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After Soma Prime’s release, it quickly gained everyone’s attention and became the most popular weapon of warframes. With its release, each Warframe got its new weapon with brilliant capabilities.

Soon after its release, it became an excellent standard for each weapon. It is easy to get the Soma Prime weapon, but it is challenging to use as it is mostly used by experienced players.

Soma Prime

Though you can get it by trading also, but it is challenging to get as it is one of the rarest weapons that is used. Also, Soma Prime is not for beginners, and it is always recommended that before trying to get the weapon, you must be an excellent player to use that.

It has good slash and puncture damage, and it results in high critical assaults. Along with this, it also has two polarities and a fast fire rate.

The Different Soma Prime Build

There are many Soma Prime builds that are necessary for you to know and learn about to get the weapon for yourself. The builds are straightforward, but they are equally challenging if you are a newbie.

The builds are also tricky enough to survive because of many quirks, and a large group of enemies will be chasing you.

The builds are standard ones with the elemental mods, damage, and the Soma Primed Variants. We will discuss the two most essential builds that are there in Soma Prime.

Standard Soma Prime Build

Standard Soma Prime Build

first and foremost, the Standard Soma Prime Build is one of the deadliest builds. It seems pretty tricky and not recommended for beginners. We can also call this build a Slash Damage build because mainly, it deals with the damage, critical damage, and survivability.

Though surviving this build is tough but with sufficient knowledge about the mods will let you get through the build.

This build might look relatively clunky and tanky, but Vile Acceleration or the Shred will help you in boosting up your speed. You can also combine the mod with other mods that can provide you good healing from the Critical Damage and can provide you the super-fast assault rifle. However, it is not that easy as it seems. For this, you will have to skip the Critical Delay and get yourself a lifesaver.

You will have to make sure that for every attack, you must be equipped with its counterattack. This build is relatively fast, which is why the attacks from the enemies will be faster and quick. All you need to do is to counter them and protect yourself from getting killed.

You do not have any ability to increase your speed, but you can take help from any mods and do the same. Another thing is that you will have to be a quick thinker to get the required mods.

Aim Soma Prime Build

Aim Soma Prime Build

The second and one of the most common builds is the Aim Soma Prime Build. The Aim Soma Prime Build is similar to the Slash damage build as it also deals with critical damage and delay. It seems tricky and not recommended for beginners.

The survival rate is quite low, and therefore it is relatively challenging to survive this build. Though surviving this build is pretty tough, but the mods are helpful, and if you know how and when to use them then, you will be able to get through this one too.

Now that you will be using Critical Delay, you will be protected from the ammo, and it will not cause any problem for you. You will have to look for increasing your multi-shot by a good multiplier because you will have to be quick in killing the enemies before you get killed.

Though the build is strong enough, you will have to be aware of the shortcomings. As you know, you are not fast enough, and there are chances that you might get killed.

Split Chamber and Vigilante Armaments will be your savior, and they will protect you from getting shot. Also, Accuracy will be low in the Soma Prime Build, so you will have to use the Argon Space Bonus to increase the chances of your survival along with your Accuracy.

Also, you will have the low-status chance and status damage, and so you will have to use armor and shields to be protected from the enemies.


In this guide, we discussed Soma Prime Build and how we use the mods in the build. As of now, you must have known that the build is tough, and the enemies are way too fast in the build, and forgetting yourself saved from enemies, you will also have to be quick enough to survive.

For this, the essential mods will be Vigilante Armaments and the Critical Delay. Once you know how you can get yourself safe, the build will be more comfortable for you to get through.

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