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Baruuk is a popular Warframe that is known for its storming ability. Baruuk is one of the deadliest Warframe that became relatively popular after its launch, and now it is known as a Pacifistic monk.

It is almost impossible to evade Baruuk. Though many people criticize the abilities of Baruuk but, the old school abilities of Baruuk have something that the new Warframes do not have.

Baruuk is fun to explore, but it is relatively difficult to understand its abilities and the augmented mods used in the mission. More so, it has good AoE damage, enhanced critical delay and critical damage, extremely good with the melee weapons and high armor.

Along with this, it goes well with tank and sprint speed that is relatively higher than the other Warframes, and it has two polarities.

Abilities of Baruuk

Every Warframe has some pros and cons, and since we have to use them in our missions, we only want to use their pros and not their cons. Similarly, there are few abilities of Baruuk that are its primary ability and used widely. These abilities are, namely, Elude, Lull, Desolate Hands, Serene Storm.

  1. Elude – The first and the foremost ability of Baruuk is its Elude ability. This Baruuk ability dodges every incoming projectile. All you need is to activate its ability.
  2. Lull – This is the second ability of Baruuk that allows you to calm the enemies and let them jump into slumber. In this way, they cannot attack you, and you are safe.
  3. Desolate Hands – This is the powerful ability of Baruuk that allows you to destroy the enemies with an intense explosion.
  4. Serene Storm – the fourth and the last ability of Baruuk that allows the wind to deliver powerful storms to the enemies and sucks their energy.

The Popular Baruuk Builds

Now, we will discuss the popular Baruuk builds and what are the abilities and mods that we can use in this build against our enemies. Always remember that picking up the right aura helps in the accomplishment of what you are trying to achieve.

Since people always go for using versatile mods, you will have to go a bit beyond and choose the difficult but the right mods if you want to explore and move ahead.

Baruuk Desert Wind Build

Baruuk Desert Wind Build

The most important mod of this build is the Steel charge that helps in increasing the melee weapon damage. Once this is activated, it will be easier for you to kill a large group of mobs at once.

The other important mod is the Power drift mod that increases the chances of resisting knockdowns as this build goes well with health, so you will not be needed to use any such mod that is providing you increased health. However, you can still choose the energy siphon mod to get you covered from the energy level.

Fleeting expertise will be the right aura mod to be picked up, and the shield in this build is also high, so you will not have to worry about the mods to provide you boosted shield.

As the Baruuk is already high on health and shield, you do not need to take any such mod to provide you energy and shield. However, if you think you are running low on health anyway, you can take any augmented mod with energy.

Baruuk – Melee Storm Build

Melee Storm Baruuk Build

As we now know that melee is one of the most potent build weapons, and that is why if we go for melee, we can quickly get through the mission.

The Melee Storm Baruuk build revolves around the fourth ability of Baruuk that is about the Serene Storm that allows the desert wind to pass the radial storm. It helps in tricking the enemies as the storm is relatively robust, and it isn’t easy to survive it.

The Blind Rage will be an excellent augmented mod that can be used for increasing the ability strength up to 95%. Along with Blind Rage, the other augmented mod that you must use is the Fleeting Expertise because blind rage is relatively low inability efficiency, and the Fleeting Expertise is relatively higher. So, it will be better to pick only those mods that are providing good and boosted abilities.


So far, we have discussed the pros and cons of the Baruuk builds and how we can use the various augmented mods that can be used in the mission.

As Baruuk is a deadly Warframe, it needs substantial aura mods and muscular builds. Though any Arcane or aura mod will work, it is suggested to go with the strong ones.

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