Oberon Prime, a powerful Warframe, is making a big return with some exciting new ways to become excellent in Warframe. If you’re a fan of Oberon Prime or just starting, then we’ll show you the best Oberon Prime build to help you succeed in missions and defeat your enemies.

Oberon Prime is known for his well-rounded abilities, which make him a versatile choice for players.

The top Oberon builds will unlock his full potential by using his abilities and mods to create a super-strong Warframe. We’ll explain each build in detail, talk about the major mods you’ll need, and tell you how to play Oberon Prime effectively in different game modes.

If you’re playing alone or with a team, these builds will help you adapt and succeed in any situation. So, let’s check the best of Oberon Prime builds.


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    Oberon has always been known as the Jack of all trades, but his main issue was never being good enough at any of them to really stand out.
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    Tanking with regen instead of raw HP or Shield is an unusual but effective method in Warframe.
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    This Oberon build has armor boatloads of it, raw damage reduction, and quick thinking to use energy bar as health, making it a unique tanking method.
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    Arcane Guardian provides over half of the armor for Oberon’s tanking setup, making it extremely easy to activate and essential for survival.

How to Get Oberon Prime?

How to Get Oberon Prime.jpg

Getting Oberon Prime build, a more powerful version of the Paladin Warframe Oberon involves a few steps. First, you’ll need to find his blueprints, which can be obtained in Orokin Derelict Defense missions, also called Vault runs. To access these missions, you must get Orokin Derelict Keys, which can be made in your Foundry.

Once you have the blueprints, gather the required resources, such as Argon Crystals, Orokin Cells, and other materials. After gathering everything, you can start crafting Oberon Prime in your Orbiter’s Foundry. Remember that Oberon Prime’s availability may change over time, so check if he’s currently accessible in the Prime Vault.

The Best Oberon Prime Builds

The Best Oberon Prime Builds.jpg

1. Oberon Prime Healing Renewal Build

This build is all about making Oberon Prime the best healer. Oberon’s special skill, Renewal, is great at healing him and his teammate bit by bit over time. To make this healing even better, you can use mods.

These mods make Renewal heal more and cost less energy to use. Also, there’s a mod that makes Renewal use even less energy. When you combine all this, Oberon Prime build a fantastic Warframe for helping your team stay healthy during challenging missions.

2. Oberon Prime Smite Build

If you like to hurt your enemies while helping your team, then the Oberon Prime Smite Build is perfect for you. Oberon’s Smite power can be tough if you tweak it just right. By adding mods, you can make Smite hit harder and strip away enemy armor.

This makes it great for dealing with all sorts of bad guys. Smite can even hit multiple enemies, helping to control crowds. So, with this build, Oberon Prime build becomes a Warframe that can do a bit of everything; it can dish out damage and support the team.

3. Oberon Prime Augmented Reckoning Build

The Augmented Reckoning Build is all about making Oberon Prime’s Reckoning power stronger. When you use Reckoning, it hurts opponents and makes Health Orbs drop when they get defeated.

If you equip Oberon Prime with specific mods, you can make Reckoning do even more damage and create more Health Orbs. This build is great for players who want Oberon Prime to heal the team reliably and also deal big damage to enemies.

4. Hallowed Ground Heal Build

Oberon Prime’s Hallowed Ground ability makes a safe area that heals and protects from bad effects. To make it work even better, use the Hallowed Ground Heal Build. Equip mods to make the healing area bigger and last longer. This way, your team can fight safely in this healing zone. Also, add a Mod to give extra armor to your friends on Hallowed Ground, making them tougher in battles.

Oberon Prime Blueprint

Oberon Prime Blueprint

1. Oberon Prime Neuroptics

The Oberon Prime Neuroptics is the brain of the Warframe. It’s super important because it defines the headgear and brain parts of Oberon Prime build. Getting it shows up as a reward in Orokin Void Relic missions. The fancy design of the Neuroptics shows how Oberon Prime is all about balancing power and healing.

2. Oberon Prime Chassis

The Oberon Prime Chassis is the tough base of Oberon Prime. It decides how Oberon Prime’s body looks and how tough it is. To get this blueprint, players need to go on missions in a place called the Orokin Void and hope to find it as a reward. The Chassis shows how tough Oberon Prime is, which is why many players like to use him for both solo and team missions.

3. Oberon Prime System

The Oberon Prime Systems blueprints make Oberon Prime’s magical abilities come to life. These blueprints control the special powers and energy tricks that make Warframe unique. Just like the Chassis, you can get the Systems blueprint by completing missions in the Orokin Void Relic. This blueprint holds the secrets of Oberon Prime’s healing and crowd-control abilities.

4. Orokin cell

To make Oberon Prime build in Warframe, you’ll need Orokin Cells. These cells are super important for crafting materials in the game because they show how advanced the Orokin were. You can find them on different planets and missions. Collect Orokin Cells carefully because you’ll need them for crafting many things, not just Oberon Prime.

