A Complete Guide to Zephyr Prime Warframe

Zephyr Prime Warframe is the prime version of Zephyr. It was launched in early 2014 as a deadly Warframe based on the theme of wind. Her name is inspired by one of the Anemoi in Greek Legend, Zephyrus. She is a balanced Warframe with all the parameters balanced at the base level.

In comparison to Zephyr, Zephyr Prime has a larger health pool, higher shields and armors, faster sprint capabilities, more incredible customizability, and numerous build choices. However, Zephyr Prime and Zephyr are not very well suited for the higher levels.

Zephyr Prime

They both have a lower damage input, require a ton of forma and inadequate ability scaling. This article will discuss some of the Zephyr Prime builds and mods for an enhanced gameplay experience.

How to acquire Zephyr Prime?

You will require the blueprints, Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems to acquire Zephyr Prime. They can be obtained from the following Void Relics:


Meso Z1 Rare (V), Neo Z1 Rare (V), Neo Z2 Rare (V), and Neo Z4 Rare (V).


Lith H2 Common (V), Lith K2 Common (V), Neo N10 Common (V), Neo Z3 Common (V), Axi A4 Common (V), Axi O4 Common (V), and Axi R3 Common (V).


Meso A2 Uncommon (V), Meso W1 Uncommon (V), Neo A2 Uncommon (V), Neo K1 Uncommon (V), Axi L3 Uncommon (V), and Axi O3 Uncommon (V).


Lith Z1 Rare (V), Lith Z2 Rare (V), Meso Z2 Rare (V), and Meso Z3 Rare (V).

*(V) denotes Vaulted Void Relics.

Abilities of Zephyr Prime Warframe:

Tail Wind:

Using this ability, Zephyr gets airborne from where it can dash into the enemies or bombard the enemies.

Air Burst:

This ability creates a dense airburst that levitates the enemies into the air. The airburst also blasts on contact dealing a lot of damage.


It is a kind of defensive ability that creates a protective layer of wind around Zephyr. All the incoming projectiles get deviated, leaving her unharmed.


This ability harnesses the power of a tornado. Massive tornadoes are created, which devastate the enemies.

Top Zephyr Prime Builds:

The best part is that Zephyr Prime has two slots of Madurai Polarity. One of Vazarin and Naramon provides greater flexibility to customize her. While creating the Zephyr Prime builds, we can use the following mods:

Primed Continuity:

This mod comes in handy when you want to increase the ability duration of the Warframes. In the case of Zephyr Prime builds, this can be best used to keep her airborne for a little longer to gain an added advantage over the enemies. The ability duration increases range from +5% to +55% depending on the rank of the mod.


This mod increases the abilities’ efficiency, so it is best suited to use with the Primed Continuity mod. Together they will increase both the duration and efficiency. Depending on rank, the increase falls in the range of +5% to +30%.


It is another useful mod that increases the ability range. The good part is that it belongs to Naramon Polarity to be equipped with the above-listed mods and Zephyr Prime has on Naramon slot. The increase varies from +7.5% to +45%.

Jet Stream:

This is a Zephyr exclusive mod. It significantly boosts the turbulence produced by the Zephyr. In addition to that, it increases the projectile speed for both Zephyr and her allies, making it suitable for some support role. If you are looking to create a build based on her Turbulence ability, you must try this mod.

Let us look at some popular Zephyr Prime mod which have been the gamer’s choice for quite some time now:

The Zephyr Prime Tail Wind Build:

The Zephyr Prime Tail Wind Build

This Zephyr Prime build concentrates on her Tail Wind ability. Using this build, we boost the ability to dash into the enemies’ deals a lot more. Pretty easy to use. Just charge up the ability and release to make her airborne. She can dash into enemies while going up in the air as well as advancing downwards.

Target Fixation mod is the main mod here that increases the dash damage by around 50%.

Other mods in this build’s variant are Primed Continuity, which helps the Zephyr be airborne for longer. Simultaneously, she drops bombs over the enemies, and while diving to dash, stretch mod increases the damage radius.

The Zephyr Prime Tank Build:

The Zephyr Prime Tank Build

This Zephyr Prime build makes most of it from the ability “Turbulence” of Zephyr. As we know that this ability creates a protective shield of turbulence around her, deviating the enemy’s projectiles, it can be used to gain some extent of invincibility for a small duration.

The best use of this Zephyr Prime build is with the Jet Stream mod. It increases not only the turbulence speed but the projectile speed also. You can really dominate over the enemies if you are equipped with a decent weapon.

A few more customizations can be done by using a Stretch mod to increase her ability range. The turbulence will increase the projectile speed of your allies in a better way.

The Polarities of Zephyr Prime help a lot in customizing it. You can opt for Primed Continuity or Streamline as well, depending upon the weapon you are having.


Overall, Zephyr Prime is a good Warframe. But what makes a Warframe better is the right mod and build selection. We have discussed many relevant mods in this article using which you can customize your Zephyr Prime builds as per the need.

The builds discussed above are also great to have fun with, and you can use them in most of the easy-to-moderate missions. We would also recommend you go ahead and create some fantastic custom builds and share them with the Warframe community.

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