Hey there, young Tenno! Are you ready to get into the exciting game of Warframe and learn how to get your hands on the awesome Sevagoth Warframe? Warframe, the beloved action-packed multiplayer game, is known for its winning gameplay and a vast array of Warframes to choose from.

One such interesting addition is Sevagoth, a shadowy Warframe that has captured the attention of players worldwide. If you’re eager to unlock this mysterious frame and boost its powers, you’ve come to the right place.

To unlock Sevagoth, you’ll need to go on an interesting adventure within the game. You’ll have to collect some special materials and complete certain missions to earn his parts. Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Just follow along, and you’ll be well on your way to adding this mysterious and powerful Warframe to your collection.


  • 🌌 The drop chances for each part of Sevagoth are different on different nodes, making it a challenging farm.
  • πŸ’° You do not need any relics to farm the Sevagoth Parts, but it would be a waste if you miss an additional Relic drop at the end of every voidstorm mission.
  • πŸ” Severagoth’s Gloom helmet ability is a worthwhile addition for frames with little to no energy supply problems.

Sevagoth’s Abilities and Damage Potential

Sevagoth's Abilities and Damage Potential.jpg

Sevagoth, the powerful Warframe, boasts a range of remarkable abilities and an exceptional AoE (Area of Effect) damage potential. His abilities are designed to deal damage on both single targets and groups of enemies. With his Sow ability, Sevagoth warframe can bid a shadowy, spectral version of himself, known as the Shadow, to damage foes and gather life force.

The Gloom ability creates a field of darkness, reducing enemy accuracy and damaging those within range. Reap is an ability that releases a wave of energy to damage enemies around Sevagoth. Finally, his ultimate ability, Exalted Shadow, lets him convert into a powerful, deathly form, improving his damage output and abilities.

Sevagoth’s Death Well as a Passive Activity

Sevagoth's Death Well as a Passive Activity

Sevagoth’s unique passive ability, “Death Well,” allows him to collect the life force of defeated enemies. As enemies perish near Sevagoth warframe, they contribute to the Death Well, charging it up. Once charged, this well of energy increases the abilities of Sevagoth’s shadowy form, increasing his strength and making his skills more potent. This feature encourages players to engage actively with Sevagoth’s gameplay style, strategically positioning him to maximize the benefits of the Death Well.

Unlocking Sevagoth

Unlocking Sevagoth

Getting Sevagoth requires the completion of certain steps. He can be obtained through the “Call of the Tempestarii” quest, accessible from the Codex on your Orbiter’s navigation console. The quest takes players on an exciting journey, freeing them in the Warframe universe while gradually revealing Sevagoth’s backstory. Completing the quest rewards players with the blueprint for Sevagoth’s components. These parts must then be crafted and assembled in your Foundry to create the Sevagoth Warframe.

Finish the story quest “Call of the Tempestarii. Go on an epic journey in Warframe by completing the gripping narrative quest “Call of the Tempestarii.” This quest introduces you to the mysterious world of Railjacks, powerful spaceships capable of both exploration and combat. Get into the heart-pounding storyline as you uncover the mysteries surrounding the ghost Railjack ship, engage in intense battles, and find the secrets of the Void. Your actions throughout the quest will lead you to a fight with Vala Glarios, a formidable Corpus captain whose motives drive the story forward.

Encounter the Ghost Railjack Ship and Sevagoth

Encounter the Ghost Railjack Ship and Sevagoth.jpg

During the quest, you’ll encounter the haunting and ethereal ghost Railjack ship. This mysterious vessel holds the key to unlocking Sevagoth, a unique Warframe shrouded in darkness and equipped with powerful abilities. As you explore the ghost ship and learn about its tragic past, you’ll uncover the secrets that tie Sevagoth warframe to this puzzling space.

