How to Get Trinity? – A Complete Guide

Although there is much other viable support for Warframe in the game, the players still look for the one they have trusted forever. Yes, we are talking about the Trinity.

The beginners, as well as the experienced players, have their faith in the Trinity Warframe, and therefore, in this guide, we will be discussing how we can get Trinity on our own and what are resources we need to take to get it.

As you might have heard or known about Trinity that it is a classic support Warframe with good ability range and ability strength, everyone wants to have it independently. However, getting Trinity is not that easy, and you will be ground enough for getting it on your own.

How to Get Trinity

But if you know the right missions and resources that will be needed to get it, then it will be a lot easier for you to get it.

Animo Nav Beacons Farm

Though it seems that getting Trinity on your own is relatively easy, however, it is not. To get it on your own, you will be needed to fight the Ambulas.

Fighting Ambulas is not easy as it comes with many challenges that you will have to face and deal with, and only then will you get the Trinity.

For this, the very first thing that you will be needed to do is to create your way to the star system and try to reach Hades on Pluto.

As soon as you get there, you will be needed to acquire 20 “Animo Nav Beacons,” and only then will you be allowed to challenge Pluto’s assassination target.

Animo Nav Beacons Farm

More so, if you somehow beat the boss in the mission, then you will get 10 Animo Nav Beacons as a reward. Even if you fail, you will have nothing to lose.

If you want to farm all the beacons, then you will be needed to enter the Corpus mission along with an open-air tileset.

Once you get there, then you will get to encounter the special corpus drops. It would be best if you got your hands on those beacons, and only then will you be able to fight with them as they are too strong.

These dropships have a good chance of dropping the Ambulas unit as well but only at higher level missions and not on any lower missions.

Once you attack it and take it down anyhow, it will start fighting from your side, and it will also drop Animo Nav Beacons.

How to Farm Trinity?

Till now, you must have understood that for farming any Warframe, there is one thing that you always require, and that is the blueprint.

Each part of Warframe requires a particular blueprint that you need to farm separately. Also, each blueprint requires some resources that you need to collect, and only then will you be able to farm them.

For farming Trinity, there are four essential things that you need to farm, and they are Trinity Neuroptics, Trinity Systems, Trinity Chassis, and Trinity’s primary blueprint.

Also, there are many rare and uncommon resources that will be found in different locations, and you will have to collect them to get them for farming.

Allot Plate, Ferrite and Salvage are the primary resources that you will have to collect in the right amount. So, for this, what you can do is to visit the suitable locations and then you will find them in a large amount.

There are few unique resources as well that needs to be collected, and they are Plastids, Rubedo, and Polymer Bundle that you will find at Saturn, Pluto, Eris, Phobos, and Uranus.

Along with this, the other places to look them for are Sedna, Mercury, Venus, and Orokin Void. Once you collect enough resources, then you can start farming the Warframe part by part. It will take quite some time, but you will have to be patient enough to craft it.

Best Warframe and Weapons

Till now, you must have understood that farming Trinity is not an easy task, and you will have to be patient enough to gather the resources for farming each of its parts.

Best Warframe and Weapons

However, the missions are also relatively more substantial and complicated. That is why players are suggested to take strong Warframes like Mesa, Nova, Inaros, and Khora with them as these Warframes have the ability strength and ability range that can help in protecting the player from enemies.


By now, you must have understood that picking the right Warframe is the most crucial task as it will be protecting you from enemies. So, Nova and Oberon are also good choices to be taken into the mission as these two are one of the strongest Warframe that you can pick.

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