Warframe Nidus Build 2023 Guide [6 Effective Builds]

Do you know about the Warframe Nidus Build? If you love playing as the Nidus Warframe and want to be good at it. We will show you six strong Nidus builds to help you do well in the game. In Warframe, you can make your character unique, and Nidus is no different. With the right setup, you can make Nidus super powerful and a really tough player in the game.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the game and want to make your Nidus even. Each of the six setups we’ll discuss has a different focus, so you can make Nidus match your playing style. We’ll see some important components for the Nidus build; also, check Nidus states. We’ll explain the special abilities you need and how to use them to do well.

So, let’s check what Nidus is and find the six powerful setups that will make your Warframe experience awesome.

What is Nidus?

What is Nidus?

Nidus is a unique and fascinating character in the popular online game Warframe. What makes him special are his abilities related to the Infestation, a strange and creepy power. These abilities make him different from other characters in the game.

Nidus uses many insects to cause chaos among his enemies and help his team. With his passive skill, Adaptive Mutation, he can become tougher as he uses his abilities during a battle.

How to Acquire Nidus?

How to Acquire Nidus?

To get Nidus in Warframe, you must finish a quest named The Glast Gambit. This quest guides you through various missions and tests, which eventually help you collect the parts needed for the Nidus build.

The quest features the Index, a big battle against the Corpus in an arena, and it goes into the darker side of the Warframe world. Once you’ve gathered all the necessary components, you can make Nidus in your Foundry using these blueprint items.

Stats of Nidus

Stats of Nidus

Nidus is a strong character in the always-changing Warframe. He’s a master of the Infested and symbolizes survival in the game’s chaotic universe. To make the most out of Nidus, you need to understand his stats well, as each one is essential for how effective your Nidus build character will be.

1. Health

Nidus is super tough in fights because he has a lot of health. His health is even better than most other Warframes, so he can take a lot of hits before he goes down. This health is what keeps him alive, and it helps his other powers work better.

2. Shields

Nidus has a special way of staying safe, and it’s quite different from other Warframes. Unlike them, he doesn’t have any shields. Instead, he depends entirely on his health, and his special move called Undying during battles. This makes him unique because most Warframes rely on shields. To make Nidus build is tough, you need to focus on increasing his health and armor as much as possible.

3. Energy

Nidus uses energy, just like other Warframes, but he doesn’t have much of it. To use his abilities when you want, it’s important to be smart about how you use your energy. You can improve this by adding mods that make his abilities use less energy or help him get energy back faster. These mods are really helpful in making Nidus a tough force without worrying too much about running out of energy.

4. Armor

Nidus’s armor strength plays a big role in how long he can stay alive. He might not have super tough armor as some other Warframes, but you can make it quite strong with mods and abilities. His third ability, Parasitic Link, boosts his armor even more, helping you take less damage and stay in fights for a longer time.

Abilities of Nidus

1. Virulence


Nidus has an amazing first ability called Virulence. When Nidus uses this power, he shoots out a bone-infested attack that smashes through enemies in its way. This attack gets stronger each time it hits an enemy, and that’s important because it helps Nidus collect mutation stacks. Every time Virulence hits someone, it does more damage and covers a larger area. So, you can use it to wipe out groups of enemies or take down opponents from far away.

2. Larva


Nidus’s second power, Larva, releases a slimy blob filled with creepy crawlies. This gooey trap grabs nearby enemies and holds them tight, making them easy to hit with big attacks that cover lots of ground. It’s great for keeping many opponents stuck in one place and works well with other Warframe powers. This makes the enemies easier for your team to beat up.

3. Parasitic Link

Parasitic Link

Nidus’s third ability, Parasitic Link, is designed to help him stay alive and help his teammates. When he uses this ability, he connects his mind with a chosen teammate or himself. This means that some of the damage Nidus would normally take is now taken by the linked person instead. This makes Nidus tougher in fights. Also, it makes Nidus and the linked person’s abilities.

4. Ravenous


Ravenous is Nidus’s fourth ability, and it’s the main form of infestation. When Nidus uses it, he becomes a scary mess of wiggling tendrils and throbbing flesh, making a zone where infestation spreads fast. This zone hurts enemies, makes Nidus’s build feel better, and gives him some mutation points. Ravenous is a handy power that can help a lot in fights because it can attack and protect simultaneously.

Effective Builds

Effective Builds

1. Basic Nidus Build

The Basic Nidus Build forms the base for all other Nidus setups. It centers on Nidu’s main powers, Virulence, Larva, and Parasitic Link. This build aims for well-rounded stats, ensuring Nidus can adapt to solo or team missions. You’ll have a good amount of health, energy, and ability strength to tackle different opponents effectively.

