Everything You Need to Know About the Wisp Warframe

Wisp is just another Warframe that has a different set of qualities and abilities, and it is quite popular among the other Warframes. After its release, it quickly became the center of attraction because of its unique abilities.

Though each Warframe has different abilities that make them unique, Wisp has some abilities that none of the Warframe has. Therefore Wisp is pretty famous among Warframes.

Wisp Warframe

Wisp is the 40th Warframe of the game, and it is added with an assassination target and as an overhaul of Jupiter. Though Wisp is often seen as a support Warframe the abilities that it has got are relatively deadly.

You can also use Wisp in a more DPS-oriented way, just like you might have done with the Oberon. However, Wisp is not like Oberon as it has got many more qualities than Oberon.

Abilities of Wisp

As you might have known that each Warframe has some unique set of abilities that makes it a different Warframe and helps you in surviving the mission. Wisp is one of them. However, Wisp is often called a support Warframe because it usually supports every other Warframe that is in mission, but it has got deadly abilities that we will discuss now. The primary abilities of Wisp are Reservoirs, Wil-o-Wisp, Breach Surge, and Sol Gate.

  1. Reservoirs – This is the first ability of Wisp, and it allows to choose and summon a reservoir that is filled with Motes that attach and aid Wisp allies. It also provides more grants and increases movement and attack speeds.
  2. Wil-o-Wisp – This is the second ability of Wisp that deals with the spectral image of Wisp. It casts the spectral image of Wisp and uses it against the enemies to confuse them. Meanwhile, you can save yourself from the enemies and kill them.
  3. Breach Surge – This is the third ability of Wisp that deals with dimensional breach to overwhelm the enemies. It also targets a reservoir against the enemies and doubles the range of the surge.
  4. Sol Gate – This is the fourth ability of Wisp that opens a portal to the sun and irradiates enemies with a devastating beam of plasma.

These are the different abilities of Wisp that are used by the players to kill the enemies. These abilities are used in various builds along with other mods. When combined altogether, the abilities become deadly, and it becomes easier to kill a large group of mobs. That is why Wisp is one of the most popular Warframe.

The Different Wisp Builds

There are many different Wisp builds that are used by players in killing the enemies. These builds have different mods that you can use, and if you do not like the mods, then you can switch the builds also to get the required mods.

The most impressive and the most used mod is the Corrosive Projection and Energy Siphon. These two contribute to standing against the enemies as they can help you in increasing your survival chances.

The Rounded Wisp Support build

This rounded Wisp support build includes health, speed, and control altogether. In this build, you can use different mods like Brief Respite, Blind Range, Primed Continuity, Steel Fiber, and Adaption.

These are the most used mods in the build that will make it easier for you to get through the mission using the Wisp Warframe. Along with this, these mods allow you to increase your health pool and increase the survival rate.

The Rounded Wisp Support build

There are several other mods that you can switch to, but you will be required to learn and everything about the mods and how to use them. Once you get familiar with the mods and their use, then you will be able to stand against the enemies. So, all you need is to use the required mods against the enemies to protect yourself and kill a large group of mobs at once.

The All-Purpose Wisp Build

This is the other Wisp build that is most used by the players. This build includes the Power, Versatility, and Tankiness to be explored. This build is mainly to keep you alive and kill the enemies as fast as you can.

In this build, you can use the Aura mod, corrosive projection, Energy Siphon, and rejuvenation. These mods are necessary for you to get through the mission.

The All-Purpose Wisp Build

Other possible mods that can be used are Umbral Vitality or the Fiber, as they will help you when your buffs are activated.


In this guide, we discussed everything about Wisp Warframe and how we use the different mods and build in the mission. Once you are familiar with the builds and the mods, then it will be easy for you to get through the mission using the Wisp Warframe.

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