Oberon’s Abilities

Oberon’s Abilities

1. Smite

Oberon’s first power, Smite, fires a bright projectile that hunts down enemies and smacks them angrily. When it hits, it hurts the target and shoots out more projectiles that go after nearby foes, spreading the holy rage around. Smite can do two important things: it can control crowds and deal damage. It works well when there are a bunch of enemies, making it a great choice for Oberon’s offense.

2. Hallowed Ground

Hallowed Ground is Oberon’s second ability and a key support skill. When he uses it, he makes an area on the ground that helps his friends and hurts his enemies. If you stand on this ground, you and your teammate can’t get hurt by bad effects, which is really helpful to stop things that make you weaker. But if you’re an enemy, you’ll get hurt over time and can’t make Oberon or his teammates weaker with bad effects when you’re in this area. Hallowed Ground isn’t just a safe place; it’s also useful for changing how the battle goes.

3. Renewal

Oberon’s third ability, Renewal, shows he’s a supportive frame. When you use it, Renewal sends healing energy to Oberon and friends nearby, making them healthier slowly. It doesn’t just heal; it also gets rid of bad effects on teammates. This skill is super important for Oberon as a team player. It helps the squad stay alive and healthy in tough fights. If Oberon uses the right mods and manages energy well, he can keep Renewal going for a long time, being a real source of hope for the team.

4. Reckoning

Oberon’s most powerful move, called Reckoning, releases a big attack that hits a bunch of enemies at once and messes up their ability to fight back. When Oberon does this move, he slams the ground, hurting the enemies nearby and making it hard for them to see for a little while. Sometimes, when he does this move, it might drop these health orbs that help keep Oberon and his friends healthy. Reckoning is a really flexible move because it can hurt enemies and mess up their plans, which makes it useful in lots of different fights.

Popular Oberon Prime Mods

Popular Oberon Prime Mods.jpeg

1. Primed Continuity

Primed Continuity is an important upgrade for Oberon Prime build in Warframe. It does something very important: it makes your powers last longer. This is super helpful for Oberon’s Renewal skill because it keeps healing you and your team going for a longer time. So, with Primed Continuity, you can be sure that your healing power stays on for a much longer time. This makes it much easier to survive in tough fights. Basically, this upgrade can really make a big difference in a mission by helping your team stay alive for a longer time.

2. Umbral Intensify

Umbral Intensify is a mod that’s part of the Umbral set, which is famous for making your Warframe powerful at a small cost to its mod capacity. This mod gives a big boost to the power of Oberon Prime’s abilities. With Umbral Intensify, Renewal heals you better, Smite deals more damage, and Hallowed Ground’s armor boost is stronger.

If you want to make a really tough Oberon Prime build setup, Umbral Intensify is a must-have. It helps you handle tougher enemies and difficult missions without breaking a sweat.

3. Power Drift

Power Drift is a Warframe mod that does two cool things. First, it makes your Warframe’s special abilities stronger. For Oberon Prime, this means he can heal better and deal more damage.

Second, it helps your Warframe move better and be more agile in fights. So, if you like playing as Oberon Prime build, this mod can make him even better at supporting the team, depending on how you like to play. It lets you move around more easily when things get intense in battle.

4. Primed Flow

Primed Flow is an essential upgrade for Warframes that depend on their energy to use their powers. It’s perfect for Oberon Prime because it boosts his energy capacity. With this mod, you can use Oberon Prime’s abilities more often and for longer periods.

This is super useful for his healing and damage-dealing powers like Renewal and Smite. Primed Flow is what keeps Oberon Prime going powerful in tough missions and against strong enemies.

5. Hunter Adrenaline

Hunter Adrenaline is a super useful mod. It gives you energy when you get hurt in the game. This is really great for Oberon Prime when he’s in the middle of a big fight. Oberon Prime build is usually on the front lines, helping the team.

With Hunter Adrenaline, every time you get hit, it not only makes you tougher but also keeps your energy up so you can use your special moves all the time. It works really well with Oberon’s Renewal power, so you can heal and protect your team without ever running out of energy.

6. Phoenix Renewal

Phoenix Renewal is a special upgrade for Oberon’s Renewal power. It does something cool: when a teammate on your team gets knocked out, this upgrade steps in and quickly heals them while making them temporarily too powerful.

This can save them from going down for good. Phoenix Renewal is still a super helpful addition to Oberon Prime’s abilities.

It’s a safety net for your squad in tough situations where you don’t have many chances to revive teammates. So, it makes Oberon Prime build a must-have teammate for missions with limited revival chances.


Selecting the right Oberon Prime build is essential to boost your Warframe’s strength and adaptability. We’ve checked various builds, each designed for different situations.

If you prefer a healing Oberon or a well-rounded support frame, there’s a suitable build for you. Keep in mind your playstyle and the types of missions you enjoy when making your choice.

Experiment with different mods and weapons to find the ideal combination for your needs. Also, remember to form your Oberon Prime build to provide the mods you want to use.

Oberon Prime is a versatile Warframe, excelling in numerous roles. By using the right build, you can make the most out of this powerful frame in 2023 and beyond.

Stay informed about the Warframe updates, as the game may receive changes that impact Oberon Prime’s performance. With practice, you’ll become a pro in the Warframe.

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