A Complete Guide to  Carrier Sentinel of Warframe

In the game Warframe, Carrier is a unique sentinel. It is not a companion but a utility. It is the first sentinel which was released with an alternate skin by using which its appearance can be changed completely.

It comes with its default weapon Sweeper Shotgun. Carrier possesses 4x Penzaga and 1x Vazarin Polarity and hence, it can be customized with several mods.

Carrier Sentinel

Carrier has its three unique precept mods i.e., Striker, Ammo case, and Looter. Striker being its default attack mod cannot be equipped along with Assault mode. It is a unique sentinel as using different weapons does not decide its range, its range is determined from the precepts. In this article we will take a look at Carrier in detail and explore some of the best Carrier builds.

How to acquire Warframe Carrier Sentinel?

Carrier Guide

The blueprints of Carrier can be purchased from the market in 100,000 credits. In order to manufacture it you will require 15000 Credits, 1000 Alloy Plate, 400 Circuits, 1500 Nano Spores, and 3 Control modules. The process takes 24 hours and can be rushed using 30 Platinum.

Warframe Carrier Sentinel – Exclusive Precept Mods

Let’s dive deep into the exclusive precept mods of Carrier so that you can use this information for creating its custom builds for different kinds of mission and gameplay style.



This mod allows Carrier to attack the first visible enemy within 10 m of its range. Carrier will not attack its enemy if this mod is not equipped. The damage range can be enhanced from +5.8m at Rank 1 to +10.0m at rank 5. Interestingly, Carrier’s range of attack is much smaller than other sentinels. It may be due to wielding a Shotgun as its bullet spreads and become inaccurate in the longer range.

Ammo Case

Ammo Case

This precept mod has a unique capability of converting any unused ammo into the ammo of the weapon being used. It also provides additional ammo capacity. The ammo capacity keeps increasing from +5% at Rank 0 to +25% at Rank 5 and the Mutation delay keeps decreasing from +5s at Rank 0 to +2s at rank 5. (image)

If arch-guns are used with this mod, its conversion effect does not work. Whereas, in the normal cases, other mutation mods can also be stacked on this mod on the cost of increasing mutation delay.



Using this mod, Carrier can break and loot from nearby crates. It does so by an energy wave that is strong enough to destroy all breakable crates. To use this mode neither a sentinel weapon nor the Striker mod is required.

The mod has a silent behavior and does not alert the enemies nearby. The range of Looter can be increased by upgrading from 4.5m at Rank 0 to 12m at Rank 5. The cooldown time of 1.5s remains constant throughout all ranks.

Popular Builds of Sentinel Carrier in Warframe:

Now we will discuss the two main Carrier Prime builds that are Prime Damage Support Build and Prime No-Damage Build.

Carrier Prime – Damage Support Build

Carrier Prime Damage Support Build

This is the main build of Carrier in which you can use the different mods to survive throughout the mission. The Ammo Case and Looter will be your go mods that will be providing ability strength, and hence these two mods are the essential mods in this build.

You will also find Vacuum and Primed Animal Instinct included in each of these builds. Though this build does not require much survivability, in case if you are running low on survival rate, then you can use the Enhanced Vitality mod.

Guardian and synth Deconstruct mod are the two significant mods that will be helping you in supporting the Warframe and providing you a shelter to kill the large group of enemies. Along with this, you can also use the Calculated Redirection mod and Health orb drop mod. Though the health drop mod is the weakest mod, it can be useful when combined with any high-ability strength mod.

Carrier Prime – No Damage Build

Carrier Prime No-Damage Build

This is the second most crucial build of Carrier that includes almost the same mods that the damage build includes, but it has some differences. In this build, the major drawback is that there is no drop of spare parts, and it does not use any attack mod. So, if you think that you are running low on the attack and need the attack mod, then you will have to switch to the Prime Damage build for this.

You will get many resources here in this build, but that would not contribute to attacking the enemy and killing them. For this, you might need to switch back to the damage support build. However, this build will allow you to use the Sacrifice mod and Primed Regen for ability duration.


Sentinel Carrier in Warframe comes quite handy due to its versatile abilities. Equipped with the Sweeper Shotgun, it not only attacks the enemies but keeps supplying additional ammo to you and saves your time of looting crates. However, it has low armor that can be compensated with the right mod and builds.

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