How To Farm Goblite Tears in Warframe

Warframe is a game that has many things within it. One such thing is Goblite Tears. But how do you get them? It is a common question. There are many ways by which you can do that.

And we are going to discuss about all those ways. You should have an idea of how to do that. This game is a type of game where you have to collect items to make further progress in the game.

Some games have this kind of concept, where you collect something, and then you’re awarded with something else. Warframe is that type of game. But you don’t get them so easily.

There are certain steps that you have to perform very perfectly. Then you get Goblites. We’ve so many steps and ways that will help you to get the most out of Goblite.

So, let’s see what are those tips which will help you to farm Goblite tears.

Understanding Goblite Tear in Warframe

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Goblite Tears have an important role in the crafting system of Warframe. These tears are not just any resource; rather, they work as the foundation for creating several significant in-game items. One of the best uses of Goblite Tears lies in fabricating K-Drives, popularly known as hoverboards.

These amazing and flexible devices are more than mere vehicles; they become an important part of the player’s mobility across the amazing maps of Warframe. With Goblite Tear as a useful component, crafting K-Drives becomes an easy task and makes it so easy for you.

Also, Goblite Tears are important in constructing the awesome Bonewidow Necramech. This colossal combat machine stands as proof of the technological things within the Warframe universe.

The Bonewidow Necramech is not only a symbol of power but also a highly effective asset in intense battles. Goblite Tear, as an elemental ingredient, highlights the importance of this resource in arming players with amazing weapons.

Getting the Goblite Tear Blueprint

Understanding Goblite Tear in Warframe

The process of crafting Goblite Tear starts with obtaining a unique blueprint. This blueprint, a detailed schematic outlining the construction process, is made available through a character named Smokefinger. Found within the amazing house of Fortuna, Smokefinger acts as the gateway to this valuable crafting thing.

However, accessing this blueprint depends on the main character’s reputation within the Solaris United faction. Achieving the honored rank of Outworlder unlocks the Goblite Tear blueprint in the game.

This rank, proof of the player’s contributions and dedication, shows you are ready to achieve more extra levels within the game. While the blueprint offers an invaluable opportunity, it does come at a cost.

Acquiring the Goblite Tear blueprint needs an expenditure of 2,000 standing points, the currency recognized within the Solaris United community. This investment represents a dedication, reflecting the value placed upon Goblite Tears in the Warframe universe.

Meeting Smokefinger in Fortuna

Meeting Smokefinger in Fortuna

In the city of Fortuna on Venus, in the noise of machines and lots of activity, you’ll meet Smokefinger. He’s a special expert in mining, especially for finding goblite tears in Warframe.

When you arrive in Fortuna, you’ll easily notice him. He’s friendly and knows a lot about the hidden treasures underground. If you need help with goblite tears, Smokefinger is the person to talk to.

Fortuna is an incredible place under the surface of Venus. It’s like a big town with many shops and groups all trying to get your attention. And in this lively city, Smokefinger really shines as a mining expert.

He knows everything about how to find valuable things underground. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to mining or have been doing it for a while; Smokefinger is ready to help you find goblite tears.

Unlocking Blueprint at Outworlder Rank

Unlocking Blueprint at Outworlder Rank

Becoming an Outworlder in Solaris United is a big achievement. It means that the Fortuna community trusts and respects you a lot. As an Outworlder, you get special access to things that others don’t have.

One of these special things is the Goblite Tears blueprint. This blueprint helps you make a valuable resource. It shows how much Solaris United believes in Outworlders like you. To become an Outworlder, you need to work hard and be dedicated.

You have to help the community in different ways and really understand how Fortuna works. This achievement is not just an honor; it also helps you get better at Warframe.

Unlocking the blueprint also unlocks many other features that can help you to enjoy the game even more. These blueprints are one of the main components that you will want to have in the game so that you can get Goblite tear easily.

Blueprint Cost and Standing Points

Blueprint Cost and Standing Points

Getting the Goblite Tears blueprint is like making an important choice. It’s special in a few ways. You’ll need to use up 2,000 Standing, which is like a score that shows how much the Solaris United group trusts you.

It’s a way of saying they believe in you and appreciate what you’ve done. You earn Standing points by doing different things like finishing tasks and helping out in Fortuna.

You can also get them by joining in on group missions. The more Standing points you get, the more you can do. You’ll unlock cool stuff, like the Goblite Tear blueprint, and you’ll also move up in the group.

This means you’ll have access to even more missions and rewards. If you are dedicated to the game, then you can get Goblite tear in so many ways, and it is a good thing.

Earning Standing through Mining

Earning Standing through Mining

Mining in Warframe is like treasure hunting in space. You use a special tool called the Sunpoint Plasma Drill to dig out important stuff from different planets. To get this tool, you talk to a person named Smokefinger in Fortuna.

With the drill, you can go to the planets and find valuable minerals like Amarast and Goblite. These minerals are those special points that show how much you’ve helped Solaris United.

