Cephalon Simaris – Everything You Must Know

You must have heard this name, right? If you are a regular player of Warframe, you must have come across this name multiple times. Not only in Warframe Synthesis but also you must have read his name in weekly quests and the Night wave seasons.

Along with this, if you have ever come across Sanctuary, weapons, and mods, then also you must have come across this name, Cephalon Simaris.

Well, Cephalon Simaris is a Cephalon construct that is found on almost every relay. It is a general syndicate, and with each syndicate, the player earns a specific amount of standing that helps in gaining the standing for Cephalon Simaris.

Cephalon Simaris

More so, this standing that you earn is also used to purchase many different resources. So, standing is essential for lots of stuff, so you should have a look at this guide in which we are going to discuss important points of Cephalon Simaris.


  • 🔍 The Cephalon Simaris adds an extra layer of backstory and content to Warframe missions, but sadly never received a proper tutorial.
  • 💀 Digitizing random people by brutally ripping them apart on an atomic level to achieve immortality raises ethical questions about consent and morality.
  • 🎮 The codex is a database of all the enemies and objects you encounter in Warframe that must be filled by yourself using the scanner.
  • 🔍 Equipping the scanner and traps on your gear wheel is essential for finding and scanning targets in missions.
  • 🎯 The synthesis target is an NPC with a blue aura around them, with a lot more health than normal counterparts and can use different abilities like going invisible or spawning a decoy of themselves.
  • 🔍 Dropping a kinetic siphon trap will lift the target into the air, making it much easier to scan and synthesize.

Cephalon Simaris Standing Farm

The very first thing that you will be needed to understand is that there is a limitation on the amount of standing that you collect every day for the Cephalon Simaris. For collecting the Cephalon Simaris syndicate, there is one formula that is popularly known as Mastery Rank. If you are somehow able to collect 15 Mastery Rank, then the number of standing points will be 16.000 per day.

Cephalon Simaris Standing Farm

For collecting the fixed points, one needs to perform the Warframe Synthesis that is way too different from the one that you encounter initially. Instead of equipping the Sigil that is present over there, you will have to purchase the Synthesis Scanners from the A.I.

It is a bit expensive, but you will have to get it anyway. The approximate cost of the Synthesis is 5.000 Credits for 25x Scanners, and this will allow you to get the required standing points.

The mechanism is relatively easy to get as all you need to do equip the Synthesis Scanner in the gear wheel to rush to the mission and use this Warframe Synthesis on the opponent.

All the enemies that are scanned will provide a specific number of standing points that you can collect till you get to the daily standing cap.

However, if you do not have a good Mastery Rank, then you will reach daily standing in the first mission itself.

Cephalon Simaris Standing Farm Guide

Till now, you must have understood that scanning many enemies will give you some fixed points that you can collect. Though this fixed point is not calculated with the one that you gather daily, and hence, the remaining points are added to the daily quest that you finish. So, all you need to keep in mind is that you look for the targets to scan and finish the daily standing cap.


The Sanctuary is a Syndicate of Cephalon Simaris in the Relays. The Sanctuary has many more functions for the Tenno that you can explore. One of these functions is the Simulacrum, where the players can create multiple Mimeographs of enemies.

Another feature is the Mastery Rank test trials, where all the players can practice their previous Mastery Rank test, and the last one is the Synthesis Research.

Cephalon Simaris Synthesis

Cephalon Simaris has a primary purpose that is known as Warframe Synthesis. It analyses the physical objects and contributes the data into Sanctuary with the help of Synthesis Scanners. This is the primary goal of Cephalon Simaris Synthesis.

Along with this, the secondary goal of Cephalon Simaris Synthesis is to fill up the Sanctuary with the basic knowledge and give reward to the Tenno.

What Cephalon Simaris has to Offer?

What Cephalon Simaris has to Offer

What Cephalon Simaris has to Offer

Well, till now, you must have understood that Cephalon Simaris has many things that one needs to discover and learn to understand it thoroughly. The first and foremost thing that it has to offer is the Simulacrum Access Key. This is one of those rewards that need to be invested in the early phase itself.

Hunt for the Synthesis target with your Synthesis Scanners

Hunt for the Synthesis target with your Synthesis Scanners

More so, there are many different mods for the Sentinels, Archwig, and the Warframe. It depends on your idea of builds and how you want to get them. For instance, if you are running low on Platinum and you want to get the Exilus Adapter, then you can purchase the blueprint for the Standing Points.

Scan the weak points of the Synthesis target to ‘capture’ it

Scan the weak points of the Synthesis target to ‘capture’ it

Also, if you are left with some more Standing points, then you can use them in purchasing the Simulator and Helicor weapons.


Till now, you must have understood that there are many things that Cephalon Simaris offers, and if you use your standing points wisely, then you can purchase many essential resources and weapons according to your need.

Also, you will be required to keep in mind things about the Simaris Standing Farm and Sanctuary so that you can use them at the right time. For learning more things about the game, you must keep switching so that you learn more things about the game.

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