Thermia Fracture Guide – Everything You Need to Know

As you know that if you want to farm a Hildryn on your own, then you will have to fight with the Exploiter Orb. The Exploiter Orb is responsible for dropping all the required blueprints of Hildryn including the Chassis and the Neuroptics blueprints.

So, if you want to fight with it, then you will have to start an event that will make you move towards the fight. However, before that fight, you must be able to be good at Diluted Thermia.

Diluted Thermia is a resource that you can collect every two weeks during the Operation: Buried Debts. In this event, you will find a lot of yellow fractures that will be spawning on the Orb Vallis.

Thermia Fracture Guide

Now, your task is to seal them with the help of Coolant Canisters, and for this task, you will be needed to close those four fractures with the help of a canister to fill and get the Diluted Thermia.


  • 🔫 Using different weapon mods for different enemy types in the Thermia fractures event can be a game-changer for success.
  • 🕹️ Putting up to four coolant canisters into a fracture can make it more difficult, increasing the extraction time from three minutes to five and a half minutes.
  • 🤔 Diluted thermia is required for a boss fight against the exploiter orb, highlighting the importance of farming it efficiently.
  • 🌋 The difficulty of the event depends on the amount of canisters in a fracture, with burps consistently happening while defending them.
  • 🛡️ Enemies will mostly attack you and not the canister, but there are specific melee enemies that will target the canister, making it important to defend it.
  • 💰 The amount of points you will get is dependent on how many thermia fractures you close and how many diluted thermias you get.
  • 💬 The Opticor Vandal may not be used much, but it is considered to be a heavy and quick hitter.

Thermia Fractures

Now we will discuss how we can seal the Thermia Fractures and how we should move forward with this. The very first thing that you should note is that you should get a coolant canister as it will be very much required for the sealing fractures.

They will be dropped by the Coolant Raknoids that will be following the Exploiter Orb in groups.

The Exploiter Orb runs around the Temple of Profit that is on the northwest side of the map. So, all you will be needed to do is to run towards the temple and try to find the Coolant Raknoid.

Once you can find it, then kill it then and there. If you want to be fast, then you can use the Archwig Launcher as well. It will increase your speed and will allow you to move faster. You can also ignore the Exploiter Orb and try to kill the Raknoid first.

Also, there is one most important thing that you will be needed to keep in mind, and that is you cannot get injured at this time because this time is the most crucial time for you, and you cannot let it go. So, do not try to engage in a fight with the Exploiter Orb. All you can do is ignore it and focus on killing the Raknoid.

Thermia Fractures

As soon as you find the Thermia Fracture, you will have to jump in the yellow mass and put the canister where it is directed to be put. Now, you will have to protect the canister till the Fracture gets closed.

Once the Fracture gets closed, you will be safe. However, to fill the canister completely, you will be needed four fractures with it that will give you a Diluted Thermia.

How to Farm Thermia Fractures

This mission is not so vital, and therefore you can farm it on your own without taking much help. This mission gives you a low damage output and provides good capabilities for defense, and therefore you will not get much trouble in defending the canisters that you have got in the mission.

More so, if you are playing with a team, then it will have more advantages than playing solo. So, it is advisable that you should play along with a team.

If somehow you caught and you needed to be revived, then it will be easier for your teammates to revive you and protect you from any kind of lethal damage. Being said this, the fight with the boss will become a lot easier as each team member will play a different role and can protect the team from getting injured from the enemies.

How to Farm Thermia Fractures

Now, with a team, you can decide on a team member that will be responsible for finding the canisters to save a lot of time.

If you go this way, then it will be easier for you to directly aim for the Thermia Fracture that is targeted for next. Also, you will not have to waste a lot of time finding it again. You can pick Warframes that can give you the ability to fly across the map and look for another fracture, and once you are able to find it, then you can mark it and hand it over to the group to protect it from the enemies.


So far, we have discussed everything about the Thermia Fracture and how it will be beneficial for the players to use the abilities of the Warframe in locating the Fracture and protecting it.

So, the main thing that you need to worry about is the right set of weapons and Warframe that you will be taking in the mission. Also, we would suggest you always go with a team rather than playing solo.

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