A Complete Guide to Sentinel Helios Prime

Equipped with its exclusive weapon Deconstructor, Senitel Helios is one of the merchant cults known as the Corpus. It is the cheapest sentinels to acquire among all but the most expensive to produce.

The unique ability of Helios is that it can cross laser barriers only at the cost of its shield and without taking any health damage. Always greedy for the headshots, it tends to aim at where the head of the enemies should be. No difference in the height and Helios will miss its shot. It

Sentinel Helios Prime

Helios Prime is its Orokin – enhanced version having more health and armor by 50 points. Its signature weapon is Deconstructor Prime, an enhanced version of the simple Deconstructor that Helios uses. Both of them possess Vazarin and Penjaga polarities and have three exclusive precept mods – Targeting receptor, Investigator, Detect Vulnerability. In this article, we will discuss in detail top Helios Prime Builds.


  • 🎮 The main thing you have to know about these Sentinels is that they are your companions which you can equip with mods so they can Aid you on your missions.
  • 🎯 Ambush mod increases your damage by 120 percent every time your cloak is broken for 3 seconds, making it a super good mod.
  • 🔫 The death machine rifle Prime deals a massive amount of damage in the form of Slash damage, making it insanely good.
  • 🔫 Carrier’s ability to convert ammo into the type you need on your weapon is extremely nice if you ask me.
  • ⚡ The Arc coil Sentinel is like a “bully” with its ability to stun and eventually kill enemies, making it great for crowd control.
  • 🎯 The targeting receptor mod allows Helios to shoot three glaive-like projectiles at enemies, dealing massive amounts of damage.
  • 🐟 Having Oculus as your companion in Warframe is “freaking amazing” because it makes all the fish in the water visible to you, saving resources and nerves.
  • 🔧 The Nautilus Sentinel’s Cordon mod forces enemies into clusters, making them easier to dispatch.

How to acquire Helios Prime?

To manufacture Helios Prime, you would need 15,000 Credits, 1 Cerebrum, 1 Carapace, 1 system, and 6 Orokin cells. It takes 24 hours in the entire process which can be boosted using 30 Platinums.

The blueprints of Helios Prime can be obtained from Void Relics such as Meso E5, Lith C3, Lith N2, Lith V4, Meso C3, Meso Z1, Neo K1, and Neo M1.

The Cerebrum which is rare can be obtained from Axi H5, Lith H1, Lith H2, Meso H1, Axi H1, and Axi H2.

The Carapace is common and can be obtained from Lith K5, Lith P1, Meso E5, Meso S6, Neo N5, Neo N7, Neo V5, Axi A3, Axi C3, and Axi H3.

Systems can be obtained from Axi A12, Lith V3, Lith Z2, Meso D2, Axi N5, Axi O2.

Precept Mods of Helios Prime:

Helios’ mods affect its behavior in the order they have been equipped. Helios attacks the enemies only when the Targeting Receptor is equipped in the first two Vazarin Polarity slots. The Assault mod functions the same in all slots and the percept mod which is equipped in the first Vazarin polarity helps decide whether to attack or scan. In order to create effective Helios Prime builds, let us take a look at its precept mods.

Targeting receptor:

Targeting Receptor

This mod allows the Helios to attack target enemies within 10m of range with three glaives at fully upgraded rank. The number of glaives varies from 1 at Rank 0 to 3 at Rank 3. Keep in mind that Helios will not attack if you are invisible. Therefore, you will have to lose the stealth mode for using this mod. With this mod Reach can be equipped  as well to increase its Range.



This mod gives Helios the ability to scan enemies and objects nearby. In order to use this mod Codex Scanner or Synthesis Scanner needs to be equipped in the gear slots because scanning requires a charge. If none of them is equipped, Helios will not scan. The range of scanning increases by 20m to 50m with Rank of Investigator but the duration changes from +5 secs to +2 secs with the Ranks simultaneously.

Detect Vulnerability:

Detect Vulnerability

Helios uses this mod to figure out the weak spots of the enemies scanned through codex scan. It produces a damage multiplier while hitting the detected weak spots of the enemies. The damage multiplier increases along with the rank from +150% at Rank 0 to +275% at Rank 5. Helios uses this precept mod randomly on enemies that are in range and only selects enemies gone through codex scans.

Popular Helios Prime Builds:

Now we will discuss the two major Helios Prime Build and how we can use the different mods in the build altogether.

Helpios Red Critos

Damage Support Helios Prime Build

Let us look at the first and foremost Helios Prime Build that is the Helpios Red Critos. This build is relatively better for the critical multiplier and has pretty fast mods. The Assault mode is open in which the Sentinel can shoot the first enemy at a range within 30m, and Primed Animal Instinct mod will be helping in increasing the loot and the enemy radar.

The Medi Ray and the Repair Kit are mostly in use in this build as these mods have the capacity to heal their owners, and in other words, these mods would not let you die. Along with this, you can combine the Vitality mod to boost the survival rate, and then you can get through the mission.

Helios Prime – Survivability Deconstructor Healing Build

Helios Prime no-Damage Build

The most crucial mod in this build is the Primed Regen mod that allows you to regenerate maximum health and hence helps you in surviving a little longer. The Enhanced Vitality and the Assault mode are also crucial for this build as you will be needed fast fire rates to kill a large bunch of enemies. This build goes well with the shield, and therefore you will not require any shield mod.

In general, the most important mods that will be helping you in fighting are the assault mod and the Primed Regen mod that can generate and produce health and fire rates. Along with this, if you feel that you lack survivability, then you can switch to survivability mod also.


Having a higher Health and Armor Helios Prime is a healthy sentinel. It can even be enhanced with the Helios builds that we have already mentioned above. This article also discusses the other aspects like the precept mods to give you a precise detail of the Sentinel’s strength so that you can create your custom Helios Prime Build.

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