Confront Vala Glarios: Corpus Captain

Confront Vala Glarios Corpus Captain.jpg

Prepare for a climactic showdown with Vala Glarios, a high-ranking Corpus captain, with her agenda. As the story unfolds, you’ll find yourself face to face with this cunning antagonist, engaging in high battles and unraveling the truth behind her actions. The confrontation with Vala Glarios is an important moment in the quest’s narrative, propelling you toward the ultimate resolution.

Obtain Sevagoth’s Main Blueprint and The Epitaph Weapon Blueprint

Obtain Sevagoth's Main Blueprint and The Epitaph Weapon Blueprint.jpg

As you progress through the quest, you’ll earn the coveted rewards of Sevagoth’s main blueprint and the Epitaph weapon blueprint. The Sevagoth warframe blueprint enables you to craft this formidable Warframe, granting you access to Sevagoth’s unique abilities that harness the power of shadows. Additionally, this weapon blueprint equips you with a powerful sidearm that complements Sevagoth’s playstyle.

These blueprints are your keys to controlling the full potential of Sevagoth, making them necessary prizes for your arsenal, arming Sevagoth Blueprints, and obtaining Requirements. To obtain the blueprints needed to build Sevagoth, you must venture into Void Fissures during Void Storms.

These storms can be found in different regions: Veil Proxima, Pluto Proxima, and Neptune Proxima. After completing missions within these areas, you have a 10% chance of acquiring Sevagoth’s blueprints. The parts you need to craft are the Neuroptics, Systems, and Chassis.

How to Get Sevagoth

How to Get Sevagoth

To get your hands on the Sevagoth Warframe, follow these steps. Firstly, go into Void Fissures that pop up during Void Storms. These special occurrences are your ticket to the blueprints. Remember, these storms grace Veil Proxima, Pluto Proxima, and Neptune Proxima. After bravely completing missions in these regions, there’s a 10% chance that you’ll snag the Sevagoth blueprint pieces. Once you’ve secured those coveted blueprints, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and craft the individual components like Neuroptics, Systems, and Chassis.

Sevagoth Component Requirements

Sevagoth Component Requirements.jpg

1. Sevagoth Neuroptics

To forge Sevagoth warframe, you’ll need his Neuroptics. This part requires 12 hours of crafting time and 15,000 Credits. Gather some common resources like Salvage, Titanium, and Rubedo, along with Neural Sensors.

2. Sevagoth Systems

Acquiring Sevagoth warframe Systems demands 15,000 Credits and materials such as Nano Spores, Oxium, Asterite, and an Argon Crystal. Be prepared to invest some time and effort into gathering these resources.

3. Sevagoth Chassis

The Chassis is another piece you need. It asks for 15,000 Credits and a mix of resources, including Alloy Plate, Cryotic, Morphics, and Nullstones.

Crafting the Sevagoth Frame

Crafting the Sevagoth Frame

To obtain the formidable Sevagoth Frame in Warframe, follow these simple steps.

1. Assemble Components

Gather the necessary materials to craft the Sevagoth warframe. You’ll need 25,000 Credits, which are the in-game currency, 3 Orokin Cells, rare parts obtained from specific missions or bosses, and 72 hours for the crafting process to complete.

2. Credits

Accumulate 25,000 Credits by completing missions, selling items, or engaging in various in-game activities. For selling and purchasing items, you need a good communication system likeheadphones and an internet connection. Credits are vital for acquiring various resources and items in Warframe.

3. Orokin Cells

Obtain 3 Orokin Cells, rare resources that can be obtained by defeating bosses on planets like Saturn, Ceres, and Orokin Derelict. Engaging in boss fights and exploring these planets is key to collecting Orokin Cells.

4. Crafting Time

After getting the required parts, start the crafting process. The frame will take 72 hours to complete. You can continue playing the game and exploring while the crafting timer ticks down.

5. Mastery Rank

Ensure that your Mastery Rank is 13 or higher, as this is a condition for crafting the Sevagoth Frame. Mastery Rank is a measure of your in-game experience and progression.

