be talking about how we can fight with the Mutalist Alad V. Soon, as you start the mission, you will find that Mutalist Alad V is invulnerable, and you will find no way to provide damage to him.

So, at this time of the mission, it is better that you stay silent or idle. It will be better if you wait till the Mutalist takes off his collar. During this time, you can do as much damage as possible till he takes his collar back.


Although Mesa is a strong Warframe and every player wants to have it in the initial phase of the game itself, but somehow it is not that easy and practical. To get Mesa, you will have to grind yourself to get the keys through which you can fight the boss.

Once you get much experience of fighting with the boss, then it will be easier for you to get Mesa on your own.

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