Warframe Boar Prime Build Guide

There are different weapons in the Warframe, and Boar is one of them. Boar is one of the oldest and strongest Warframe weapons.

It can hit a 100% critical chance, which is why it is considered best against enemies. It can also be instrumental against the final boss fights.

Warframe Boar Prime Build Guide

In this guide, we will discuss everything about the Warframe Boar Prime Build Guide.

We will also discuss the Pros and Cons of using this weapon and its different builds in detail.

What is Boar?

Boar is a Tenno automatic Shotgun, which can hit a 100% critical chance. It is equipped with a fast fire rate along with a big magazine size compared to other shotguns.

What is Boar

It is also capable of wide-spreading bullets, which helps kill big groups of enemies and allows you to deal massive damage with just a few hits.

The Boar Prime entered the Warframe vault a long time ago, but it is unvalued now, so you must keep an eye on the weapon if you want it. It is not that easy to create the best build of the Boar.

You will need a lot of rare modes to complete the build. It requires a lot of hard work to find all the resources required to create the best build of the weapon, but in the end, it will be completely worth it.


  • Fast Fire Rate
  • Big Magazine Size
  • A very high-status chance
  • Good Critical Chance
  • Great Spread
  • High Impact Damage
  • Capable of Innate multishot of 8 pellets
  • Capable of Wide Spreading of bullets


  • Lowest Base Damage among all shotguns
  • Low Critical Chance
  • Slow Reloading speed
  • High Recoil
  • Damage Falloff up to 25m

The Different Builds of Boar Warframe

The Boar Prime has a very high-status chance, but it has a low critical chance. Sadly, there is not any build that can combine both stats.

Some of the different builds of Boar are:

1. The Full Status Build

The Full Status Build

The Full Status Build is considered the best among all the other choices. It includes all the four +60% mods named Shell Shock, Toxic Barrage, Scattering Inferno, and Frigid Blast on the Boar Shotgun.

You can also combine two multishot mods along with Primed Charged Shell for some extra damage. You do not have much space to experiment with other mods, but you can rearrange the elemental damage according to your choice.

If you want to add a little more damage to the weapon, you can easily switch out your elemental mod, which also results in increasing the reloading speed of the Boar. If you can manage with the default reload speed, then you can also use Seeking Force.

Vicious Spread is another excellent mod that is helpful in proving some extra damage, but it will eventually result in lowering the accuracy. It is also helpful in the wide spreading of bullets which will be beneficial against large mobs of enemies.

2. The Hybrid Build

The Hybrid Build

The Hybrid Build is almost capable of combining High-Status Chance along with good critical chance. It is almost like the full status builds, but instead of using the multishot and elemental mod, it uses Blunderbuss and Primed Ravage mod.

If you want to double your critical chance, then it will result in downgrading the damage output. So, it is recommended to use different mods against different enemies.

For example, while doing high-level fissure missions, you need some more critical chance along with critical damage.

In this build, there is no space for experimenting with other mods.

3. The Critical Damage Build

The Critical Damage Build

The Critical Damage Build is considered the weakest among all the different modes. This build ignores the high-status chance of the weapon and goes with a critical chance only. To gain some extra slash procs, you need to bring Hunter Munitions.

Vicious Spread is also considered a great addition with this build, and it allows you to hit more enemies at a time. Critical Deceleration helps increase the fire rate.

Final Words

The Boar Prime is one of the best shotguns in the entire Warframe game because of its incredible abilities.

It can hit a 100% status chance, and it can provide a high fire rate when combined with all the great stats.

It also has different build options which you can choose according to your need. If you are confused about which build to choose, you can try all of them and select the one which suits your play style.

This is all about this topic. We have discussed everything about Boar Prime Warframe Build. If you found this helpful guide, do not forget to share it once.

If you have anything to share with us, then feel free to comment down below.

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