Frost Prime Builds Guide

Frost is one of the most popular builds used by many gamers because of the different and unique abilities it possesses. It was added in the beta launch, and since then, it has become people’s favorite build in the Warframe.

Though it has now become odd, still it has not lost its charm. It can still provide you many such abilities that many new Warframe builds cannot provide.

Frost Prime Builds Guide

The main and the most crucial reason for Frost’s build being used this much is that it can provide an excellent defense to itself when needed. Also, it has a unique ability to provide a defense to its team also. Everyone still wants this Frost to build in its mission.

Another reason why everyone wants it is that it can be farmed easily on Extra and Ceres. Overall, this Frost build is one of its kind, and everyone wants to get this build in the mission to use the Energy Siphon and the Steel Charge to use against the enemies.

Abilities of Frost

Frost has four unique abilities: Freeze, Ice Wave, Snow Globe, and Avalanche.

  1. Freeze – This ability freezes the target within a specific range.
  2. Ice Wave – It sends a wave of razor-sharp ice and provides heavy damage to them.
  3. Snow Globe – It creates a protective Sphere and boosts its strength.
  4. Avalanche – It summons a landslide of ice and shatters all the enemies within that range.

The Different Builds

You will also get to know about various builds that you must have used in any other mission. The Corrosive Projection and the Vitality are the most critical ones.

You will need them at every step in the mission because these two are the backbones of the builds and must be activated if you want to defend yourself from getting attacked.

These will help you build a shield against the damage done to you by your enemies.

Also, as per your choice, you can use the Naramon aura polarity as well, but it is not that useful as the rest.

More so, you will also find the Steel Charge and the Energy siphon in this build. They will also provide you a fair amount of energy pool.

In this way, you can tackle the problems caused by the enemies and the amount of damage that The Steel charge can provide you a shield against the damage that your enemies do.

You can also try switching among the mods with the use of melee weapons, and these weapons are a great deal in killing the enemies.

So, overall, teaching ability will be helpful for you in getting through the mission.

The Snow Globe Build

The Snow Globe Build

The first and foremost reason for Frost’s build’s popularity is its third ability, Snow Globe. This Snow Globe’s task is that it can make a protective sphere that can resist every outside force in the inner area.

It will be most helpful for you when the enemies are attacking you, and you need to protect yourself from them. In the general case, there are high chances that you might get killed during these attacks.

However, with this Snow globe ability, you will be protected under a shield. This is one of the most brilliant abilities that can save your life until the very end, and you can earn the reward by completing the mission.

Besides, you can always use the Corrosive Projection and the Hunter Adrenaline to defend yourself from the attacks. The Energy Siphon will provide you a fair amount of energy level.

The Crowd Control Build

The Crowd Control Build

Another great ability of this Frost build the Avalanche that deals with the area of damage and can also freeze the enemy in a particular range for some time. In this time, you can use different abilities that are provided to you and can quickly get through the mission with earning rewards on one side.

This ability of Frost is prevalent because it can alone make one player win the battle as this ability can also deal with the damage and protect you from getting attacked.

You can make use of the Corrosive Projection, Redirection, and Vitality to increase your running speed, efficiency, and ability to deal with the enemies. Also, you can play in this build successfully even if you are a low-level player.

This build is suitable for both those who play at a higher level and those who play lower. You can use the Fleeting Expertise and the Streamline according to your need.

The Damage Build

The Damage Build

The last build, the damage build, is one of the most challenging and critical builds. In this build, you can cast a giant snow globe sphere that will give you a proper shield to your team, and it will protect you from getting attacked by enemies. More so, you can also cast the Avalanche and kill everything that is coming in your way.


In this guide, we have discussed the different builds of Frost and how they are helpful to us in the missions. All you need to keep in mind is that you can cast a snow globe sphere according to your need and also use the Avalanche and the ranged weapon in the build at any time.

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