How to Get Ash? – A Complete Guide

Every beginner thinks of getting Ash as soon as they start playing Warframe. Ash is a lethal and challenging Warframe to be used generally, but it has many different abilities that are strong, unique, focused, and that is why everyone wants to get it.

However, getting Ash in the initial days of gaming might be difficult for a beginner. Though farming Ash sounds easy but apparently, it is not.

How To Get Ash Guide

In this guide, we will be talking about the various resources that you will be needed to farm your own Ash, as buying it for Platinum will be very hard for you in the initial days of gaming. Farming many Warframes is an easy task, but once you start farming Ash, it will lead to difficulties. However, if you follow the right path, you will be able to do it without facing many difficulties.


  • 🔪 Ash’s Shuriken ability does a guaranteed slash proc which is very nice and also does a very decent amount of damage.
  • 💥 Ash’s damage does true damage, ignoring enemy armor and always doing the same amount, making him a powerful choice for high-level missions.
  • 💥 The damage of Ash’s bladestorm goes off of the combo multiplier, allowing him to one-shot enemies when optimized.
  • 🔥 Ash’s ability to easily kill level 60 enemies sets him apart from other frames in Warframe.
  • 🌀 Ash’s ability to spread invisibility to nearby allies can be a game-changer in team play, especially with the right range and duration.
  • 🌪️ Applying viral procs to an enemy first can give you over a million damage, absolutely melting them in a quick kill.
  • 💥 With the right setup, you can one-shot high-level enemies in Warframe, making the game much easier.

How to Get Ash’s Blueprints?

Now comes the most challenging task that you can ever face, getting the blueprints. So, a blueprint is something that you will be needed to collect so that you can build or farm your own Ash.

This blueprint is not a single piece, each part of the Warframe requires a separate blueprint that you will have to collect, and in the need when you will collect all blueprints, you can start farming Ash.

It is certainly possible that you can purchase the blueprints from the market in exchange for Platinum, but that is not easy because they are too expensive. Also, the Platinum is not easy to collect, and so, at last, you will have to farm Ash on your own by collecting blueprints manually.

There are three main blueprints that are needed, Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems. Once you collect the blueprints of all three, then you can start farming.

Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems are a part of Grineer, they can only be found in any Grineer mission. The Grineer also includes Survival missions and Excavation missions.

All three blueprints will be dropped by an enemy that is known as Manic. So, in order to collect these blueprints, you will have to kill this Manic.

How to Kill Manic?

Let us discuss how we can kill the Manic and get the required blueprints. As we know that killing Manic is the only option to get the blueprints, you cannot miss a single chance to kill it, otherwise, you would not be able to get the required blueprints and farm your own Ash. So, before going to kill Manic, you should be prepared thoroughly.

Since there is no guaranteed spawn in any mission other than the Defection, the Manic could be killed by other fractions as well. If you are thinking of going for a crossfire mission, Invasion mission, or any similar type of mission, then there are high chances that you find the Manic, and you will have the opportunity to fight him and kill him.

How To Get Ash’s Blueprints

So, once you enter the mission, then start hunting for Manic. Make sure you do not lose your focus on Manic as it is a clever enemy and can be anywhere. Also, there are high chances that they might get killed by the Corpus units or by the Infested units, but you will have to make sure that you should be the one who kills it. Otherwise, the mission will go wasted, and you will not get the required blueprints.

The Manic start their spawning with a howl, and therefore, you will have to be very attentive and careful and put your audio on and volume high so that you can hear its howling and head in that direction.

You can use the Frost, Mesa, Volt, and the Nova Warframe that can help you in hunting for Manic and kill it. Manic is agile, fast, and uses some cloaking and tricks, and that is why you will need these warframes for support.

Locations to Farm Blueprints

Yursa, Neptune is one good location where you can farm the blueprint. This takes around five to ten minutes to open the door and search for the Manic. The next location where you can find the Manic is the Caracol, Saturn, and the last location is Memphis, Phobos.

These are all excellent locations where you can find Manic. The drop rate of the Neuroptics blueprint is 12.78%, the Chassis blueprint is 12.78%, and for the Systems blueprint, 7.44%.

How To Kill a Manics

In total, you will have to kill around 20 Manics to get the required blueprints, and then you can start farming your own Ash.


So far, we discussed how difficult and vital is to farm Ash on our own, but as we need it in the mission, we will have to do it anyhow. The most essential thing that you should keep in mind is the locations where you will be getting all the required resources, and then you can move ahead.

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