Popular Gauss Builds of All Time

Never stop moving! This is how the developers introduced the Gauss Warframe to us. Gauss is a speed star that only leaves dust of devastation behind him.

What makes him unique that his battery gets charged by movement. It means that the more he will keep moving, the more will be the power of his kinetic abilities.

Launched in Update 25.7 – Saint of Altra Gauss has been an exceptionally successful Warframe and gamer’s favorite. With well-balanced health, shield, armor, and energy, it is suitable for all game levels. This article will discuss the different abilities and top Gauss builds that you can use to supercharge your speedster and devastate your enemies into dust.

Gauss Builds

How to get Gauss Warframe?

The blueprint of the chassis can be purchased from the market. In contrast, the blueprint of components is achieved from Tier C Disruption on Kelpie and Sedna.

Abilities of Gauss Warframe

To create powerful builds of Gauss, giving him the ultimate ability to kill the enemies, you must understand its abilities around which Gauss builds are made. Let us take a look at his different abilities:

  1. Mach Rush: Using this ability, Gauss bursts into a hyper sprint which keeps charging his batteries while he bowls over the enemies. It produces a very powerful shockwave when colliding with solid objects dealing damage to the nearby enemies.
  2. Kinetic Plating: This generates an armor plating that absorbs the kinetic damage and converts it into energy. It also protects Gauss from being knockdown, but the damage resistance is linked to the battery level.
  3. Thermal Sunder: This ability is the best one of Gauss. It siphons kinetic energy from the nearby area to charge its battery and inflicts cold on the enemies. Again, it reverses the process and drains the battery to inflict heat on the enemies.
  4. Redline: This overdrives the attack speed, holster rate, reload speed and supercharges the abilities by pushing the battery level beyond the redline. Arcing electricity is then emitted by Gauss while the battery is in a redline. It explodes when the ability is deactivated, killing the nearby enemies.

Top Gauss Builds

As we are familiar with the different abilities of the Warframe – Gauss, let us step ahead and create some cool and powerful Gauss builds. One thing that you will need to deal with is the problem of low efficiency.

Therefore, it is advisable not to rely much upon the Mach rush ability as it drains the energy very quickly. You can try different mods like Primed Continuity for range, Primed Flow for energy, Blind Rage, Umbral Intensify, etc.

The Thermal Sunder Build

As the name suggests, this Gauss build revolves around the third ability of it dealing area of effect damage. All you have to do is activate the ability for a short time, creating the cold damage field. Then once again, activate the ability to create a field of inflicting heat. Together they will create a blast providing better crowd control and fatal damage to the enemies.

Now let us see what all mods we can utilize in making this Gauss build more effective. As this is an area-of-effect damage ability, it is better to have the maximum possible range. For that, you can choose the Constitution or the Primed Continuity.

The Thermal Sunder Build

For continuous movement and destruction, you can focus on mods like Blind rage or Primed Continuity. But to sustain this, you need extended survivability, for which you can use Vitality or Streamline and Umbral Intensify.

This Gauss build will prove to be efficient in missions that require greater crowd control as it sweeps out a vast area. It can also be used in other kinds of missions because it deals a good amount of damage to the enemies.

The Strength Build

Easy to build and fun to play with, this Gauss build may seem funny but is quite effective even at moderate levels. The idea behind this is fairly simple and makes use of the Mach Rush ability.  All you must do is activate the Mach Rush ability and start running towards your enemies.

The Strength Build

When you get closer to the enemies, jump on a solid object or maybe a wall, producing shockwaves. Being part of Mach rush ability, the shockwaves deal with decent damage and easily win over your enemies.

Getting into the technical side of this Gauss build, we will see that it is better to acquire as much range as possible for the shockwaves to be more effective. Overextended, Strech or Augur Reach can be used for a larger area. You can also experiment with some strength mods like Primed Continuity to significantly reduce damage taken from the enemies.

The Balanced Build

The Balanced Gauss build is safe to play a powerful build yet. It can be used at any mission level without much problem. The idea behind this build is to ignore the third ability and focus on balancing the rest three. Fill the aura and exilus mods with sprint boosts and rush and unleash his first ability, i.e., the Mach Rush.

The Balanced Build

Mach Rush being a versatile ability, gives you to utilize the actual strength of Gauss that is sprinting. However, as discussed in the above builds, you can try increasing the range of the ability so that the shockwave can swipe out a larger area. There is not much need to focus on damage resisting as the kinetic plating reduces a significant amount of damage received.


No doubt Gauss is one of the most popular Warframe. It is not only powerful but equally fun to play with. We discussed some of the best Gauss builds which you can create to have fun with the speedster Gauss. You can also have fun around him by experimenting with other combinations and overdriving him to the fullest potential.

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