2 Must-Try Hildryn Builds

Launched as the 39th Warframe in Devstream 122, Hildryn is a phenomenal Warframe. The name Hildryn has arisen from the word battle in Old Norse.

Having the highest base shields among all the Warframes, she proves to be a tank in the battle, fortifying her allies. Hildryn rains death from the sky with her launch shield powered heavy artillery leaving her enemies miserable.

Hildryn Builds

Hildryn uses her shields as a battery and draws from it to become nearly invincible. With its zero-energy base, she is best suited for Warframe for missions like Nightmare Mode, where energy regeneration is deeply impacted.

However, the vice-versa is also true; it is not the best choice for the missions severely affecting the shield. In this article, we will discuss in detail the abilities of Hildryn and the best Hildryn Builds that are super fun to try.

How to Get Hildryn?

The blueprint of Hildryn’s chassis can be bought from Little Duck once you reach the rank of Agent with Vox Solaris. The blueprints of her components can be acquired from the Exploiter Orb as drops.

Abilities of Hildryn:

To be able to play around with different Hildryn Warframe builds, one must know her abilities. Most of the builds revolve around the abilities of the Warframes. So, let us look at Hildryn’s abilities:

  1. Shield Wall – It is the iconic ability of Hildryn. Neither the damage can bypass her shields, nor the damage to shields affects her health. This ability makes her a perfect cover for your allies.
  2. Haven – Best suited for a support role, Hildryn fortifies her allies with a shield aura using this ability. Enemies approaching the shield take damage from it.
  3. Balefire – Sometimes offense is the best defense. Hildryn, using this ability, charges and launches devastating bolts of fire on her enemies.
  4. Aegis Storm – This is the ability proving that Hildryn is not built only to defend. She launches herself into the sky and rains Balefire, blasting the nearby enemies into the air and then smashing them back to the ground.

Hildryn Builds That You Must Try:

For Hildryn, Energy Siphon, Energy Vampire, Rage, etc., are not of much use due to her zero-energy base. Sentinel with Guardian mod can be used to recharge the shields instantly. Shield chargers can also boost the shields regeneration, providing some extra shields and over shields. Further, Balefire surge or Blazing Pillage augments the pillage that helps deal with enemies having lower Armor and shields.

The All-Rounder Hildryn Build

The All Rounder Hildryn Build

The first and the foremost Hildryn build is its Allrounder build. This build is called an all-rounder build because every aura mod can be used in this build. Along with the Auras, each Arcane is fine in this build.

The most common mods that you can use here is corrosive projection, cunning drift, primed continuity, and stretch. These are the common mods that can help you in increasing the survival rate and protect you from a great deal of damage.

Another possible mod that can be used here is the Umbral Intensify and the Fast Deflection. These mods will help you in increasing the multi-shot and, they will increase the health pool.

Another mod that can be useful here is the Redirection, Adaptation, and Transient Fortitude that will help in providing strength and efficiency to the team. Adaptation will protect you from critical damage and critical delay and the Redirection mod will be helping you in providing you the shield capacity to get protected from the opponents. So, using all these mods it will be easier for you to save yourself from getting killed and you can kill a large group of enemies at once.

The Ultimate Index Farmer Build

The Ultimate Index Farmer Build

The next build that we will be talking about is the Ultimate Index Farmer build. This build is good with strength and efficiency but somehow, it lacks duration. This build offers a straightforward range that will be enough to locate enemies on the radar and kill them but since it lacks duration, you will have to use some mods here so that you can kill the opponents without getting killed.

Enemy Radar, Aviator, Primed Continuity, and the Streamline are the most common mods that can be used herein the build to keep you protected from destruction and damage. The other mods that can be helpful for you in increasing your survival rate and shots are Redirection, Vigor, Armor, and Adaptation. These mods will be helping you in keeping yourself protected and in increasing efficiency and range.


With her heavy shields, Hildryn can absorb even the severe blows, and when the time comes, she can attack and devastate her enemies.

In this article, we discussed the top Hildryn builds that you must try. Additionally, we discussed some useful mods that you can use to customize various Hildryn builds or create your own build from scratch.

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