Warframe - Sabotage Beginners Guide

Sabotage Warframe missions are straightforward as you must arrive at the mission objective and leave from after that destroying it.

There are a different variety of sabotage missions and objectives available in the game. It is very confusing for the new players because the first sabotage mission on Earth is very different from the other missions.

Sabotage Beginners Guide

But some of the sabotage missions are very straightforward and do not take much time to complete.

In this guide, we will discuss everything about Sabotage Warframe missions. We will also discuss which Warframe and weapons are best for doing Sabotage missions.

Different Sabotage Warframe Mission Types

Different Sabotage Warframe Mission Types

In all the Sabotage missions, you must find the reactor room and destroy its core. For that, you must expose the latter first. It sounds effortless, but sometimes it will give you a hard time.

Some of the different Sabotage missions’ types are:

Toxin Injector Sabotage

Toxin Injector Sabotage is considered the first sabotage mission which you encounter on Earth. This mission will introduce you to different sabotage mission types.

If you have Antitoxin equipped, then you must follow the instruction to get mission rewards. In this mission, after creating the Toxin, you must take it to the Toxin Injector and defend it until the timer is finished.

The Toxin automatically gets destroyed in the process, and you can leave it from there quickly.

Reactor Sabotage

In this mission type, you must find a console and activate it, or you must find the coolant station and extract it.

Drilling Machine Sabotage

This Sabotage Warframe is super easy. In this mission, you must find four drilling machines all over the map.

After finding them, you must destroy them with the help of weapons and then extract them. That is all for this mission.

Orokin Sabotage

It is essential for the late part of the Warframe. In this mission, you must roam around the map to find a Void Portal Room. After reaching there, you must activate the first console and defend it.

Then, you must activate the second console and defend it until it reaches 100%. Then, you must fight a boss and destroy the portal before extraction.

Hive Sabotage

In this Sabotage mission, you must fight inside an Infested ship and find Infested hives and extract them after killing.

Hive Sabotage

But you must make sure that before harming the infested hives, you must find the five infested tumors for each of the hives. They are hidden somewhere besides the hive.

It is recommended to go on this mission with some of your allies to help complete the mission quickly.

Best Warframes for Sabotage Missions

Sabotage Warframe missions are considered very easy if you are equipped with the right Warframe.

Best Warframes for Sabotage Missions

Some of the best Warframes for Sabotage missions are:


Ember is considered best for the Sabotage mission because of his fast speed. If you have an excellent Ember build, you can efficiently run through the missions and complete them.

In Sabotage missions, speed plays a significant role, and Ember is equipped with it already. So, Ember is an ideal Warframe to choose during the Sabotage Weapons.


Loki is also one of the best warframes for doing Sabotage Missions. Loki can be invisible and complete the sabotage mission in very little time without being noticed by the enemies.

If you have an excellent Loki’s build, you can also get some stealth kills during the mission. You must check your remaining energy duration throughout the mission, and else it will result in dropping out of your invisibility in front of enemies.


Volt also has the speed capability, and we all know speed matters a lot in doing Sabotage weapons. You will need a good build of Loki to complete the missions quickly.

These warframes are the ideal choice while doing the Sabotage tasks quickly.

Best Weapons for Sabotage Missions

Best Weapons for Sabotage Missions

In Sabotage missions, there is almost no need to kill any enemies. It would help if you focused on the main targets. But, if there are large mobs of enemies, you must kill them, resulting in giving you affinity and allowing you to hack the console quickly.

Some of the best weapons for Sabotage missions are:

Arca Plasmor

Arca Plasmor helps deal with significant damage and provides a considerable area effect damage that will kill a large mob of enemies quickly. You must make sure that you will reload it within the time. Otherwise, your enemies will kill you.

Vaykor Hek

Vaykor Hek can shoot six shots at once, which is enough to kill a large mob of enemies. You do not need an intense build of Vaykor hek to use it. That is why it is considered the best weapon for Sabotage missions.

Soma Prime

If you have a prime variant of soma, it is recommended to build it and use it. If you do not have the prime build, you can use some elemental mods and soma, resulting in faster fire rates and killing enemies without any troubles. You must make sure that you do not waste any bullets by shooting here and there.

There are various weapons that you can use while doing Sabotage Weapons. It ultimately depends upon you, which one you choose. If you are having trouble while completing a mission, you can easily switch your weapons.

Final Words

Sabotage Warframe missions are straightforward if you are using the best Warframes along with the best missions.

You do not have to do much in these missions, and you must find the main objective and destroy it. Completing these missions will reward you with affinity.

This is all about this topic. If you find this guide helpful, please share it once, and if you have any queries/questions regarding this topic, please ask them. We will be delighted to solve all your queries.

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