Warframe Zarr Build Guide 2021

The Zarr is a massive and mobile cannon that comes with two different firing modes. It is introduced in Update 19.0 of the game. This weapon mainly deals with blast damage.

Warframe Zarr Build Guide

In this guide, we will discuss everything about the Zarr weapon along with its pros and cons. We will also discuss the different Warframe Zarr builds. So, it is recommended to read the complete guide before starting to build the Zarr weapon.


  • It can Innate blast damage in Cannon mode.
  • It has Severe puncture damage in Barrage mode
  • It has a Decent Impact in Barrage mode
  • It has a high critical chance and multiplier.
  • It has two different firing modes.
  • It has an excellent status chance.
  • It can use firestorm and adhesive blast.


  • It has a small magazine size.
  • The Blast damage can inflict Self stagger.
  • Its projectile has some travel time.
  • The Explosions have linear damage fall off from 100% to 50%

Zarr Characteristics

Zarr Characteristics

It has the capability of throwing cannonballs as well as spreadsheets. This weapon can mainly be used as a decent Grenade launcher which can initiate massive blast damage and crowd control.

The statistics of both its mods are:

Cannon Mode

  • It has an accuracy of 100 and can hit enemies from low to high ranges.
  • It has a 17% critical chance.
  • It has a critical multiplier of 2.5.
  • It has a fire rate of around 1.67 projectiles per second.
  • It has the capacity of 3 shots per magazine.
  • The shots are noisy and alarm the enemy’s hen fired.
  • Its reloads time is around 2.3 seconds.
  • It can deal with 25 impacts as well as 175 blast damage.

Barrage Mode

  • It has an accuracy of 1.4 and can hit enemies at a low range only.
  • It has a 17% critical chance.
  • It has a critical multiplier of 2.5.
  • It has a fire rate of around three projectiles per second.
  • It has a magazine capacity of 3 shots.
  • It has a punch through 1.6 meters.
  • It has a reloading time of around 2.3 seconds.
  • It deals with 25 impact damage as well as 175 blast damage.

Best Warframe Zarr Builds

Before starting the building process, you must buy its Blueprint from the in-game store. You can easily mod this weapon to get the most out of it, depending on how you want to use it.

Some of the most uses Warframe Zarr builds are:

1. The Critical Build

The Critical Build

In this build, Serration and Heavy Caliber are used to increase the overall damage. Split Chamber and Vigilante Armaments are also used for multishot.

This Build has two elemental mods that will either combine with the direct elemental damage or add another one with build scales.


In the Cannon Build, two fireballs are fired, and there is a chance that a third fireball will also go along with them, each of them then exploding into mini bombs. It is beneficial in dealing with a massive amount of damage and killing multiple enemies at once.


This Build helps make the projectiles releasing more scattered shots along with the innate punch.

2. The Cannon Mode Build

The Cannon Mode Build

In this build, Vital Sense and Point Strike are used to increase the critical damage and kill enemies quickly.

You can also use Heavy Strike because it will result in increased damage output. If you plan to use Cannon mode, you must use a cautious shot to kill all the close enemies without inflicting any elf damage.

A firestorm is also very helpful in increasing the explosion radius, which helps kill more enemies and crowd control.

You can try different mods, such as Primed Fast Hands, Thermite Rounds, and Rime Rounds, which help increase your chance to proc the Blast Status up to 85.5%.

3. The Barrage Mode Build

The Barrage Mode Build

The Barrage Mode Build is considered inferior to Cannon Mode build. In this build, you can reach a 100% status chance. For that, you will need four +60% status chance mods.

You have only left with three mod slots that are reserved for Serration, Split Chamber, and Heavy Caliber. These all will help you in increasing your damage output.

For crowd control, you can use Blast Damage. This Mode will help in dealing more damage to a single enemy with one shot, for that you must be close to your enemy so that your pellets hit them.

It is recommended to choose a Tanky Warframe if you are willing to play the barrage Mode.

Final Words

Zarr is a great weapon and is mainly used as a grenade launcher. It has a decent amount of damage output. Some players like to use big and explosive weapons, so Zarr is the ideal option for them.

You will need some practice to learn how to aim while using cannon mode because it has some travel time and bullet drop.

This is all about the Zarr weapon. We have discussed its characteristics along with its different Builds.

I hope that you find this helpful article. If you think we missed some critical points related to the guide, please tell us by commenting down below.

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