Best Warframes for the Beginners - Full Guide

While creating the new account in the Warframe allows you to pick one from the characters. There are different characters like Excalibur, Mag, and Volt, and all of them are equipped with some special powers.

You can choose anyone from Excalibur, Mag, or Volt. Before choosing any Warframe, you will have to keep in mind that you must craft every Warframe in the game at any point. The character you did not choose at the starting is easily obtained later in the game.

In this article, we will discuss all the available characters during the starting of the game. This article is mainly focused on guiding you to pick up your favorite character.


  • 📈 Tips to speed up getting the best Warframes for beginners and how to play them effectively are included in this guide.
  • 🛡️ Rhino’s iron skin ability makes him effectively completely invincible, which can be a game-changer for beginners in the early stages of the game.
  • 🛡️ Rhino’s iron skin is basically god mode in the early game, making it a great Warframe for beginners.
  • 💥 With Rhino’s abilities, beginners can face tank early game dangers and buff their damage output, making him a strong choice for new players.
  • 🌪️ Zephyr’s tornado ability creates a powerful synergy with her other skills, allowing players to easily obliterate huge amounts of foes in just one swoop.
  • 🎮 Warframe players tend to be super friendly towards beginners, always willing to help out if you go to the record chat and say that you’re a beginner searching for a clan.
  • 🛡️ Wukong’s third ability, defy, makes him temporarily invincible and gives him a huge amount of armor, turning him into a powerful tank.
  • 🩸 Garuda’s ability to self-heal and regenerate energy makes her a powerful choice for beginners, ensuring they won’t run out of health or energy.

Excalibur, Mag, or Volt

Best Warframes for the Beginners

No matter which one you choose. There is no wrong starter in this game, but you must mainly focus on playing with that character, which mainly suits you.

Before continuing the guide, you will have to know that Warframe is just like MMORPG, but it has featured some robotic ninjas with guns.

As you go through the game, you get items to collect and allow you to craft and upgrade, allowing your character to become more powerful.

It is better to understand the game first, it will help in understanding the mechanics of the game.



Excalibur’s design is quite like the character of Dark Sector. Excalibur is considered a very powerful Warframe, and it has different special abilities. Around 60% of players choose him over other characters because he is both noob-friendly and has a fun playstyle. In close range, Excalibur is considered best because of his slicing and dicing capability.


  • Slash Dash – Slash Dash is mainly responsible for pushing Excalibur to dash toward an enemy and deal damage to him with his exalted blades.
  • Radial Blind – Radial Blink helps Excalibur raise his sword, which results in blinding all the nearby enemies.
  • Radial Javelin – Radial Javelin allows Excalibur to shoot a javelin at any nearby target around him.
  • Exalted Blade – Exalted blade allows Excalibur to get a mighty blade with the power to throw energy waves to his enemies, which deal with heavy damage.

Excalibur Abilities


  • Ability to boost attack speed and damage while using swords.
  • Excalibur has a high armor compared to other starting characters.
  • It has an Exalted blade, a compelling ability, and can be used for a long time if used with the right mods.


  • No ability to help any allies or team members.
  • No long-range abilities



Mag is the only female Warframe character who comes at the starting of the game. All her abilities revolve around magnetism.

She is also considered the lowest pick from all three characters because of various reasons. She requires more upgrades than the other two to make full use of her abilities.

However, she is a master in Crowd Control and can clear large numbers of enemies with ease. You will need some game knowledge to use Mag and unlock her true potential.



  • Pull – Pull Allows Mag to create a large magnetic force around herself, which results in attracting nearby enemies towards her and dealing damage to them.
  • Magnetize – Magnetize helps mag to surround an enemy in her magnetic field, which eventually attracts all nearby enemies, bullets, and shards towards her.
  • Polarize – Polarize is responsible for creating a pulse of magnetic energy, which destroys the shield and armor of enemies.
  • Crush – Crush allows Mag to magnetize the bones of all the nearby enemies. It also allows Mag to lift the enemy in the air while dealing heavy damage to them.

Mag Abilities


  • It has a Passive ability that pulls.
  • High armor shield
  • Best crowd control option


  • Low health (by default)
  • Magnetic damage is less effective against unshielded enemies.



Volt is responsible for providing a fast-paced game style to the new players, with his speed and electrical abilities. Volt can easily take down his enemies by boosting up his speed.

Shock is considered as his primary attack, in which he fires a lightning bolt that can move zigzag around enemies.

Approximately 30% of the new players choose Volt because of his unique abilities. Volt is the second most popular choice in the Warframe.

He is the most versatile character from the other two and is considered helpful in the last game.


  • Shock – Shock allows Volt to shoot a lightning bolt toward his enemies, chaining up with five other enemies.
  • Speed – Speed is used to increase the movement, reload and melee attack speed of the Volt and his nearby allies for a short period.
  • Electric Shield – Electric Shield allows Volt to create a shield that the enemy’s firing cannot penetrate. Shooting to the shield will result in boosting electrical and critical damage.
  • Discharge – It allows Volt to discharge a massive amount of electricity in all directions, which results in damaging and stunning the enemies.

Volt Abilities


  • Ability to build up static energy.
  • Ability to help allies.


  • Electric damage not so effective against armored enemies

Final Words

It does not matter which character you choose to start the game as the initial choice does not lock out other characters. They can be easily unlocked later in the game.

You can easily craft all the other weapons you did not pick, so you do not have to worry about them. These characters are only made for early game, so did not expect them to be very strong.

This is all about this topic. If you liked this guide, please share it once. If you have some queries or want to share something with us, you can comment down below.

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