Warframe Phantasma Build Guide

Phantasma is a very different version of Shotgun as it uses all the mods and utilities of Shotgun. Instead of shooting bullet pallets, it shoots a steady beam which innate radiation and creates impact damage.

It is effortless to obtain this weapon as its blueprint can be available in the in-game store.

Warframe Phantasma

In this guide, we will discuss everything about the Phantasma Warframe along with its pros and cons.

We will also discuss the different Phantasma builds. This guide about Phantasma will help in clearing each doubt regarding the weapon and help you build the weapon quickly.



The Phantasma is a shotgun that fires beams instead of a bullet palette to its enemies. The beam helps in creating impact damage. It has an alternate fire mode that charges manually and can also launch a giant plasma bomb to its enemies, which explodes and deals massive damage.

You can quickly obtain this weapon as its blueprint is available in the game store for 25.000 credits. The other essential resources required to obtain Phantasma, such as Argon Crystal and Intact Sentient Cores, are easily obtained from the void missions and dropped by the Plains of Eidolon.

Pros and Cons of Using Phantasma War frame

Phantasma War frame



  • It can lead to innate Radiation damage, which is very effective against Alloy Armor and Infested Sinew.
  • It has very high impact damage, which is very effective against shields.
  • It has a decent amount of status chance.
  • It has pinpoint accuracy.
  • It has the capability of innating a multi-shot of 6 beams at once.
  • It has the fastest reload speed when compared to other shotguns.
  • No Fall damages
  • It has an Alternate Fire mode that can charge the weapon to release a Plasma Bomb which destroys everything in a radius of 4.8 meters.



  • No puncture and slash damage
  • Damage cannot be increased using mods.
  • It has the lowest critical damage when compared to other shotguns.
  • Low Critical Multiplier
  • It has a small magazine size and requires frequent reloading.
  • Self-Damage (alt mode)

Best Phantasma Warframe Builds

It is always recommended to build Phantasma to get a complete 100% status chance. Using the weapon’s first fire mode, you can punch through against bodies which helps you hit enemies in the backline.

The second fire mode helps release Plasma Bombs, and you must be very careful at the time of release; otherwise, you will damage yourself.

1. Primary Fire Mode Phantasma Build

Primary Fire Mode Phantasma Build

The Primary Fire Mode Phantasma Build is very helpful as you can choose your favorite mods in this build. To achieve a 100% status chance, you will have to pick a +60% status mod.

It is recommended to pick either Corrosive or Viral damage along with the Innate radiation. You can also use Primed Charged Shell to increase the damage output, but if you do not have a Primed Charged Shell, you can use any of the other four elemental mods.

The Combustion beam mods help kill low or mid-tier enemies very quickly. For the exilus slot, you can use shell compression to increase the magazine size by a little.

2. Phantasma Alt-Fire Mode Build

Phantasma Alt-Fire Mode Build

The Phantasma Alt-Fire Mode Build will allow you to shoot Plasma Bombs which has significant effect damage.

It can kill everyone who is in the range. So, you must be careful while releasing the plasma bombs. You must keep a safe distance and have a perfect aim while releasing the Plasma Bombs.

To get a 100% status chance, you must use three +60% status mods and pick Blast damage, which guarantees proc with every shot. It also helps in crowd control.

Vicious Spread helps add spread, and you can use the Fatal Acceleration to increase the damage per second a bit. If you want to increase the damage output by some extent, you can use some multi shots.

Final Words

The Phantasma Warframe is an excellent Shotgun that can kill enemies quickly. This weapon can shoot beams rather than bullets. You can also change the firing mode with just a click of a button.

The second firing mode can launch plasma Bombs that deal massive damage to the enemies. This weapon’s building process is straightforward, and you must purchase the primary blueprint from the in-game store.

This is all about this guide. If you found this article helpful, do not forget to share it once. If you have queries/questions regarding this topic, please ask us by commenting down below.

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