They’re similar to the little pieces of the planet that you collect. Let’s talk about Goblite Tear. They’re extra special. When you find Goblite Tear, it is the same as a bonus thing. They’re like super valuable gems that give you even more points with Solaris United.

So, when you go mining in Warframe, remember to have the proper focus for Goblite Tears. They’ll make your mining adventure even more exciting and rewarding.

Resources for Crafting Goblite Tear

Resources for Crafting Goblite Tear

Crafting Goblite Tear requires specific resources that can be obtained through mining activities on Orb Vallis. The primary resources you’ll need are Goblite and Esher Devar.

These minerals are essential components in the crafting process. However, it’s important to note that acquiring these resources is contingent upon having sufficient Standing with Solaris United.

This means that you’ll need to establish a level of trust and reputation within the faction before you can trade for these valuable materials. It’s a system designed to ensure that those who contribute to the faction are rewarded with the resources necessary for crafting Goblite Tears.

You should have the proper idea about all the important resources, and then there will be no problem in crafting Goblite tears.

Simple Steps for Crafting Goblite Tears

Simple Steps for Crafting Goblite Tears

Crafting Goblite Tear involves a series of simple steps that, when followed correctly, yield the desired result. Firstly, ensure that you possess the blueprint for Goblite Tear, which can also be obtained from Smokefinger in Fortuna.

Next, gather the important resources – namely, Goblite and Esher Devar – that were acquired through the mining process that you’ve performed. Once you have all the necessary components, make your way to Fortuna.

Here, you’ll find a dedicated crafting station known as the Foundry. Use this facility to assemble the Goblite Tears. It is similar to following a recipe, combining the gathered resources to create something special and valuable within the Warframe universe.

The more Standing you have, the greater your access to the resources needed for crafting. So, by continuing your mining efforts and contributing to the faction, you’ll be well-equipped to have the Goblite tear in large quantities.

Finding Goblite for Resources

Finding Goblite for Resources

Goblite is a precious resource in Warframe, similar to finding a helpful resource in a large area. To start this process, players need to set their sights on Orb Vallis, a frigid expanse that conceals the coveted Goblite. It’s a chilly terrain, so ensure you’re well-prepared for the cold.

Caves and rocky outcrops are the favored hiding spots of Goblite, presenting an exciting challenge for any intrepid miner. When you stumble upon it, you’ll be met with an amazing sight: an amazing blue crystal sparkling with the promise of the best resources.

Effective Strategies for Goblite Collection

Effective Strategies for Goblite Collection

When going out in search of Goblite, your mining tool becomes the best companion. The Sunpoint Plasma Drill is a flexible option, enabling you to extract Goblite from its stony confines with relative ease. Acquiring this tool is an important first step, and Smokefinger, a character found in Fortuna, is the one to seek for this essential equipment.

Alongside the plasma drill, a Nosam Cutter proves invaluable. This cutting-edge tool improves the extraction of Goblite from the rocks, making your mining efforts even more rewarding. Upon setting out, it’s vital to watch for the telltale signs of Goblite-rich deposits. These typically manifest as bright blue spots within the rocky landscape.

These bright clusters are like beacons, signaling the presence of the coveted resource. With careful observation and a skilled hand, you can use Goblite at an impressive rate.

Some Extra Tips

Some Extra Tips

In the process of maximizing your Goblite haul, consider these additional insights.

  1. Firstly, mining at night in Orb Vallis can yield heightened results. Goblite seems to favor the cover of darkness, revealing itself more readily under the light of night.
  2. Secondly, consider upgrading your mining tools if possible. Improved equipment will ease the process, allowing you to have Goblite with greater efficiency. But do not neglect your safety. The terrain may be filled with perilous creatures, aware of the presence of miners. It’s wise to carry suitable weaponry as a safety measure.
  3. Lastly, if you find yourself in the company of fellow miners, do not hesitate to share your collection. Cooperation can lead to mutual benefit, as everyone stands to gain from the bountiful reserves of Goblite. It’s not only about the individual haul but the collective success of the mining process. Armed with these insights, you’ll have to master the art of the Goblite collection in Warframe, making a path to success, and soon you’ll have a collection of Goblite.


Getting Goblite Tears in Warframe is not as hard as we thought. You should have the best equipment and ideas for that. Look in caves and on big rocks that could be helpful, and you might find those shiny blue Goblite Tears.

When you spot one, you will have one of the best things. They’re special and full of power. So, don’t give up; keep searching and finding. Soon, you’ll have a bunch of Goblite Tears for all your Warframe missions.

And you’ll be a pro at this. You’ll know exactly where to look and how to find them. All that matters is the best methods. Keep having fun, and keep collecting those Goblite Tears.

They’ll be super useful in your Warframe journey. Orb Vallis is waiting for you with its hidden benefits. Get those Goblite Tears and have the best Goblite Tears in your Warframe missions.

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