A Guide to Kuva Lich Warframe

Have you heard about Kuva Lich? Before you can start reading about the Kuva Lich Warframe, let us get you through the back story of Kuva.

There is one popular War within Quest Line that you will be needed to finish before getting the Kuva Lich, so if you have not completed it yet, then first, go and complete it and rush to the Kuva Lich.

If you are good with the War within Quest Line, then you can start with the Grineer mission, where you can hunt for the Kuva Larvling. Though you would not find such things in the Sorties mission or the Dark Sector runs but here we have covered it all.

Kuva Lich Guide

So, now is the time to pick up the gears and start hunting for the Kuva Lich till you get a message that the Larvling has spawned.

Kuva Lich

Kuva Lich is your archenemy that is based on the Grineer faction. Once you encounter the larva with your weapons and Warframe, it will be easy for you to create your boss. Though the base of Kuva Lich is the Grineer faction, you will find the personal rival spiked with the Kuva that makes it difficult, effective, and smart.

They can steal the loot that you have taken, and by the time you figure out how to kill them, it will be too late.

It features the Parazon that is a complete new weapon that can be found by every player in their loadout screen. Though the Kuva Lich is complicated for searching, hunting, looking, and killing but the content has many things to explore, and that is why we suggest you go and explore. So, now in this article, we will be guiding you to start your own Kuva Lich that will be better for you.

Farming Requiem Mods

If your target is to kill a Kuva Lich successfully, then you will be needed to be equipped with three Requiem mods that will be added to your Parazon. For this, we will be explaining to you what all mods you can use and how they are dropped from opening the Requiem Relics.

The Kuva flood has chances of dropping one of the four Requiem Relics, and the Kuva Siphon has another chance of 30% rewarding.

Farming Requiem Mods

The Relics will be providing you one of three everyday drops of 1.200 Kuva, Ayatan Amber, one of two uncommon drops, and one rare drop. The rare drop will be your Exilus Weapon Adapter Blueprint.

Using the other relics and combining each of them will give you the chance to upgrade the Requiem Relics with the use of Void Traces and then refine them from being intact to being exceptional.

So, if you are looking to farm the uncommon mod drops, then you can upgrade your relics to radiant, and this will give you a 40% chance of getting the uncommon reward.

Killing or Converting the Kuva Lich

Whether you decide to kill the Kuva Lich or decide to convert it, you will have to get the right relics mods anyway. Once you get the right mods, you can switch to any Kuva Lich-influenced mission and launch your Lich to spawn and fight it.

The first thing that we will suggest you do is to destroy its shield so that it cannot fight back. Now, you will get the option to either convert it or Vanquish it.

Killing or Converting the Kuva Lich

If you choose to Vanquish it, you will have to kill the Kuva Lich and earn the rewards. Once you get the rewards, you can move forward with the new Grineer mission and search for another Kuva Larvling.

And if you choose to convert the Kuva Lich, it will get by your side, and then you can start hunting for a new Kuva Larvling. So, both cases are fun to explore, and you can choose any one of them as per your wish.

How to Kill Kuva Lich?

Now, we will be covering that what are the ways and resources through which we can directly kill the Kuva Lich and end the mission. As you know that Kuva Lich is a strong target, and killing it is not an easy task. If you want to kill the Kuva Lich, then you will have to make sure for many potent weapons and strong Warframes as well.

How to Kill Kuva Lich

Rhino and Volt Warframe are good choices that can fight with Kuva Lich as both these Warframes are relatively more robust and faster. So, picking the right Warframe is the most essential thing that you will have to do.


With this guide, we have discussed the importance of the resources about the Kuva Lich that are deadly and can help you in fighting against it. However, there is no need to get potent weapons as the Rhino, and the Volt Warframe are strong enough to deal with the Kuva Lich.

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