2. Nidus Nuker Build

If you love killing many enemies simultaneously, the Nidus Build is the way to go. This build makes Nidus Virulence ability super strong, so it becomes a really powerful attack that hits many enemies at once. When you have a lot of power and reach with this build, you can easily take out big groups of enemies. It’s perfect for missions where you need to move quickly and get the job done fast.

3. Nidus Disabler Build

When you want to control a group of enemies in a battle, the Nidus Disabler Build is the way to go. This build boosts Nidus Larva’s ability by making it reach farther and last longer. This means you can use it to stop and gather enemies together, which helps safeguard spots or isolate enemies.

4. Teeming Virulence Build

The Teeming Virulence Build pairs Nidus build Virulence power with its stack-generating ability. By efficiency and range, this setup lets you use Virulence often, sending out a steady flow of harmful shots. This build shines when you need long-lasting damage output during extended missions or when dealing with opponents.

5. Lava Burst Build

Many gamers tend to ignore Nidus Lava Burst skill, but it can change the game if used wisely. The Lava Burst Build focuses on making this ability cover a wider area, turning it into a powerful tool for blocking off areas. When opponents step on the fiery eruption, they’ll keep taking damage. Making it a great pick for guarding tight spots or protecting goals.

6. Abundant Mutation Build

The Abundant Mutation Build is all about Nidus’s special resource called Mutation Stacks. This build makes Nidus build get and use Mutation stacks faster, so he can use his abilities more often. It works well when used with other builds and helps you deal with different situations easily.

Nidus Components

Nidus Components

1. Nidus Neuroptics

Neuroptics are essential parts needed to create Nidus. You can get them by defeating infested enemies in specific mission types, such as infested Outbreaks, or as rewards during rotations in Infested Salvage missions. Remember that the chances of getting neuroptics can differ, so it’s a good idea to be patient when collecting them.

2. Nidus Chassis

The Nidus Chassis is an important piece you need to collect. You can get it by finishing missions where the Infested is, such as on Eris or Deimos. Just as with the neuroptics, you’ll have to keep playing these missions and battling lots of Infested opponents until you finally get the chassis part.

3. Nidus Systems

Nidus Systems are the third essential part of the Nidus build part. You can get them as a reward by completing specific rounds in infested missions, especially in infested Salvage missions. Just know that you might need to spend some extra time and effort on these missions to improve your chances of getting this important piece.

4. Nidus Blueprint

The Nidus Blueprint is the last thing you need, and it’s quite simple to get compared to the other parts. To get it, complete the Infested Alad V Assassinate mission on Eris, and you can buy the Nidus Blueprint. Once you have all the other parts, you can use this blueprint to make Nidus in your foundry.

Nidus Warframe Build Mods

Nidus Warframe Build Mods

1. Primed Flow

Primed Flow is an important modification for Nidus, as it increases the amount of energy he can store. When Nidus build uses this mod, he gets a big energy boost, which lets him use his special moves, such as Larva and Parasitic Link, more often and for longer periods. This means he doesn’t have to stress about running low on energy while using his abilities.

2. Intensify

Intensify is the second mod we’ve, and it’s super essential for making Nidus stronger in a fight. This mod makes Nidus’s abilities hit much harder by boosting their power. Nidus depends on these abilities to hurt enemies and build up his mutation stacks, which help him stay alive and become even more powerful.

3. Primed Continuity

Primed Continuity is the third mod you’ll want in the Nidus setup. It’s all about making his abilities last longer, which is super important for keeping the power of his Virulence and Parasitic Link abilities going strong. With this mod, Nidus can stay powerful and in charge on the battlefield for much longer.


The Warframe Nidus is a powerful and versatile frame with six effective builds that can suit various playstyles. If you prefer to focus on survival, crowd control, or dealing massive damage, there’s a Nidus build for you. Nidus’s abilities combined well with one another, so experiment and find the build that fits your favorite way to play. Don’t forget to mod your Nidus with the right mods to boost your chosen build.

Consider your team’s needs in group missions, as Nidus can provide valuable support with his crowd-control abilities and healing. Communication is key in Warframe, so discuss with your squad to maximize your effectiveness. Nidus is a frame that rewards patience and skill. The more you use his abilities, the stronger he becomes.

So, keep practicing, keep experimenting, and you’ll become a formidable power on the battlefield as a Nidus player.

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