Nyx Prime Build

While there are few Warframes that are so deadly and popular, there are few of them who are relatively well than many other Warframe but still did not get such recognition. Nyx Warframe is one of those.

Nyx has some of those abilities that are not in any other Warframe, but still, it is not that famous. Nyx can control mind activities, and it is often considered a dangerous foe.

Nyx has two different polarities, and it has a massive AoE. The most important thing about the Nyx is that it has a higher sprint speed than many other Warframes. The skillset that Nyx has got is fun to explore, and it has got many unique abilities that we will discuss later in the guide. Along with this, Nyx is good with crowd control and ability strength.

Abilities of Nyx

Nyx Prime

There are four primary abilities of Nyx that are in use, and all these abilities are relatively dangerous. They can only be used by experienced players as it gets tough for beginners to understand these abilities. The abilities are, namely, Mind Control, Psychic Bolt, Chaos, and Absorb.

  1. Mind Control – The first and the foremost ability of Nyx Prime build is its Mind Controlling ability. It can control the mind of the enemy and can confuse it.
  2. Psychic Bolt – This is the second ability of Nyx that allows a cluster of force bolts at enemies and thus gets the nearby targets quickly.
  3. Chaos – This is the third ability of Nyx that allows to attack the enemies with a powerful blast and attack random enemies.
  4. Absorb – The fourth and the last ability of Nyx that allows all incoming damages and channels it into explosive damage.

The Popular Nyx Prime Build

Now, we will discuss the most popular Nyx builds and what are the essential mods in the build that we can use. Though the Corrosive Projection is one of the best mods that you can pick, you will have to use the channeled abilities also and offer that you can switch to many other mods that the build offers.

So, now we will be talking about the famous Nyx builds that are Nyx Prime Crowd Control Build, and the Prime Absorb Nuke builds.

Nyx Prime Crowd Control Build

Nyx Prime Crowd Control Build

The very first build that we will discuss is the Nyx Prime Crowd Control Build. Now, if you have made up your Mind to get the Nyx to build, then there are high chances that you might need to get this one.

This is because Nyx build needs a lot of control to overcrowd with its abilities. Though it has been overlooked many times, Nyx has far better abilities than any other Warframe, and that is what makes it attractive.

The Survival, excavation, and Rejuvenation will be your go-to mods that are the most important and used mods in this build. Though you will not be needed to use the Energy Siphon in case you run low on the energy level, then you can switch to Energy Siphon also.

This build also allows using its mind control ability for few seconds. Adaptation is one of the best mods that you can pick in this build.

Nyx Prime Absorb Nuke Build

Nyx Prime Absorb Nuke Build

The next significant build is the Nyx Prime Absorb build that allows you to use the Absorb ability that helps in killing a group of the mob in few seconds. However, in this build, the Overextended mod will not be the right choice, but you can choose to pick it up if you think you are not running well on the ability strength. The augmented mod Assimilate will also be an excellent choice to pick up the damage.

Since the extra efficiency is beneficial, you could switch to the Transient Fortitude over the Blind Range. Umbral Intensify and Umbral vitality are two great additions that can be picked in case of lacking ability duration and ability strength.

However, you must know that picking the right mods can undoubtedly help you in winning, but if you do not use a backup, then there are chances to lose, and so, you should always have the Corrosive Projection handy.


By now, you must have got that Nyx Prime is a manipulative Warframe, and it can be very dangerous for the enemy as it has got some deadly abilities. However, to use these abilities, you should have an idea about the projections and polarities of the Warframe and its build so that you can use the right set of abilities and augmented mods in the right polarity.

So, the only thing that you will be needed to worry about is the augmented mods and arcane.

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