Warframe Djinn Guide

Every update of the game brings out some new and unique mods. In the latest update of the game, Djinn is introduced. He is considered one of the best Warframes for early and mid-games.

Warframe Djinn Guide

If you love to play with melee Warframes, then you must like Djinn. If you have the right mods, then he is capable of being immortal.

In this guide, we will discuss everything about the Djinn Warframe. We will also discuss the complete procedure to obtain Djinn along with its different and unique mods.

Djinn Warframe

Djinn Warframe

Djinn is considered one of the best Warframes, capable of throwing a stinger that fires toxins. It can equip any other robotic weapon except that of helios.

You can use him with different modes such as Fatal Attraction, which can help deal significant radial damage to the enemies. Fatal Attraction can also be used along with Gazal Machete, which results in increasing its corrosive damage.

How to Get Djinn

To get Djinn, you must get the research done in the bio lab first or join the clan that already has the research done.

You can purchase Djinn’s blueprint from the in-game market in exchange for 50.000 credits.

Apart from the blueprint, you will also need to gather some other important resources such as:

  • 000x credits
  • 000 Salvage
  • 000x Circuits
  • 6x Mutagen Mass
  • 2x Forma

The Mutagen Mass and Forma are very rare and hard to obtain during the early game. You can get them by completing the invasion missions.

You can easily buy blueprints from the Dojo and craft one Mutagen mass once in 24 hours.

How to Obtain Djinn Unique Mods?

Some of Djinn’s unique mods are:

1. Thumper


Thumper is considered an excellent attack mod that will allow your sentinel a good attack range. This mod can be found during Orokin Void missions and can be dropped by Corrupted Butcher Unit and Corrupted Lancer Unit. If you want to obtain this mod, you must farm endless missions on the tileset.

2. Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction is beneficial in dealing a massive area of effect damage with its corrosive damage proc. It comes with a cooldown time of 30 seconds, but if you combine this mid along with the melee Warframe build, you will get some massive damage output.

This mode can be found during Orokin Void missions and dropped by the Corrupted MOAs.

3. Reawaken.


Reawaken is considered one of the best mods; it will help your Djinn to become immortal. This mod can be bought from the Cephalon Simaris in exchange for 75.000 standing points.

These are some of the best and unique Djinn’s mods. If you are looking for a Warframe that has some great melee attacks and can help you in the long run, then Djinn is the perfect option for you.

Djinn Warframe Standard Build

Djinn Warframe Standard Build

Djinn is not strong enough without its proper mods. That is why you must find a non-damage build and use your sentinel as a supportive mod.

Some of the best mods of the standard build are Thumper, Vacuum, Repair Kit, etc. Some of the best mods for adding a tremendous amount of survivability to Djinn are Enhanced Vitality, Reawaken and Repair Kit.

Self-Destruct and Sacrifice are also considered one of the best mods.

Final Words

Djinn is one of the best Warframes because of his extraordinary and unique mods, but most of the players do not use it because its sentinel mod is not as great as other Warframes.

Djinn also can become immortal using its Reawaken mod. So, if your Djinn gets killed, you do not have to worry. It will automatically reappear on the other side and help you out.

This is all about this guide about the Djinn Warframe. I hope that this article is helpful for you. It will be beneficial for us if you share this guide once.

If you think we have missed some critical points related to the topic, or if you have any queries related to the topic, you can ask us by commenting down below.

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