Complete guide to Boltor Prime Builds in Warframe

Boltor is an unconventional rifle that fires bolts projectile instead of bullets. It deals Puncture damage, i.e., damage against the armor. It is not an easy-to-use weapon because you need to take care of the enemyโ€™s movement, distance, projectile drift, and travel time of the projectile while aiming.

You can easily miss your target if your calculation was not accurate. Boltor can be used effectively in close to mid-range combat rather than in the long-range.

Boltor has its primed variant known as Boltor Prime. Like any other prime variant, Boltor Prime also has some advantages. It possesses higher Puncture and Impact damage, has better Critical Chance, Status Chance, and Multiplier, improved fire rate, accuracy, and reload speed.

This article discusses Boltor Prime in detail, the different mods, popular Boltor Prime builds, and how to acquire the rifle.


  • ๐ŸŽฎ The weapon guide takes a new player-friendly tone, making it accessible for all Warframe players.
  • ๐Ÿ” Should you still go for a headshot with Boltor Prime, even though it’s not a dedicated critical weapon? The answer is 100% yes, you still get bonus damage.
  • ๐Ÿ”ง The addition of corrosive damage mods like Malignant Force and high voltage enhances the effectiveness of the Boltor Prime build against enemies with ferrite armor.
  • ๐ŸŽฏ The weapon’s ability to send enemies flying and spike them to a wall with a headshot adds a unique and satisfying element to its gameplay.
  • ๐Ÿ”ฅ
    Galvanized aptitude helps the weapon deal more damage with more statuses, making it a fantastic choice for the build.
  • ๐Ÿ’ฅ
    The Boltor Prime can easily dispatch enemies on the steel path, making it a stylish and effective choice for players.
  • ๐ŸŒ€
    Arcane Avenger and Kavat buff can significantly boost critical damage for the Boltor Prime, making them essential for maximizing its potential.
  • ๐Ÿ”ซ
    The Boltor Prime can deliver a whopping 180,000 damage in a single shot, making it more than respectable in Warframe.

Advantages of Boltor Prime:

  • High base damage
  • High Puncture damage โ€“ impacts the armor
  • Very good Status Chance
  • Fair Critical Chance
  • Low recoil providing higher accuracy
  • Two Polarities โ€“ Better customization

Disadvantages of Boltor Prime:

  • No Slash damage, Impact damage is very less.
  • Fire rate a bit on the slower side
  • Slower to reload
  • Ammo economy not up to the mark
  • Travel time of Projectiles may result in target miss

How to acquire Boltor Prime?

The primary blueprint and the components of Boltor Prime can be obtained from different void relics.

  • The blueprint can be obtained from Lith B4 and Neo B3.
  • The barrel can be obtained from Meso N1 and Meso N6.
  • The receiver can be obtained from Lith B1 and Neo R1.
  • The Stock can be obtained from Axi R1 and Axi S3.

You will require 15000 credits, 1 Barrel, 1 Receiver, 1 Stock, and 10 Orokin cells are needed to manufacture Boltor Prime build. Typically, it takes 12 hours to manufacture, but you can rush it by spending 50 Platinum.

Top Boltor Prime Builds in Warframe:

Let us look at the popular mods that can be used with Boltor Prime to create some of the coolest Boltor Prime Builds. The presence of two different polarities โ€“ Madurai and Vazarin is an added advantage for mods selection. It also has a Norman Exilus Polarity giving you the flexibility to attach some extra mods.

Serration โ€“ You can use it to increase the damage dealt from +15% to +165%. As there are chances of missing targets, you can make sure to deal maximum damage when the bolts hit the target. Heavy Calliber is also an option but it takes away the acuuracy.

Point Strike โ€“ Try out this mod if you want to improve the Critical Chance. It increases the Critical Chance from +25% to +150%.

Rime Rounds โ€“ You can use this mod to create Viral or Magnetic damage and take advantage of additional Status as well.

Shred or Metal Auger โ€“ Use these mods in addition of Boltorโ€™s knockback ability to create a deadly combo. These mods will punch through enemies and the Knockdown will pull back any dead enemy in the line to deal additional damage.

Also, note that none of the Slash damage mods like Sawtooth Clip and Fanged Fusillade will have any impact on this weapon.

Boltor Prime โ€“ The Standard Build

Boltor Prime โ€“ The Standard Build

The very first build that we will talk about is the Boltor Prime Build. The build has a pretty good accuracy rate and a pretty decent reloading speed. Since the build is too much focused on the Multishot, the significant mods that can be used here will be the Vigilante Armament and the Vile Acceleration. These two elemental mods are enough to get you through the mission. However, if you think that you should take some damage mod also, then you can go with the Serration mod.

The Hellfire and the Thermite Rounds mod will also be useful in increasing heat and increasing status chances, and thus they can be used in the build. The Prime Round will not be that effective.

Boltor Prime โ€“ Viral Status

Boltor Prime โ€“ Viral Status

The next mod that we will talk about is the Viral Status build. In this build, the Hammer Shot and the Metal Auger will be the significant two mods that can be used. The Viral Sense and Malignant Force are also the right combination for status chance and boosted toxin.

Also, the Infected Clip and Rime Rounds are also good for the toxin. As you know that you will automatically lose a fair amount of ammo count, you should try that you do not spam many bullets at once.

You can use Critical Delay and Heavy Caliber mods as they will be helping you in slowing down the weapon that you are carrying. You will have to make sure that you do not use any such mod that is boosting the fire rate of your weapon.


Boltor Prime might sound very fancy, but indeed, it is difficult to use the weapon. The projectiles take travel time during which your target can switch places. However, it may be effective till mid-range, and equipping it with the right mods to increase the damage can be useful.

This guide provides you with all the useful details to create an efficient Boltor Prime build to indulge in a new kind of battle.

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