Obtaining Epitaph


Epitaph serves as Sevagoth’s warframe distinctive weapon, embodying his eerie style. To get your hands on this remarkable weapon, you’ll need to follow these steps

1. Blueprint Acquisition

To begin, you’ll need the blueprints for the Epitaph. These blueprints can be acquired by participating in Void Storm missions. These missions offer a good experience and a chance to uncover the desired Epitaph blueprint.

2. Proxima Locations

Epitaph blueprints can be found in the Proxima regions of Earth, Venus, and Saturn. As you progress through the game, you can access different Proxima locations, each offering a distinct challenge and an opportunity to secure the blueprint.

3. Crafting

Once you’ve collected all the necessary parts and resources as specified in the blueprint, you can proceed to get the Epitaph. The crafting process might take some time, but the result will undoubtedly be worth the effort.

Epitaph as Sevagoth’s Signature Weapon

Epitaph as Sevagoth's Signature Weapon.jpg

The Epitaph isn’t just any weapon. It’s Sevagoth’s weapon of choice, perfectly complementing his dark persona. When wielded by Sevagoth, it expresses his unique abilities and increases his combat prowess.

Epitaph Weapon Features Master the Power

Epitaph Weapon Features Master the Power

The Epitaph, a strong weapon in Warframe’s arsenal, offers a range of exciting features that can turn the tide of battles. With both charged and uncharged shots at your disposal, you can adapt to various combat scenarios. Notably, it boasts a high critical chance, ensuring that your shots have a greater chance of dealing devastating damage to foes.

One of its standout abilities is the punch-through effect, allowing your shots to penetrate through multiple enemies, making crowd control easy. The weapon’s damage composition also plays an important role. This delivers both slash and impact damage, which proves highly effective against enemy health and shields. This strategic combination improves your effectiveness against a wide array of adversaries.

Sevagoth Acquisition Unveiling the Shadows

Sevagoth Acquisition Unveiling the Shadows

Acquiring Sevagoth, the wanted Warframe, requires a series of steps. Players must complete specific missions and challenges to gather parts for Sevagoth’s blueprint. These can be found within different game modes and regions, encouraging exploration and diverse gameplay.

Once all the necessary components are collected, players can construct a Sevagoth warframe in the Foundry using the acquired blueprint. This process is an exciting journey in itself, providing players with the chance to engage with various aspects of Warframe’s gameplay.


Getting Sevagoth in Warframe is an exciting adventure! Remember, Sevagoth is a powerful Warframe that you can unlock by completing specific missions and collecting special Relics items. These relics hold the parts you need to build the Sevagoth warframe. You must collaborate with other players to find these relics and get all the pieces.

Players can get Sevagoth for free by starting this quest, mainly getting the Sevagoth Blueprint after completion. All of the other parts can easily be obtained but may take some time to complete during the Void Storms as there is a drop chance to be endured. From navigating the Steel Path mode to getting this shadowy Warframe, every step has been protected.

Remember that Sevagoth’s collection is a rewarding process that showcases your dedication and skill within the Warframe universe. Boost the shadows, master the powers, and be victorious as you add Sevagoth to your grand collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Trade for Sevagoth’s Blueprint?

No, Sevagoth’s blueprint cannot be traded between players. You must acquire it through Steel Path missions.

Are Steel Essence Drop Rates Consistent?

Steel Essence drop rates vary based on mission difficulty and enemy type. Engaging in higher-level missions increases your chances of obtaining Steel Essence.

Can I Use Steel Nature for Anything Other than Sevagoth?

Yes, Steel Essence is a versatile resource. It can be traded for various rewards, including Kuva, cosmetics, and more.

Is Sevagoth’s Collection Time-Limited?

As of the current update, Sevagoth’s blueprint is a permanent addition to the Steel Path mode, so there’s no rush to obtain it.

Can I Acquire Sevagoth’s Components Separately?

No, Sevagoth’s items, including his blueprint, Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems, are all acquired as a single blueprint.

How Do I Earn Mastery Ranks?

Mastery Ranks are earned by leveling up different weapons, Warframes, and companions. As you accumulate experience, your Mastery Rank will increase.

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